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Wireless Printer Setup

Wireless setup is an advanced method for performing a print task. However, this method is quite simple and allows you to accomplish print tasks from anywhere. In other words most of the printers support wireless features. Henceforth, you can also carry out mobile printing by setting the printer with Printer. Similarly, the mobile printing option also includes Airprint features. Also it saves you time and increases productivity. There are numerous ways to connect the printer wirelessly with the device. Here follow this section to know more about wireless setup and connectivity modes.

Wireless Steup

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

  1. WPS PIN connection is easy to accomplish. Ensure to have the below items, before initiating the setup:
  2. Firstly, All-in-one Printer with WPS PIN option
  3. Secondly, router with WPS PIN option
  4. Corresponding software for an error-free and stable connection
  5. Then, choose the Wireless icon on your printer after turning on the router.
  6. Next, select the Wireless Setting option and choose Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  7. As a next step, select the network from the list and choose to enter suitable WPS PIN.
  8. Later, connect to the network by entering your network code.
  9. Note: Always make use of the home or secured network. To avoid malfunctioning, never connect to the guest network.

Wireless Setup for Windows 10 OS

  • To begin with, unbox the printer from its pack. After that, place the printer on the smooth surface.
  • Then discard the plastic tapes and stickers from the printer. Eventually, remove the packaging materials from the printer.
  • Examine, the printer accessories for correctness and damages.
  • Initially, place the printer in such a have that it gets network access.
  • Now, the desired wireless network must be stable without any disturbance.
  • Eventually, click on the wireless icon on the printer control panel. Then select the wireless setup wizard and configure it with printer manual instructions.
  • Initially, download the driver with the help of chrome browser. Open the browser and navigate to the manufacturer site.
  • Eventually, you will be directed to the printer page with all the necessary information.
  • Once you land on the driver page, select the latest printer driver.
  • Sequentially, select the download option beneath the preferred driver.

Wireless Setup for Mac OS

Preparing for Installation

  • Firstly, start by unpacking the printer from the printer box. Secondly, find the right location to place the printer.
  • Then, peel off the tapes and stickers from the printer box. Eventually, check all the printer components which come in the box.
  • Now, the printer is ready for installation.

Connecting Wireless Network

  • Now, follow the below steps for connecting the printer with a wireless network. Also, make sure the wireless router strength is constant.
  • Now, find the wireless symbol on the printer control panel. Then click on the wireless setup wizard.
  • Eventually, configure the setup with manual instructions. After establishing the connection you will notice the wireless signal.

Download and Install driver

  • In the first place, go to the manufacturer site and navigate to the driver page.
  • Now, type your printer model name and find the latest driver.
  • Eventually, select the most compact Printer driver. And tap the download option. The browser screen will guide you with a sequence of download steps.
  • Once the driver is downloaded, explore the driver file to start the installation.
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Wireless Printer Support

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

  • Usually, the WPS has two modes namely pushbutton and pin mode. This helps in connecting the wireless router and printer with the desired network.
  • After that, go ahead with the below steps for enabling Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) on the printer:
  • Firstly, go through the wireless router manual to known about the router setting. The WPS push button must be available on the wireless router.
  • Secondly, the network security type must be in the form of WPA or WPA2 security.
  • In case network security is in the form of WEP, then your router will not be connected.Now initiate the WPS push button on printer. Within two minutes initialize the push button on the wireless router.

Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Usually, the wireless setup is a simple method for establishing wireless connectivity for printer.
  • After that, go with the below steps for establishing wireless setup wizard on printer: Firstly, gather the wireless network name & password for connecting it with the desired network.
  • Secondly, move to the settings option on the Printer control panel. Then select the wireless settings. After that, activate the wireless wizard option.
  • Now, the screen will show the available network list. After that, search for your wireless network in the list. In case if not found, then enter the network name & password manually.
  • At last, configure the wireless setup wizard with manual instructions.

How to Connect my Wireless Printer?

Wireless Setup

Wireless Setup

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