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HP Officejet Pro 6978 Wireless Setup

officejet pro 6978 wireless setup

Your HP Officejet Pro 6978 All-in-One printer is ready to use with any wireless method. You need to check out the feasible wireless method that connects the device. Make a clever choice for connecting any device.

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Wireless Features Compatibility

The extraordinary wireless feature is fruitful for every user. The method that you select will start or initiate certain wireless mode we need. The hardware setup will cover the basic setup. For advanced features, connect to the latest version of the router. With all the necessary requirements, kick-start the wireless setup.


Boost the on the printing experience with the easy Officejet Pro 6978 eprint setup. Assign the necessary printing files to the email address of the Officejet printer.


The new release for getting printout is the Apple airprint setup. Print straight from Apple devices with the Officejet Pro 6978 airprint setup.


The Cloud Print is the service of assisting any printing across the Google devices. Complete the service setup and print the corrected documents.

Mopria Print

Enjoy the interesting printing of the documents via the Officejet Pro Mopria service. The printer with the connection to the internet allows the printing.

Officejet Pro 6978 Wireless Setup for Windows 10

Step 1: Requirements for network connection

    • Select the network name and password for the network.
    • Then, avail the printer drivers for Windows 10.
    • And also, prepare the device with the proper hardware setup.

Step 2: Configure with wireless network and driver download

  • Reach the control panel of the device.
  • Now, Wireless icon of the printer control panel.
  • Hit the menu and wait until you get the Settings icon.
  • From the displayed options, choose the HP officejet pro 6978 Wireless Setup.

wireless setup for windows

  • Next, select the Network option to choose the required network.
  • Lastly, type the password after choosing the network.

Wireless setup for Mac

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Wireless Setup for Mac

Step 1: Network connection needs

    • Take note of any home network name and password.
    • Then, complete the connection setup on the Mac.
    • Now, make yourself clear with your HP Officejet Pro 6978 wireless setup.

Step 2: Connecting to any wireless network

    • Locate the Wireless icon on the printer control panel.
    • Wait until the Wireless Setup Wizard option shows up.
    • You will get the wireless setup wizard when you click the Settings icon.
    • At last, choose your favorite network and type the password.

Step 3: Officejet Pro 6978 printer driver download

  • On completing the network setup, download the specified driver.

Officejet Pro 6978 Easy Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


HP Officejet Pro 6978 USB Wireless Setup

Officejet pro 6978 USB Wireless Setup for Windows 10

    1. When it is a Windows 10 device, choose Printer Setup & Software utility.
    2. Wait until you get the printer folder.
    3. After that, get access for the Printer Assistant.
    4. At last, choose Printer Setup & Software and give the connection type.

Officejet pro 6978 USB Wireless Setup for Mac

    1. Are you excited for using this connection type? Just make use of the instructions to proceed further.
    2. Configure the device by having the recent OS. If there is any mismatching in OS or anything, first rectify it.
    3. Then, select the Finder option and select it.
    4. Now, get your Application option from the Go option.
    5. Next, we should get the printer folder by referring to the Application.
    6. From the Printer folder, double-click on the printer Utility.
    7. Lastly, choose the All Settings tab for selecting the Wireless Setup.

Officejet Pro 6978 Wireless Network Issues

The device loses connection here and there when it is a wireless connection. Be patient to connect the printer to the network. Remove this annoying issue via HP Officejet Pro 6978 troubleshooting. Do your steps sequentially to have peace of mind.

    1. To begin with, locate the failure of the cable or router.
    2. Getting this error indicates the improper settings on your device.
    3. Then, find the error message that viewable on-screen.
    1. Accordingly, select the manual troubleshooting steps.
    2. Before you put the conclusion, figure out the speed of the network.
    3. Check out the continuous light for the proper working.
    4. After that, clear the device driver that you don’t want.
    5. Next, move to the new driver page for getting the drivers.
    6. Disconnect every cable that you have connected and find new drivers.
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