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officejet 8020 printer manual

HP Officejet 8020 Manual

The driver will allow the printer to get new features. So, you need to get the right divers for flawless working. To begin with, fulfill the driver download requirements. With the prerequisites, you can now start the HP Officejet 8020 driver download. Firstly, surf the printer driver page from the browser. Next, use your model number for getting the right drivers. Then, you will get the most suitable and recent HP Officejet 8020 driver. Tap the Download button and then go through the on-screen prompts. In a while, you need to install the downloaded file. Either use the in-built installer or any connection setup wizard.

HP Officejet 8020 Printer Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Officejet 8020 User Manual for Driver Download and Install Setup

  • It is important to have the HP Officejet 8020 manual while you setup the printer.
  • Basically, the printer manual is an eye-opener for any printer user.
  • Firstly, open your printer package for revealing the accessories.
  • Next, use your HP Officejet 8020 manual for checking the contents of the box.
  • In the correct ports and places, connect the accessories.
  • Once connected, get the necessary power supply for the printer.
  • Lastly, load papers and ink cartridges in the slots.

How to download the HP officejet 8020 driver?

There are two ways you can update your HP officejet 8020 driver:

Option 1 – Download and Install the driver Manually
Option 2 – Automatically Update officejet 8020 Driver

Platform Compatibility for Officejet 8020

  • The platform support is necessary for the working of the printer with the computer.
  • For that, check the compatibility of the printer before connecting to the computer.
  • The following are the compatible computer OS for HP Officejet 8020.
  • Basically, Quick-helps has different varieties of suitable software that suits the printer.
  • Windows 10, 8, 7: 32-bit and 64-bit processor
  • OS X v10.11 El Capitan, Mac OS Sierra v10.12, and mac OS High Sierra v10.13
  • The computer should have 1.5 GB available space and Internet access.
  • When the computer satisfies the above requirement, you can use it with the printer.

Installing Officejet 8020 Driver from CD/DVD Drive

  • When you download HP Officejet 8020 driver from CD/DVD, you will get the basic drivers.
  • Firstly, the printer should get the connection from the computer.
  • Then, open the CD tray of the computer and load the CD that you have.
  • Once you close the tray, the computer will detect your CD.
  • Next, using the built-in installer, transfer the driver from the CD to the computer.
  • The installer will guide you through the steps for completing the driver installation.
  • If it is not doing automatically, you should do it manually.
  • For manual installation steps, go through the reference site.

Installing Officejet 8020 Driver install without disk

  • Without using the disk, you can install the right HP Officejet 8020 software.
  • Now, proceed with the HP Officejet 8020 printer setup.
  • Then, refer the HP Officejet 8020 user manual. And then, flow through the Officejet 8020 printer instruction.
  • Next, complete the HP Officejet 8020 install and reach the printer driver download page.
  • In the page, enter your printer model in the space. Once you give the number, the printer drivers list will appear.
  • From the driver list, choose the suitable driver. At last, press the Download option and let it download completely.
  • Note: The driver download is possible only when the devices are in the same connection.
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