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HP Officejet 8020 Driver

HP Officejet 8020 Printer Manual

HP Officejet 8020 printer will organize your everyday office printing tasks. The specifications and features of the Oj8020 are outstanding. You can also register your printer through the printer smart ink. Register your HP Officejet 8020 All-in-One printer for doorstep ink delivery. To know the exciting items inside the printer parcel, refer to the HP Officejet 8020 manual. The highly capable printer offers convenience and productivity for your office printing work. The print and copy speed are relatively high when compared to other printer models. Go through any HP Officejet 8020 review for better understanding.

HP Officejet 8020 Setup

Unboxing HP Officejet 8020 printer

  • Now, you became one of the happy customers by receiving your new printer parcel.
  • Firstly, choose a firm base to arrange a printer.
  • And then, clear the stickers on the surface and take out the contents.
  • Next, inspect each accessory and compare it with the HP Officejet 8020 user manual.

Connect to Power Cable

  • Next, take the power cord of the printer which is necessary for connection.
  • Now, hold the cable and connect it by referring to the ends.
  • If you are not connecting to the right ends, then you will not get a proper interface.
  • Once you connect to the printer and wall outlet, hit the power button.

Ink Cartridge Install

  • You can now look for HP Officejet 8020 ink in the printer parcel.
  • Now, take the ink cartridge and pull the protective tape.
  • Next, unlock the targeted ink area and wipe it once.
  • And then, insert the ink cartridges in the correct slot.
  • Lastly, complete the Oj8020 printer setup by installing papers.
hp Officejet Pro 8020 smart app printer setup

HP Officejet 8020 Installation

HP Officejet 8020 Driver Install for Windows 10

  • Now, acquire different HP Officejet 8020 printer driver for windows through this method.
  • The HP Officejet 8020 printer instruction elaborates the procedure.
  • In the first place, move to any browser to surf the legitimate driver page.
  • Once you reach the recommended page, manually select the computer’s OS. So, you have completed the HP Officejet 8020 setup windows.
  • Then, you can view several driver lists for your printer.
  • Opt for any one compatible driver. It is advisable to avail the full-feature driver.
  • Press the Download button to move the HP Officejet 8020 driver to the computer.

HP Officejet 8020 Driver Install for Mac

  • Check out the available HP Officejet 8020 printer driver for mac in the original site.
  • Now, enter the serial number and click on submit. Then, you will obtain the drivers for your printer.
  • Before availing the drivers, complete the Oj8020 setup mac.
  • Then, scroll down to locate the drivers that you search for.
  • Once you conclude with the selection, hit the Download option. Automatically, it will extract the driver files to the computer or laptop.
  • Next, install the driver file to the correct location. Begin Oj8020 printer software installation through any installer.

HP Officejet 8020 Wireless Services

ePrint Setup

Refer this section to learn how to complete Officejet 8020 eprint setup. Download the Printer HP Officejet 8020 driver and then discover the printer mail address. Now, send the selected document to print from it.

Airprint Setup

Through the simple step of instructions, move to the Officejet 8020 airprint setup. Connect the Apple device to the printer and start to print wirelessly. It is a mobile printing technology that needs no additional software.

Cloudprint Setup

For cloud printing, find the targeted printer on your cloud storage. After registering the printer, download the latest Google Cloud Print app. Then, print from any cloud storage device. It allows you to print from any cloud storage.

HP Officejet 8020 Features Setup

Print Document in HP Officejet 8020

  • From any printing app, you can print the documents.
  • Firstly, make sure that you have completed the Oj8020 setup.
  • Next, finish HP Officejet 8020 driver download on the computer.
  • Then, choose the Officejet 8020 printer app for windows.
  • Now, open the app from your computer or any other device.
  • And then, select the document from it and press the Print button.

Copy Document in HP Officejet 8020

  • Switch on the printer and load the original document on the scanner glass.
  • The printed side faces down on the scanner glass and closes it.
  • Check the printer control panel for the copy option. Start the copy by clicking the Copy option.
  • Complete the desired changes in the settings and click on the Back option.
  • At last, hit the Start Color or Start Black option.

Scan Document in HP Officejet 8020

  • For scanning the document from the printer, you need Oj8020 software.
  • Firstly, get the Scan app from the app store or original site.
  • Then, download the driver under the Installation Software section.
  • Connect to your new printer using the on-screen instructions.
  • After the download is over, go to the Scan tab. At last, press the Scan a Document or Photo option.

HP Officejet 8020 Problem Fix

HP Officejet 8020 Offline issue for Windows 10 & Mac

  • The printer will not respond properly if there is no active connection.
  • There are several factors for the printer to go offline.
  • Before you begin any HP Officejet 8020 printer troubleshooting, check the cables.
  • If the cables are not connected properly, then they might lose connection.
  • Next, check the printer offline settings on the computer. Now, you need to uncheck the Printer offline option.

HP Officejet 8020 Not come up with During Installing

  • In the first place, verify the connection between the printer and computer.
  • While checking, you need to check both HP Officejet 8020 wireless setup and wiring.
  • Next, try updating the available or pending printer driver.
  • Then, do it either by using a manual or automatic option for driver updates.
  • Al last restarts the Print Spooler Service that prints jobs. You can now find your printer during the HP Officejet 8020 install.

Fixing HP Officejet 8020 ink cartridge Problem

  • If you have a problem with the ink cartridges, then look at this section.
  • Firstly, check the ink level in the cartridge and confirm it.
  • If the levels are depleting or low, then buy ink cartridges.
  • Using the new cartridges, complete the Officejet 8020 cartridge setup.
  • Then, check the print heads for clogged ink and clean it properly.