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Quick Helps Refund Policy

We guarantee elite service with ultimate satisfaction for all service purchased through our website. If you are not satisfied with the service we offer, email us at SUPPORT@QUICKHELPS.COM. Once you raise a query, we will sort out it within 48 hours of complaint. According to the query raised, we will offer an immediate solution or refund of service, in case unable to fix it.

One time solution:

When a customer purchases the one time fix from quickhelps.com, the refund is applicable if the issues reported were not solved. The validity for a one-time fix is 48 hours from the time we fix the issue. The customer can report to quickhelps.com if the issue is not fixed. Email your complaint to SUPPORT@QUICKHELPS.COM within 48 hours from the time of service call. On receiving the report, we guarantee a solution and replacement of service. If we are not able to resolve the issue, the full refund will be processed. Based on the processing schedule of the customer’s bank, the refund will be credited to the customer’s account. The process may take up to 5-10(may vary) business days after proceeding with the refund request.

Subscription Services:

  • We also offer subscription plans with a duration of 3 months and 6 months.
  • The service that you purchase from quickhelps.com is applicable for a full refund only if you terminate the service within 30 days. Refund or termination that you raise after 30 days may or may not be processed based on the terms of the subscription.
  • Before you purchase any product or service from the website, review our return policy. On our website, we have a detailed explanation for the service that we provide. When you purchase any of our services, it is assumed that you have reviewed the Products and Services and the quality of the same. Thus, the buyer/user cannot claim for refund/return after 30 days from the purchase date. Our customer help team will review the product or service before processing the refund request. If the user wants a return within 30 days of availing the service, we can process it within 5-10 business days and the return will be credited to the user account. The days taken for processing refund may vary depending on the customer’s bank.
  • Usually, the refund is made to the same account with the same transaction mode that you have used during the purchase. In certain circumstances, the refund will be carried out through different mode or account. After accepting the refund request, the refund will be deposited to the customer’s account within 7-8 business days, depending on the processing bank.
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