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Officejet 5252 Wireless Setup

officejet 5252 wireless setup

Creating a wireless setup for your printer and computer? Then, you should necessarily look at this section. Choose the right router for a secure wireless network. After purchasing, connect your printer to the Officejet 5252 wireless setup.

Officejet 5252 Wireless Features Compatibility

The wireless feature of the printer is hidden until you embed the driver. The wireless feature includes WS-Print, printing protocol, embedded web server, and Bluetooth. The Officejet 5252 review can tell the user point of view. Then, you can install a suitable driver that will induce the wireless features.


ePrint for Printers is necessary for printing the documents over the network. The only requirement is a steady network flow to complete the Oj5252 eprint setup.


Initially, we should complete the Officejet 5252 airprint setup. Then, select the document for printing and select the Print option.


To print from Google storage, to complete the cloud print setup. With the printing method, you can sign into the Google account.

Mopria Print

The Android user can print the documents using the Mopria Print. Then, complete the Android setup and start to print.

Officejet 5252 Wireless Setup for Windows

  • Check for the wireless connectivity mode on windows computer. When the device is not yet connected to the network, follow this procedure. To achieve the wireless setup, follow the upcoming instructions. Moreover, we offer technical assistance over the phone.
  • In the first place, you need to get the network name and key phrase.
  • Next, maintain the working condition of the printer and computer.
  • Now, hit the Wireless icon and click on the Settings icon.
  • At last, choose your network and type password when prompted.
  • Then, move to the Quick-helps.com or take out the installation CD.
  • At last, pick the driver for your printer and install accordingly.

wireless setup for windows

Officejet 5252 Wireless Setup for Mac

Wireless setup for Mac

  • Firstly, refer to the Officejet 5252 manual to get an idea on the USB wireless setup. If you follow the steps in the right way, it is easy to connect with Mac OS. Moving forward, you can avail the Officejet 5252 driver for mac.
  • At first, choose the network and a password for it.
  • Before that complete the Officejet 5252 wireless setup.
  • Next, connect the printer and computer using the Wireless icon.
  • Now, reach a reliable source for downloading the driver.
  • Use the printer model number and move to download procedure.

Officejet 5252 Easy Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Officejet5252 USB Wireless Setup

officejet 5252 USB Wireless Setup for Windows

  • Your printer is just a machine without the driver. At first, connect the device to the network and then embed the drivers. To make your work simple, we have given the steps.
  • At first, find out the Printer Setup & Software utility option.
  • Next, locate the folder and then unlock the Printer Assistant.
  • Then, hit the Utilities and choose Printer Setup & Software.
  • Thus, you should select the connection type.

officejet 5252 USB Wireless Setup for Mac

  • To begin with, search for the Finder option and click on it.
  • Now, scroll down the options and choose the Application option.
  • Afterward, open the Printer folder by double-tapping on it.
  • And then, find the Utility and again double-tap on it.
  • At last, spot the All Setting tab and hit the Wireless Setup.
  • Once you hit the Wireless option, your officejet printer connects to the wireless network.

Officejet 5252 Wireless Network Issues

  • Do not worry about the network issue on your Officejet 5252 printer! We have the troubleshooting steps for solving the issues effectively. The Officejet 5252 manual is necessary to know the automated tools.
  • Wireless printing problem is different based on the connection method that you use.
  • Initially, figure out the cause for the network issue. Next, according to that change the network mode.
  • Run a sample network test to check the signal strength.
  • If the issue is not with the network, then move onto to the next steps.
  • Next, edit the network settings to fix the issue on time.
  • Sometimes, the incompatible driver settings may lead to network issues.
  • Then, changing the settings will improve printing.
  • Now, download and install the diagnostic tool.
  • After downloading, run the tool and fix the possible errors.
  • Lastly, you can contact us for finding the solution for your issue.
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