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The page states the privacy policy that we follow for using our site and service. The site owner will never disclose the customer’s information that is provided during the service call.

When you proceed to use our site, you are agreeing to the privacy policy. The policies can be changed at any time and will be applied to all future activities. While using this site, you are advised to review the privacy policy thoroughly. Ensure that you understand the usage of your personal information when you visit the website.

The website always preserves the information of every user. And, we will never use such confidential information for any private purposes. Information such as Access time, Internet Protocol, country, and language are automatically recorded. The information collected will only be used to offer you better service. On our website, we use cookies to record personal information. If you wish, you can turn off or block the cookies. But make sure that does not affect the connection with the website.

At the time of payment, you need to enter the debit card, credit card or any other information. We use that information only for the payment process. Once you fill the information, it will be maintained in our secure database. After the successful payment, it will be erased from the database. During the payment process, we are not any responsibility for the payment failure created by the intruders. The payment gateway that we use is completely safe and verified. However, we are not responsible and liable for any data loss or information theft during the transaction. With full understanding, you are agreeing to pay for our service at your own risk.

The information that we collect during the troubleshooting will not be disclosed to the third party or agency for any marketing or promotional activity. The product model, system model, firewall details, device age, internet connection type, OS, etc will only be used for offering the service.

While you stay on our website, the non-personal information is stored automatically for advertising. If you want to deny this service, you can select the opt-out button. Once you click on it, it will not allow us to collect the non-personal data. The privacy policy that we follow complies the US privacy policy with effective to the date of publication.

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