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HP Officejet 8020 Setup and Install

officejet 8020 setup

The HP Officejet 8020 setup printer is a productive and smart printer for your printing need. It is the printer that comes with advanced printing technology. The printer is suitable only to work with genuine HP Officejet 8020 ink. Go through the HP Officejet 8020 review to the view of common users.

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Officejet 8020 Printing Steps

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


HP Officejet 8020 First Time Printer setup

The HP Officejet 8020 setup of the device involves unwrapping the package to the network connection.

  • Unpacking the device from the box

  • Firstly, unwrap the printer box that you got from the vendor. To verify the accessories, now you should remove the tapes.
  • Then, pull your smart printer from the box and clear the plasters inside the printer parts.
  • Next, separate the accessories and printer on the sturdy surface.
  • Ink Cartridge Installation

  • After connecting to the power cable, proceed to the HP Officejet 8020 cartridge setup.
  • From the printer accessories, separate the Officejet ink cartridge.
  • Now, spot and remove the protective tab that covers the ink cartridge.
  • Once you have cleared away the tab, open the ink access area.
  • Lastly, arrange the ink cartridge in the ink slots.
  • Power Cord Connection

  • Secondly, move to the printer power cable connection. Now, avail the printer cable that you want to connect.
  • Use the power cable that you got for your HP Officejet 8020 Printer.
  • Place the printer table nearer to the wall outlet. Then, connect one of the ends to the wall outlet.
  • At last, link another cable end to the printer rear.

Load enough sheets of paper

  • Before you proceed, learn the media type for HP Officejet 8020 printer.
  • The compatible paper formats are clearly given in the HP Officejet 8020 manual.
  • Now, pull the paper tray using HP Officejet 8020 printer instruction on the HP Officejet 8020 user manual.
  • Lastly, on the tray, stack papers which are the same type.

Officejet 8020 Setup Printer Features

To lift your printing work, the HP Officejet 8020 printer has classic features. You only need the best drivers to get the best out of your printer.


Find support for your Officejet printer using the HP Officejet 8020 driver.


Produce faster copies from through the HP Officejet 8020 driver download.


Save time with the smart scanning tasks with the help of Printer HP Officejet 8020 setup driver.


Send and receive copies using any Officejet 8020 printer app for windows.

HP Officejet 8020 Setup Connectivity modes

Review the connectivity methods for your HP 8020 printer in this section. Then, choose the appropriate connecting mode from a variety of available modes. You can use either a wired or wireless connection.

Officejet8020 USB Setup

Officejet 8020 setup mac and Officejet 8020 setup windows 10 (Basic USB setup)

Step 1: Printer setup preparation

  • Step 1: Gathering requirements for the initial setup
  • The USB connection method allows you to connect the printer with your laptop or computer.
  • Before you commence, clear the unnecessary drivers on the computer.
  • So, the computer will extra space to take up the latest driver.
  • Next, keep the printer ready along with the 3 meters USB cable.
  • Now, search for the Windows icon to get the Devices option list.
  • Then, click on the Devices and Printers option if you find.
  • Remove the unnecessary printer and close the Devices and Printers window.

Step 2: Connection setup and driver installation

Step 2: Setting up the connection and installing drivers

  • Download the Easy Start or full-feature driver on the computer. Choosing the driver is completely based on your printing need.
  • Follow the download process through the direct link. Once you complete the HP Officejet 8020 driver download, connect the USB cable accordingly.

Wired Network for HP Officejet 8020 Setup

Step 1: Setting up for network connection and driver installation

  • To begin with, purchase working wireless router and Ethernet wire.
  • While choosing the router, check the ports and connect it to your PC.
  • Then, take out the Ethernet cable but do not choose any telephone cable for connection.
  • Refer to the HP Officejet 8020 printer manual to differentiate the telephone cable.
  • Step 2: Link the HP Officejet 8020 to the reliable network
  • Switch on the printer to commence with the network setup.
  • Before you connect the Ethernet cable, clear the plug cover.
  • Later, locate the Ethernet port on the rear of the printer and attach.
  • Step 3: Installing the HP Officejet 8020 software
  • Proceed with the download of print driver once you complete the above steps.
  • Now, go to the driver page for completing the remaining steps for driver download.
  • According to the printer model, install the Easy Start or any driver.
  • Al last, the built-in installer will help to complete the driver installation.

Wireless Network for HP Officejet 8020 Setup

For connecting any kind of device to the printer, you can use the HP Officejet 8020 wireless setup. Since it is the simple mode of connection. The HP Officejet 8020 wireless setup procedure follows network preparation and connecting. Lastly, you will get the Officejet 8020 printer driver for windows and Officejet 8020 printer driver for mac.

Step 1: Initial preparation for HP Officejet 8020 install

  • When you commence with the network setup, get the available internet access.
  • Then, make a note of the password for the available network.
  • Firstly, complete the HP Officejet 8020 printer setup and switch on the router.
  • While you setup the printer, finish the HP Officejet 8020 printer software installation.

Step 2: Establishing wireless network connections

  • The Smart app will assist the users to establish the network connection.
  • Initially, get the same wireless network for the devices.
  • Next, load the Smart app on your computer or mobile.
  • From the app, now click on Plus sign. Finally, choose the Set Up and Add a New Printer option.

Prerequisites for Officejet8020 Setup

The brand new package from the manufacturer will have the following items.

Officejet 8020 All-in-One Printer

  • black ink cartridge
  • magenta ink cartridge
  • yellow ink cartridge
  • Ink caution flyer, reference guide, power cord, setup poster, and extra warranty flyer
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