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Quick Helps to Printer Driver Installation and Printer Setup

We are here to offer the help that you need with your printer. The solutions that our team provides will clear the issue at the time. Dealing with any kind of issue is a cakewalk for our expert team. At a faster phase, the team searches and fixes the specified issue. Moreover, you can approach us for printer maintenance too. The experts will also run all possible test and scan on the printer. We have got basic and advanced tips for better performance. The approaches that we do for the printer issues are simple and effective. Any time, any issue! Give us a call for any kind of issue!

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Printer Setup

Like other device setups, the printer setup is really exciting to carry out with easy steps. If you find any error or difficulty during printer setup, you can reach us for setup service.

Wireless Setup

Enjoy the convenience of printing through the Wireless Printer Setup. Select the secured WPS pin or Pushbutton method that our technicians offer.

Driver Download

Get your printer work with the right printer driver download procedures. Now, you have to select and download appropriate printer driver and software.

USB Setup

Avoid glitches in the connection by following the printer wireless network setup. Analyze the printer issue and find the reason and then solve it with our complete guide.

 hp printer driver installation

All-In-One Printers Setup

There are many easy ways to complete the All-in-One printer setups. Before you start, make sure you have completed the hardware setup. Usually, it includes initial printer setup such as Ink Cartridge Setup and install. And also, keep in mind that the proper installation is necessary for the fine working.

First Time Printer Setup

  • To begin with, double-check the User Manual Guide. After going through it, unpack the printer gently.
  • While removing the tapes, handle with extra care. Spot a rigid surface for placing your new printer.
  • Then, remove the cable from the package and connect to the printer and socket.
  • Lastly, install the cartridges and fill the paper tray with papers.

Printer Wireless Setup

  • Directly, connect the printer to the network using the wireless setup for printer.
  • Then, you can use the Wi-fi Auto-connect for connecting the device.
    Initially, hit the Start button on the computer and find the Control Panel option.
  • Under that option, locate Devices and Printers option. Next, click on Add a Printer option.At last, choose the Add a network printer tab.

Printer Driver Download

  • To proceed with Driver Download and Installation, get the network connection.
  • After that, use the direct link via the browser. Click on Enter to land on the driver page.
  • Next, scroll through the printer drivers list and discover the right drivers.
    At last, hit the Download button of the appropriate driver and wait. Using the installing wizard, install latest printer driver.

Printer Troubleshooting

  • For any glitches on the printer, you proceed with following troubleshooting steps.
  • Firstly, check the connection between the devices and reconnect the cables.
  • If the cables are properly connected, then check the network connection.
  • Then, you can reinstall the printer using the above-mentioned steps.
    And, also try to reinstall the printer drivers.

Step by Step Printer Driver Installation

At first, connect the printer to the network for proceeding with the driver installation. Check out the below OS for the device and get drivers according to it. Choose the computer or laptop with the supported OS before you download and install the driver. Moreover, configure the printer and computer to the network.

hp support os

    • Whenever you install the printer driver, follow the procedure without skipping any instructions.
    • Initially, spot the printer model number and unlock any browser.
    • Once you open it, type the direct link and click on Enter.
    • In a while, you will reach the verified source for downloading the driver.
    • Now, put the serial number to get the list of drivers that your printer support.
    • Take a moment to read the description of each driver.
    • And then, choose the driver package that may match with your printing need.
    • Or else, take your printer manual and know more about the recent printer drivers.
    • Once you have decided, tap the Download option. After the download is over, move ahead to printer software installation.
    • If you are using the Mac, install printer driver on Mac driver. At last, the on-screen instructions will guide you through the successful installation.

Mobile Printing Support

Mobile Print Setup Tips

Mobile printing solutions that work with your printer is available in this section.Learn more about the mobile printing techniques ePrint, Cloud print.Take control over the mobile printing with the help of Mobile Print Driver.To use the mobile printing service, activate the Web Services.Before using the mobile printing technology, review the compatible software list.Connect the mobile to the printer only after completing the printer install.


To cope with digital printing, use the ePrint setup on your printer. Enable the Web Services on the printer. Then, get the printer email address by linking to the  Smart app. Compose a mail with the document attached that you want to print. Finally, send the document and obtain the required printouts. Note: If you wish to customize the printer mail address, you can change it.


The Airprint setup starts with the wifi  hp printer setup. Use the printer control panel to find a wireless connection. Once connected to the wireless network, go to the Mac OS device. Now, select the required document from the Mac device. After selecting the document, edit the document accordingly. Then, tap the Share option and look for the Print option. Later, click on the Print option.

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