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Officejet 5252 Setup and Install

officejet 5252 setup

Complete your desired printer work with the Officejet 5252 setup printer. The basic capability of the printer is printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. But, the printer should have the Officejet 5252 driver. Refer to the Officejet 5252 manual to find the printing speed. Then, the printer can take online printing tasks. Now, you can avail the Officejet 5252 printer app for windows.

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Officejet 5252 Setup Steps

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Officejet 5252 First Time Printer setup

First time Officejet 5252 setup is really interesting and easy for beginners. And also complete the Officejet 5252 install.

Unpacking the Device for officejet5252 setup

  • Firstly, open the printer package by clearing the protective plasters.
  • Also, remove the protective layers inside the printer parts.
  • Now, verify the printer components and keep it ready.
  • Then, place the printer on a steady surface and move further.
  • Lastly, search for the wall outlet and make it ready for connection.

officejet 5252 Ink Cartridge Installation Setup

  • Firstly, prepare the Officejet 5252 ink before you begin.
  • From the package, take out the Officejet 5252 ink cartridges.
  • Next, remove the color tab from the ink cartridge. Then, proceed to the Officejet 5252 cartridge setup.
  • Now, open the ink carriage and make it empty.
  • At last, insert the ink cartridges into the slots and lock the door.

Power Cord Connection for officejet 5252 setup

  • Initially, keep the power cord ready for the power connection. Now, connect the targeted end to the printer and another end to the wall outlet.
  • Before connecting make sure that the power socket free from damage.
  • Moreover, it is better to connect the power cable that you got with the parcel.

Load Enough Sheets of Paper

  • Officejet 5252 printer supports only certain papers. Now, you can refer the printer manual to find the compatible papers.
  • Initially, arrange the selected papers in order. Then, open your paper tray.
  • Before you place paper, inspect the tray. Next, insert the selected papers without any fold.
  • When you place papers, make sure it rests on the edges correctly.

Officejet 5252 Setup Printer Features

The Officejet 5252 printer is an extraordinary printer that can print, copy, and scan. Now, download the Printer Officejet 5252 driver.


One of the supporting features of the Officejet 5252 is printing. It can also print the documents with the selected settings.


The copying tendency of the printer depends on the copy settings. For that reason, complete the Officejet 5252 setup.


Before you scan the document, download the Officejet 5252 software. Then, finish the Officejet 5252 printer setup.


For fax setup, complete your Officejet 5252 setup mac or Officejet 5252 setup windows 10.

Officejet 5252 Setup Connectivity modes

The connectivity of the printer is necessary to continue with printing works. The most important connection method is the Officejet 5252 wireless setup.

Officejet5252 USB Setup

usb connect

The simple and easy connection setup for Officejet 5252 printer is USB setup. It brings out the most valuable features of the Officejet 5252 setup.

Step 1: Printer setup preparation

  • To begin with, clear away the outdated drivers from the computer. Once removed, follow the below instructions.
  • Now, reboot the device once for clearing old settings.
  • Then, confirm the requirement such as 3 meters cable.
  • Next, find the USB port on the device. And then, check for the network supply of the router.
  • At last, add the device to the list with the Devices and Printers option.

Step 2: Connection setup and driver installation

  • Initially, go to your printer’s manufacturer site and type the printer model.
  • Then, you will get the driver list for your Officejet 5252 setup printer.
  • Next, go through the driver list and pick the best driver.
  • After choosing it, tap the Download button.
  • Later, move the downloaded file to the targeted location using the installer.

Wired Network for Officejet5252 Setup

Step 1: Preparing for network connection and driver installations

  • Initially, avail the Ethernet cable and network router for the connection.
  • Next, the printer should get the network supply from the router.
  • To begin with, you should have the Ethernet cable.
  • Note: Avoid using telephone cable for connecting the devices.
  • At last, inspect the cable before connecting to the device.

Step 2: Establish a network connection for the printer

  • In the first place, establish the connection among the devices. Then, power on the printer and computer.
  • Now, clear away the plug cover form the cable.
  • Lastly, link the Ethernet cable from the router to the printer.

Step 3: Installing the software

  • To install the Officejet 5252 printer driver for mac, complete the above steps.
  • For perfect functioning, you should follow the Officejet 5252 printer instruction.
  • After moving to the driver page, start the Officejet 5252 printer software installation.

Wireless Network for Officejet 5252 Setup

Complete the wireless setup to install the Officejet5252 setup printer driver for windows. You can proceed to driver download only after the connection setup. The wireless mode of the printer offers easy Officejet 5252 printer driver download.

Step 1: Preparation for the connection

  • Initially, confirm the requirements for wireless setup. The setup needs the help of network name, password and network-connected computer.
  • Now, check out the network flow from the router.
  • An only strong network can help with successful setup.

Step 2: Connecting to the wireless network

  • Next, choose the Wireless icon situated on the control panel.
  • Now, hit the Settings option from the list.
  • Then, choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • Lastly, go in flow with the instructions on the screen.

Step 3: Get and install the printer software

  • To begin with, use the browser for reaching the manufacturer site.
  • Next, spot the appropriate drivers for your officejet printer model and install it.

Prerequisites for Officejet5252 Setup

The package includes the accessories that are in the Officejet 5252 user manual. Compare the checklist with the accessories and confirm it.

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