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Epson XP 400 Printer Setup

The Epson XP 400 printer is the one-stop solution to print, scan, and copy. It has wireless features that perfectly fit any small workspace. The XP 400 Connect is a special service for mobile and wireless printing. Now, enjoy the hands-free printing with the memory card slots. For more user-friendly features, set up the printer and then complete the Epson XP 400 driver download.

Epson XP 400 First Time Printer Setup

Got your new Epson XP 400 printer and need help for setting up? Don’t search anywhere else. Here are the instructions for the error-free Epson XP 400 printer setup.

    1. To begin with, remove the stickers on the carton and throw them away.
    2. Now, lift the printer from the carton and place it on a firm base.
    3. Note: Ensure that your Epson XP 400 is placed near a fluctuation-free wall outlet.
    4. Then, find the included power cable and remove the power port cap.
    5. Next, plug in the power or electrical cord to the printer and the wall outlet for power supply.
    1. After that, switch on the printer device. Now, the power light glows indicating that the printer is prepared.
    2. Now, open the paper tray by pulling the latch and then wipe clean the interior with the smooth cloth.
    3. Then, choose blank sheets to stack inside the paper tray.
    4. Finally, clear the plastic cover on the cartridge and prepare the right and left slots.
    5. Now, lift the scanner lid and put them inside the slots and press it.

Epson XP 400 Driver Download

Sometimes, finding the right drivers may be challenging. If you know the OS and printer number, it is simple to get the drivers. Reach us to save time in searching for the latest Epson XP 400 driver. Now, we complete the Epson XP 400 driver download process for you.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

    • The XP 400 printer demands the recent drivers to print, copy, and scan. To assist with Epson XP 400 software download, here are the quick steps. Before proceeding, get either driver CD or go to the site.
    • Note: Ensure that your XP 400 is not in connection with any computer.

CD driver download:

    • Initially, switch your Epson XP 400 printer and desktop on.
    • Then, get the driver CD and load it to the computer.
    • Now, the disc is recognized by your desktop and it runs the driver file.
    • If you don’t have the software disc, refer to the below instructions.

Download Epson XP 400 driver from the website:

  • To begin with, browse through the direct link to find the XP 400 printer driver.
  • Now, select the Epson XP 400 printer software and click the Download.
  • Finally, install the setup.exe file and accept the displayed terms.
  • Note: We also offer help for downloading Epson XP 400 printer driver for windows 10.

Driver Installation for Mac

    • Be it any version of the Mac device, it is mandatory to get the compatible XP 400 driver. For that, complete the XP 400 connect printer setup. Once connected, your XP 400 is ready with the recent drivers.

Drivers from CD:

    • Initially, verify that if you have got any disc inside the package.
    • Now, unwrap your CD and select it to upload into the computer slot.
    • Then, the AutoPlay starts to run the XP 400 software.
    • Finally, proceed with the on-screen steps and ensure the printer has got the right driver.

The downloading driver from the website:

  • Now, go to the direct website to select the printer driver that suits your printer.
  • After that, download the drivers based on the Windows OS version.
  • Next, follow the instructions to finish the Epson XP 400 printer driver download.

Epson XP 400 Wireless Setup

Nowadays, everyone prefers a wireless connection for any device because of the comfort it gives. Perks of wireless connection – No need to play with messy wires, boosted features, on-the-go printing much more. We also recommend any user to connect wireless. Here are the steps that guide through the easy wireless connection.

Wireless setup using the control panel:

    1. Pro tips: Ensure that your wireless network is already set up for XP 400 wireless printer connection.
    2. To start with, download the recommended Epson XP 400 driver.
    3. Once you download the drivers, the installer prompts for executing the downloaded file.
    4. Now, run the file according to the on-screen instructions.
    5. Next, you can see your printer connection screen to choose the wireless connection option.
    6. Then, click on the Next option and select the recommended option for the first time setup.
    1. From the network screen, take a note of your desktop network details.
    2. After that, from your printer control panel, choose the Home or Wi-Fi setup option.
    3. Then, choose the Wi-Fi – Ok – Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
    4. Finally, enter the network credentials on the printer network screen.
    5. For connecting your Epson XP 400 wireless printer, connect with us.
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