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HP Officejet 5258 Setup and Install

officejet 5258 setup

Searching for a multi-functional printing device? Then, pick the HP Officejet 5258 setup printer to complete the work that you need. It supports the easiest way of connection mode. Connecting more than one device for printing is possible with this printer. Also, it has multi-features such as ePrint, AirPrint, Cloud Print, and more.

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HP Officejet 5258 Setup Steps

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


HP Officejet 5258 First Time Printer setup

When you start with the first time setup, you need to connect the printer with the computer. For that reason, follow the below step by step instructions.

Unpacking the device from box 

    1. Initially, unpack the printer package after removing the tapes.
    2. Then, check the components of the printer that you receive.
    3. Now, place it on the sturdy surface and proceed.
    4. The package includes Officejet 5258 All-in-One printer, ink cartridges, and more.

Ink Cartridge Installation 

    1. Initially, take out the Officejet 5258 ink to start with.
    2. Now, remove the tab on the Officejet 5258 ink cartridges.
    3. Next, move to the Officejet 5258 cartridge setup by opening the ink access door.
    4. Then, clean the slots and insert the ink cartridge.
    5. At last, close the ink access door.

Power Cord Connection 

    1. Next, search for the nearest wall outlet to connect the power cord.
    2. Then, check out the power socket before you connect.
    3. Now, take the cable and link it to the appropriate ports.
    4. Always, use the authentic cable that you got along with the printer.
    5. At last, attempt to power up the printer.

Load enough sheets of paper 

    1. For gaining the clear-cut printouts, you should use certain papers.
    2. The supported paper format is clearly listed out in the HP Officejet 5258 manual.
    3. With the selected paper, open the paper tray.
    4. On arranging the papers on the tray, make sure is no folds.
    5. At last, close the paper tray and move with printing.

Officejet 5258 Setup Printer Features

The powerful printing machine available in the market is HP Officejet 5258. With the HP Officejet 5258 software, it can print, scan, copy, and fax.


Transfer the text or photos to the paper using the Officejet print option. Read the Officejet 5258 review for knowing the printer details.


Among many features, a copy can produce the desired copies with the selected number.


Generate quality scanned copies with the desired Officejet 5258 setup. Refer to the Officejet 5258 user manual for setup.


With the proper commands and settings, the user can achieve extraordinary fax copy.

Officejet 5258 Setup Connectivity modes

Firstly, move to the connectivity procedure of the Officejet 5258 printer. Either use wireless or USB for connecting the devices. It will establish a network connection for the machines.

Officejet5258 USB Setup

Your Officejet 5258 printer is capable of connecting to the computer using the USB cable. It will offer direct physical connection without any error. Go through the following instruction to get the connection.

Step 1: Initial preparation for the Officejet 5258 printer setup

  • Before you proceed, delete the outdated Printer Officejet 5258 driver. Then, proceed with the next instructions.
  • Next, avail the cable having 3 meters length.
  • Spot the USB port on the computer and remove any connected USB cable.
  • Then, disconnect the USB cable connected to the device.
  • Search for the Devices and then choose Devices and Printers from the control panel.
  • At last, right-click on the printer and choose Remove device option.

Step 2: Get the connection and download the driver

  • Then, the printer should get the driver for your Officejet 5258 setup driver.
  • Easy Start Download is necessary for the printer for the expected outcome.
  • At last, extract the setup file and install it on the computer;

Wired Network for Officejet5258 Setup

Step 1: Setting printer for driver installation and network connectivity

  • Firstly, get the Ethernet cable and working network router.
  • Next, check if the router has the Ethernet ports for connecting the cables.
  • Make sure that there is a connection between the router and computer.
  • Note: Ethernet cable will have eight wires with wide connector.
  • Never use the telephone cable for Officejet 5258 install.

Step 2: Connecting the printer to the network

  • Before you start, make a connection to the printer and router using the Ethernet cable.
  • Next, switch on the printer and remove the protective cover of the cable.
  • At last, attach the Ethernet cable on the available ports of the printer and router.

Step 3: Installing the software on the computer

  • Now, download the Officejet 5258 printer driver for windows.
  • To download it, follow the Officejet 5258 printer instruction sequentially.
  • Begin with Officejet 5258 printer software installation after you reach the driver page.

Wireless Network for Officejet 5258 Setup

Make a way for astonishing outputs by completing the Officejet 5258 wireless setup. The computer can download the intended drivers once you complete the setup. Then, move to the Officejet 5258 driver download.

Step 1: Preparation for the connection

  • To begin with, check out the needs for proceeding with the wireless setup. At first, make a note of the network name and valid password.
  • Then, turn on the computer and router for acquiring a wireless connection.
  • And also, make sure the computer has a solid network connection.
  • At last, remove any cables that flow from the printer.
  • Either move to Officejet 5258 setup mac or Officejet 5258 setup windows.

Step 2: Network connection and driver download

  • At first, you need to select the Wireless icon on the control panel.
  • If you find Settings option, hit it.
  • Next, locate the Wireless Setup Wizard for activating the wireless mode.
  • After activating, open the browser and go to the driver page.
  • With that, extract Officejet 5258 printer driver for mac.
  • Choose the Officejet 5258 driver that completes your print jobs.
  • At last, make use of the on-screen instructions.
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