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HP Officejet 5252 Driver

HP Officejet 5252 Printer Manual

No matter whether you want to print, scan, fax, or copy, HP Officejet 5252 is the perfect printer for all your needs. It supports mobile printing services using HP ePrint, HP Smart App, and a lot more.

The HP Officejet 5252 All-in-One Printer is compatible with almost all tablets and smartphones. It includes Blackberry, Windows 8, Windows RT, Symbian, Windows, 10, Android, and iOS.

The input capacity is up to 10 envelopes, 100 sheets, and 40 cards. When it comes to output capacity, it is up to 25 sheets. It has two print cartridges and uses HP Thermal Inkjet technology.

HP Officejet 5252 Setup

  • Open your HP Officejet 5252 printer pack.
  • Take the printer and keep it in a secure place.
  • Make sure that you kept the printer near the electric outlet.
  • Take away all the coverings from the Officejet 5252 printer.
  • Insert suitable ink cartridges into the slot. (Before inserting, ensure that no coverings are there in cartridges).
  • Fill the paper tray with compatible papers.
  • Make a connection between an electric outlet and the printer with a USB cord.
  • Switch on the outlet; the printer will turn on.
  • Download the HP Officejet 5252 driver from the HP official site.
  • Open the driver file to run the installation.
  • Select the mode of connectivity between the printer and your device.
  • Complete HP Officejet 5252 setup process and try printing a document.
  • Still, you have any queries, Call us. We will assist in the printer setup process.

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HP Officejet 5252 Driver Installation

HP Officejet 5252 Driver Install for Windows 10

HP Officejet 5252 driver download and install is an easy process. The general instructions to driver download and install are:

  • Go to your computer and switch on it.
  • Check its OS version.
  • Get Officejet 5505 driver suitable for your OS version.
  • Download the raw file on the computer.
  • Access the folder where you downloaded the file.
  • Search and open the file. The driver installation process will begin.
  • Move on with the installation with the instructions on your screen.
  • The wizard appears with connectivity modes. Choose anyone, as per your preference.
  • Continue and complete HP Officejet 5252 driver install.
  • Now, take a USB cord and connect your printer to the wall outlet.
  • ON your HP printer and ensure everything is proper.
  • Load papers in its paper tray.
  • Finally, try to take a sample print to ensure proper driver download and installation.
  • For compatible driver install assistance to your windows device, dial us.

HP Officejet 5252 Driver Install for Mac

The instructions for HP Officejet 5252 driver download and installation in Mac device are:

  • Switch on your home or office computer.
  • Check whether you have a USB cord with a length of 3m.
  • Remove the USB cord connected to the computer.
  • Go to 123.hp.com and find the HP Officejet 5252 driver suitable for your device.
  • When you find the compatible driver, download it on your Mac.
  • Access the downloaded file by double-clicking it.
  • Now, HP Officejet 5252 driver installation will start.
  • Proceed with the steps on the installation wizard.
  • The installation wizard will show the compatible mode to connect the devices.
  • Select USB mode, connect the computer and printer with a USB cord and proceed.
  • Now, if the installation screen asks to add your printer name, add it.
  • A list of printer names will appear; click on your printer name and choose “Add.”
  • Finish Officejet 5252 driver installation and turn on your HP printer.
  • Feed papers in the tray and print paper or picture.

HP Officejet 5252 Wireless Setup Guide

HP Officejet 5252 Printer Wi-fi Setup

  • Power up your Officejet printer.
  • Go to its control panel and tap the wireless icon.
  • Choose setup; you will see the menu.
  • Select – Restore Network Default and then tap on yes.
  • Access HP Officejet 5252 printer wireless settings.
  • Click on Wireless Setup Wizard and wait for few minutes
  • The printer touch screen will display multiple wireless networks.
  • Touch on the Wi-Fi network and continue.
  • Now, if your Wi-Fi network is not showing up on the printer, then choose the option- Enter New Network Name.
  • Type in the wireless network name and passkey.
  • The printer will get connected with the device Wi-Fi.
  • Finally, to ensure wireless setup up, try printing.

HP Officejet 5252 Printer Wireless Setup

  • Firstly, ensure to have a secure wireless network in your device.
  • Check your device’s OS version.
  • Get the driver compatible with the respective OS version from the hp official website.
  • Download HP Officejet 5252 driver and open it to run the driver installation.
  • Carry on with HP Officejet 5252 driver installation using the on-screen steps.
  • When the installation window asks you to decide the connection mode, choose Wireless.
  • Proceed and complete HP 5252 driver install.
  • Connect your Officejet 5252 with the wall outlet.
  • ON the printer and check the settings.
  • Place suitable papers in the Officejet 5252 paper tray.
  • Finally, print a test document to confirm the proper HP Officejet 5252 Wireless Setup.

