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HP Officejet Pro 9025 Setup and Install

officejet pro 9025 setup

According to the HP Officejet Pro 9025 review, it delivers high quality on various papers. It also includes Borderless printing and Automatic document feeder. Basic attribute of printer and mobile printing features are well supported. Set up the printer and start utilizing the HP Officejet Pro 9025 Setup.

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HP Officejet Pro 9025 Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Officejet Pro 9025 First Time Printer setup

Setup your HP Officejet Pro 9025 printer to enjoy the bliss of your printer. Have a glance at the HP Officejet Pro 9025 user manual before the setup process.

Unpacking the Device for officejet pro9025 setup

    1. Initially, keep the printer box on a rigid surface. Then take a sharp object to unpack the printer box.
    2. Next, pull out the Officejet Pro Printer from the printer box.
    3. Now, discard the packing material from the ambiance.
    4. Make sure to place the printer near the power outlet for easy access.

officejet pro 9025 Ink Cartridge Installation Setup

    1. Firstly, lift the ink cartridge access door by holding it on both sides.
    2. Then, discard the tapes and packaging materials from the cartridge area.
    3. Now, take the Officejet Pro 9025 ink cartridge from the pack.
    4. Next, insert the ink cartridges into the Officejet Pro cartridge slot.

Power Cord Hookup for HP officejet pro 9025 setup

    1. In the first place, you need to connect the printer with the power supply.
    2. Then, insert the power cord one end into the power outlet and another end to the Officejet Pro printer.
    3. Next, turn on the HP Officejet Pro 9025 printer by tapping on the power button.
    4. Lastly, assign the printer preferences of your choice.

Load Enough Sheets of Paper

    1. HP Officejet Pro 9025 printer will support various media types.
    2. Now, pull out the paper tray handle and clean the inner paper tray.
    3. Next, place the stack of papers into the tray and slide them gently.
    4. Ensure there is no damage to paper folds in the bunch. Lastly, close the paper tray.

Officejet Pro 9025 Setup Printer Features

The print, copy, fax and scan functions are made easy with HP Officejet Pro 9025 setup. After the setup, you can achieve the print task with Officejet Pro printer.


Print functionality is one of the basic attributes of the Officejet Pro printer. Just open the document and hit on the Print icon.


The copy option depends on the printer settings. To use this option click on the copy icon on the printer control panel.


Download the HP Officejet Pro 9025 software, before scanning the document. Then complete the HP Officejet Pro 9025 setup.


Faxing makes your transmission secure and reliable. Complete the Officejet Pro 9025 setup mac/windows to use this feature.

Officejet Pro 9025 Setup Connectivity modes

The printer connectivity modes are necessary to continue with printing works. The hookup method varies from wired to wireless setup.

Officejet pro 9025 USB Setup

usb connect

USB setup is a simple and easy hookup method for Officejet Pro 9025 printer. It brings out the hidden features of the Officejet Pro 9025.

Step 1: Printer setup preparation

  • In the first place, delete the outdated drivers from the computer. Once completely removed, proceed with the below instructions.
  • Initially, restart the device once for removing old settings.
  • Next, confirm the requirement for such USB cable.
  • Then, search the USB port on the device. Now, check the network connectivity of the router.
  • At the last point, add the Officejet Pro printer to the Devices list.

Step 2: Connection setup and driver install

  • Firstly, go to the manufacturer site and enter the printer model.
  • Secondly, the driver list for the Officejet Pro printer will be seen on the browser.
  • Thirdly, scroll down and select the compact driver.
  • Lastly, install the Printer HP Officejet Pro 9025 driver with the help of the installer.

Wired Network for Ojpro 9025 Setup

Step 1: Preparing for network connection and driver installations

    1. Firstly, avail the Ethernet cable and network router.
    2. Secondly, the Officejet pro printer should get the network connectivity from the router.
    3. Thirdly, obtain the Ethernet cable.
    4. Note: Never use telephone cable to connect the devices.
    5. At last, examine the cable before connecting to the device.

Step 2: Establish a network for the printer

    1. Initially, form connections among the devices. Next, turn on the HP Officejet Pro printer and computer.
    2. Now, discard the plug cover form the cable.
    3. Finally, connect the Ethernet cable between the router and printer.

Step 3: Installing the software

    1. Complete the above steps to install the Officejet Pro 9025 printer driver for mac.
    2. You should follow the Officejet Pro 9025 printer instruction for perfect printer functioning.
    3. Start the Officejet Pro 9025 driver installation, once you land on the driver page.

Wireless Network for Ojpro9025 Setup

Step 1: Preparing for the hookup

    1. Basically, get the things for wireless setup. Then obtain the network name, password and network-connected computer.
    2. Next, examine the network connectivity from the router.
    3. Keep in mind only a strong network can help with a successful setup.

Step 2: Connecting to the wireless network

    1. This can be done with a wireless icon available on the control panel.
    2. Firstly, click on the Settings icon the control panel.
    3. Secondly, select the wireless icon and tap the Wireless Setup Wizard.
    4. Finally, follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 3: Get and install the printer software

    1. To start with, utilize the browser to reach the manufacturer site.
    2. Then, select the compatible driver for your printer model and install it.

Prerequisites for Officejet pro 9025 Setup

The following printer accessories will be available in the box. Initially, cross-check the printer accessories with the checklist.

      • OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Printer

      • Black Instant Ink Ready Cartridge
      • Cyan Instant Ink Ready Cartridge
      • Yellow Original Instant Ink Ready Cartridge
      • Power Cord
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