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Officejet 3833 Setup and Install

officejet 3833 setup

With a varying printing needs of the user, Quick Helps has got Officejet 3833 Setup All-in-One printer. The features of the printer will never disappoint the user’s expectation. You can witness it from the Officejet 3833 review. The full description of every feature is in the Officejet 3833 manual. You need right Officejet 3833 software for using all those features.

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Officejet 3833 Setup Steps

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Officejet 3833 First Time Printer setup

Take a step ahead with the Officejet 3833 first time printer setup. Easy and simple steps will make the printer work in the right way.

Unpacking the device from the box

  • To begin with, track the tapes and clear up it from the top of the printer box.
  • After taking off the material, reveal the printer from the parcel.
  • Now, grasp the printer firmly and land it on the firm base.
  • And also, remove the components along with the printer for officejet 3833 setup.

Ink Cartridge Installation

  • The Officejet 3833 ink is available in the package with protective tape.
  • For completing the Officejet 3833 cartridge setup, take off the pull tab.
  • With the nozzle facing toward the printer, now insert it in the slot.
  • Next, confirm the correct installation with the snap sound.

Power Cord Connection

  • Above all, the power cord connection is a primitive step for Officejet 3833 setup.
  • The power cord will two ends for connecting to the electric outlet and printer.
  • After verifying the fluctuation-free current, connect the cord to your device.
  • Next, connect another end to the electric outlet and turn on.

Load enough sheets of paper

  • Now, take out a bunch of papers for inserting inside the printer.
  • Then, pull the paper extender before you insert the papers.
  • Next, keep the papers in the portrait position and gently install them.
  • Close the tray and it will go back to its normal position for officejet 3833 setup.

Officejet 3833 Setup Printer Features

The Officejet 3833 printer has adequate features that give splendor outcomes. Then, install the Printer Officejet 3833 driver to provoke those features.


With the available drivers and apps, complete your favorite document and image printing.


Copying from one document to multiple documents is possible with the Copy option.


Complete the process of scanning via the supported scanning app. Before that, place the document in the scanner bed.


Securely send documents by using the dedicated landline. Firstly, associate the Officejet 3833 printer to the telephone line.

Officejet 3833 Setup Connectivity modes

Transferring and receiving any kind of document is possible with the connectivity setup. The connectivity setup includes Officejet 3833 setup mac and Officejet 3833 setup windows 10.

Officejet3833 USB Setup

usb connect

  • Officejet 3833 Printer Setup: Officejet 3833 printer driver for windows.
  • To begin with, keep the printer and computer ready with a steady power supply.
  • Primarily, have the cable that has a sufficient length of 3 meters.
  • Then, the selected cable should have the undamaged ends with no twists.
  • Next, reach the driver page and enter the model number as Officejet 3833.
  • After that, click on Submit to download files for the printer.
  • Now, download the setup file of the printer and make the necessary changes.
  • USB cable connection is perfect to install the Officejet 3833 driver.
  • USB Printer Setup: Officejet 3833 driver for windows.
  • For windows, the user needs to complete the same procedure for officejet 3833 setup.
  • Reach the driver page and import the list of Officejet 3833 software.
  • Read all the drivers and press the Download button of the selected driver.
  • At last, confirm the connection as USB and connect it.
  • Once you have selected connection mode, check the functionality by printing sample document.

Wired Network for Officejet3833 Setup

  • As we know, the wired network connection is a classic way that leads to network accessibility. To begin with, have a glance at this section. The simple Officejet 3833 printer instruction will lead to successful Officejet 3833 install.
  • Remember that you can use only the Ethernet cable for wired connection.
  • Now, switch on the printer and unplug the cables from the port.
  • Check if all the cables are properly unplugged from the printer’s rear.
  • After switching on the router, connect the cable from the printer to the router.
  • Not only network router but you can also use the switch or hub.
  • The only condition is that it should offer a steady and strong network connection.
  • Next, visit the original site for Officejet 3833 printer software installation.
  • Enter the version of your printer and then acquire the complete set of drivers on return.
  • For Officejet 3833 Printer driver download, choose one driver.

Wireless Network for Officejet 3833 Setup

  • The Officejet 3833 wireless setup lets you connect the device to the network. It works with great speed and collides with the device at a specified range. Your printer can connect to both the Windows and Mac. The Wireless printing options are Wi-Fi Direct and WPS method. Turn on the router and keep it in the working condition. Before connecting to the printer, connect it to the available printer for officejet 3833 setup.
  • Obtain the name and password of the network firstly.
  • Switch on the printer, router, and computer and keep all of them active.
  • Next, make sure the stable internet connection for the computer.
  • To make a connection, now open the control panel.
  • Firstly, hit the Wireless icon and then, use the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • Next, select the network that is available and type the necessary password.
  • Then, wait until the printer accepts the network and click on OK.

Prerequisites for Officejet3833 Setup

The package includes the accessories that are in the Officejet 3833 user manual. Compare the checklist with the accessories and confirm it.

  • Officejet 3833 All-in-One Printer
  • Setup Black Ink Cartridge
  • Setup Tri-color Ink Cartridge
  • Ink Caution Flyer, Phone Cord, Power Cord
  • Setup Guide, Bonus Software
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