HP Officejet 5252 Wireless Services

ePrint Setup

Printing via email is easy with the Officejet 5252 wireless setup. Get the ePrint mail address and then compose a mail with an attached document. Once your printer receives mail, you can start to print the targeted documents.

Airprint Setup

Start the printing from an iOS device with the Officejet 5252 airprint setup. Now, connect the printer and computer to the network. Download the Officejet 5252 printer app for windows. Then, print your targeted documents.

Cloudprint Setup

Finish the Officejet 5252 eprint setup for your printer. Now, sign in to the google account and proceed further. For that, you should open the Chrome browser. While connecting to the Google Cloud Print, it will automatically detect your printer.

HP Officejet 5252 Features Setup

Print Document in HP Officejet 5252

  • To begin with, complete Officejet 5252 setup mac and proceed further.
  • Firstly, make sure the printing requirement to print from Officejet 5252.
  • Now, connect the officejet printer and computer to the same network.
  • Then, open the document from the computer. Next, click the File option on the screen.
  • And then, verify the availability of the drivers on the computer.
  • If not, download the driver for your printer.
  • At last, click on the Print option to start the printing

Copy Document in HP Officejet 5252

  • In the first place, load the targeted document or photo. With that, move further for the hassle-free copy setup.
  • Now, touch the Copy icon on the printer control panel.
  • Then, enter a number of copies that you need. For selecting the copies, use the keypad icon.
  • If you want to make any changes, use the Settings icon. Turn on or off the double-sided option accordingly.
  • After editing the Settings, click on Copy option.

Scan Document in HP Officejet 5252

  • Firstly, open the scanner lid to place your document. Then, fix the original document in the feeder.
  • And also, make sure the printed side is on the scanner glass.
  • While placing the documents, keep it on the right corner.
  • Now, enter the number of copies on the control panel. Next, specify the paper type and paper size.
  • Afterward, edit the settings and return to the home screen. At last, click on Scan option.

HP Officejet 5252 Problem Fix

HP Officejet 5252 Offline issue for Windows 10 & Mac

  • The printer goes offline when there is no proper network connection. We need to go through Officejet 5252 printer instruction for resolving this issue.
  • Firstly, wake up the printer from sleep mode. When the printer is in sleep mode, it will not receive any printing tasks.
  • Now, restart the device and reset the printing system. If the issue remains, you can call our toll-free number.

HP Officejet 5252 Not come up with During Installing

  • The fact behind this issue is the network connectivity problem. The Officejet 5252 printer troubleshooting includes checking the connection.
  • Now, you can try resetting the printer accordingly. Resetting the printer will clear the pending print jobs.
  • Then, start the Oj5252 connect to wifi process from the beginning.
  • Next, clear the existing driver on the computer and install the updated driver.

Fixing HP Officejet 5252 ink cartridge Problem

  • Firstly, inspect the ink cartridges by removing it from the slot.
  • Then, do not touch the copper contacts and ink nozzles of the ink cartridge.
  • While inspecting the ink cartridge, check the ink levels.
  • If the ink level is low, then replace it with new ink cartridges.
  • And also, check the originality of the ink cartridge.
  • When the quality of the ink is unsatisfactory, replace it with a new one.

HP Officejet 5252 Printer FAQ

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked queries associated with HP Officejet 5252 printer:

1) Does HP Officejet 5252 printer scan?

Yes, why not. You can scan photos, as well as documents. For this, you have to enable the computer for the scanning process. You can start the scanning from the Officejet 5252 printer display. Or else can select from the Officejet 5252 printer on the device.

2) Is Officejet 5252 perfect for both home and office?

Yes, it is perfect for home, as well as home office printing needs.

3) My Officejet 5252 printer becomes offline. How to get it back online?

Access the device and go to its settings. Right-click on your printer name and choose – Use Printer Online. Eliminate the print jobs and double-click on your printer name. After that, access the printer menu and click on the option – Cancel All Documents. Then restart your printer, verify the connection, and print a file.

4) I want to set up my Officejet 5252 for scanning. What should I do?

To begin with, place the paper that you want to scan on the scanner glass. Access your computer and click on “start.” Choose the option- HP solution center. Now, choose the paper you want to scan and click on the option- Scan.

  1. Is it possible to scan documents by e-mail using an Officejet 5252 printer?
  2. Yes, of course. First, install Adobe Reader software on the device. After that, save the photos or pages in a PDF format.