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HP Officejet 5258 Driver

HP Officejet 5258 Printer Manual

HP Officejet 5258 printer will do what you expect at the printing end. The easy-to-operate model is convenient for the users. The Officejet 5258 ink that comes along with the package offers cost-saving printing. With the ink, you can create high-quality borderless photos in seconds. The tasks keep moving with the print, scan, fax, and copy. To explore the features, you should connect to the computer. Then, you can adjust the settings of the printer. For more information on Oj5258, go through the Officejet 5258 manual. You can explore useful HP Officejet 5258 reviews for references. Moreover, this printer is a complete printing package for your office.

HP Officejet 5258 Setup

Unboxing HP Officejet 5258 printer

  1. Initially, notice the right place for placing the printer parcel.
  2. Next, remove the plasters that are on the package.
  3. Then, settle the printer on the flat surface.
  4. Now, remove the printer accessories and place it aside.
  5. At last, isolate your ink and power cord from the package.

Connect to Power Cable

  1. To begin with, take out the printer cable and verify its ends.
  2. If the ends have any protective cover, remove it.
  3. Now, locate the place where you can find the power outlet.
  4. Then, choose the appropriate ends and connect them.
  5. At last, hit the power button to turn on the device.

Ink Cartridge Install

  1. To complete the Officejet 5258 printer setup, move to the ink cartridge installation.
  2. Firstly, separate the ink cartridge from the package.
  3. Next, inspect the ink cartridge and keep it ready.
  4. Now, unveil the printer’s ink area door and insert those ink cartridges.
  5. Lastly, close the door after the successful insertion.

hp Officejet 5258 smart app printer setup

HP Officejet 5258 Driver Installation

HP Officejet 5258 Driver Install for Windows 10

  • Are you confused about how to start with the installation of the Officejet 5258 driver? Here, we have a set of instructions to get the most suitable driver.
  • Before moving to the Officejet 5258 driver download, complete the Oj5258 setup.
  • Open any browser from your computer and then visit the driver page.
  • On visiting the page, type the printer model number.
  • The supported varieties of Officejet 5258 drivers for windows will show up.
  • Go through the driver’s description to select the appropriate drivers.
  • Based on the functions that you perform, choose it.
  • Lastly, finish the Officejet 5258 software installation.

HP Officejet 5258 Driver Install for Mac

  1. To begin with, make sure the completion of Officejet 5258 setup mac.
  2. Next, through any browser of the computer, spot the driver page.
  3. Then, enter the serial number of the printer and obtain drivers.
  4. Now, you have to pick Officejet 5258 driver for mac.
  5. If you are not aware of the right drivers, refer to the Officejet 5258 user manual.
  6. When you find the suitable driver, press the Download button.
  7. After pressing, you will get the driver for your printer.
  8. The most supported printer features need the help of drivers.
  9. Lastly, make use of the installer to install the driver.

HP Officejet 5258 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup wizard

Here are the standard steps of HP Officejet 5258 wireless setup:

  • Access the computer and verify its internet connection.
  • Access the wireless setup under the printer Wi-Fi settings.
  • Several names of Wi-Fi networks will showcase on the printer LCD panel.
  • Go to your printer screen, choose your wireless network name.
  • Now, with the on-screen steps, complete the process.
  • Print your document and confirm the wireless setup.

HP Smart App

The procedure for connectivity setup on HP Officejet 5258 is:

  • Power up the computer and get a suitable version of the HP Smart App.
  • Save the app on your computer and open it.
  • Begin with the app setup process and complete the process.
  • After app setup, open your app.
  • Modify the settings of your software and complete the setup process.
  • Print a file to ensure that the Wi-Fi setup is active.

HP Officejet 5258 Wireless Services

ePrint Setup

Prepare the printer mobile printing by completing Officejet 5258 wireless setup. Find the ePrint mail address and move further for the Oj5258 eprint setup. For wireless printing, the Oj5258 printer app for windows will help.

Airprint Setup

Get projects done with the Oj5258 airprint setup. Firstly, open the document from the Mac device. Next, hit the Share button and then press the Print option. Before clicking on Print, edit the settings as needed

Cloudprint Setup

Make sure that the printer is ePrint-capable before printing with Cloud Print. Then, get the printer’s email address for using Google Cloud Print. Next, add the printer to the personal Google account. Lastly, complete the one-time account registration.

HP Officejet 5258 Features Setup

Print Document in HP Officejet 5258

  • When you start the printing, complete the Officejet 5258 setup windows 10.
  • As a next move, couple the devices to the same local network.
  • Initially, complete the printing requirement of the Officejet 5258 All-in-One Printer.
  • Next, find the location of the document and open it.
  • After opening the document, click on the File option.
  • Lastly, edit the settings and tap the Print option.

Copy Document in HP Officejet 5258

  • To begin with, select the document that you want to scan. Then, you can proceed to the copy setup.
  • Next, move to the control panel and choose the Copy icon.
  • Now, specify the number of copies required using the keypad.
  • Or, make use of the Settings icon for changing the settings.
  • According to the need, turn on the double-sided copying option.
  • At last, hit the Copy option that is on the control panel.

Scan Document in HP Officejet 5258

  • Before placing the document on the scanner bed, clean the surface.
  • Now, keep it open to fix the original document.
  • Make sure the document is on the right corner of the scanner bed.
  • Once placed, specify the paper type and paper size.
  • With the number of copies selected, click on the Scan option.

HP Officejet 5258 Problem Fix

HP Officejet 5258 Offline issue for Windows 10 & Mac

  • Follow the Officejet 5258 instruction, when you get the printer offline error. The below steps are applicable for both mac and windows.
  • Initially, make sure that the printer is not in sleep mode. Next, redo the Officejet 5258 install.
  • Then, try clearing the Officejet 5258 software and reinstall it.
  • At last, you can reach out to our printer technical team.

HP Officejet 5258 Not come up with During Installing

  • The issue causing factor is due to the improper installation of the software.
  • Now, clear the possible problems with the Officejet 5258 troubleshooting.
  • Next, remove the current driver package from the computer. Avail new Printer Officejet 5258 driver.
  • Then, proceed with the Officejet 5258 connect to wifi to install new drivers.
  • At last, extract new driver for your printer through the officejet 5258 driver page.

Fixing HP Officejet 5258 ink cartridge Problem

  • When you notice poor print quality, you should check the ink cartridge.
  • Firstly, take out the ink cartridge and refit it in the ink slots.
  • It will resolve the issue that is due to the improper installation.
  • Next, look for the ink levels in the ink cartridge.
  • If the ink level is low, complete the Officejet 5258 cartridge setup with new cartridges.