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HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Setup

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Printer Setup & Driver Download

Now, use Deskjet Plus 4155 for copying, faxing, printing, and scanning. The Deskjet 4155 comes with a power cable of 1.5m long, ink cartridges, etc.

With Deskjet Plus 4155, you can print from a smartphone. To print from a smartphone, you will require HP Smart App, Apple AirPrint, and Mophria. The input capacity of the DJ Plus 4155 printer is 60 sheets, and the output capacity is 25 sheets.

It supports brochure paper, envelope, plain paper, photo paper, etc. The printer has two ink cartridges. One is black, and another is tri-color. For printing, the DJ Plus 4155 uses HP Thermal Inkjet technology.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Printer Setup Manual

  • Now, the simple procedure for Deskjet Plus 4155 printer setup are:
  • Keep DJ Plus 4155 package on the smooth surface.
  • After that, open the printer package.
  • Take out the printer from the box.
  • Place the printer near the power port.
  • Remove the packing materials from the printer.
  • Connect the printer and electric port with a power cord.
  • Activate the printer and move on to the printer cartridges.
  • Take the Ink cartridge and remove the packing material from it.
  • Load the cartridges into the DJ plus 4155 cartridge slot.
  • Now, move on to DJ plus 4155 paper tray.
  • Align compatible papers in the tray and close it.
  • Connect the printer with your computer via a wireless or wired connection.
  • Finally, print a file as a test to ensure the HP Deskjet plus 4155 printer setup.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Driver Download & Install

To use the Deskjet Plus printer efficiently, you have to set up the compatible driver on the device. Drivers are significant for printer functioning. You can use the standard version driver or download the updated driver on your device. With a compatible driver, you can print with all the advanced print features. However, with a standard driver, the printer allows using the basic features only.

HP DJ Plus 4155 Driver Download - Windows 10

The simple steps for HP Deskjet Plus 4155 driver download and install on windows are:

  • Take the new printer and clear off the unwanted packing materials.
  • Make a safe connection between DJ Plus 4155 and the power source.
  • Then, turn on the computer.
  • Download DJ Plus 4155 driver on the computer.
  • Go to the download folder and find the downloaded file.
  • Double-click on the DJ Plus 4155 driver file to run the installation.
  • Proceed with the driver installation until the network setup options appear.
  • When you see the network options, click on the desired method.
  • Continue and complete Deskjet Plus 4155 driver setup.
  • Load proper ink cartridges into your DJ Plus 4155.
  • Feed the paper tray with suitable papers.
  • Print a test document to verify driver installation.

HP DJ Plus 4155 Driver Download - MAC

Check out the HP Deskjet Plus 4155 setup manual for driver install on a Mac computer:

  • Access your HP printer.
  • Make sure that the printer setup is proper.
  • Remove the USB cable from the printer.
  • Get the compatible driver or HP East Start.
  • If downloading of HP Easy Start starts, continue, and install it.


  • Get a suitable Deskjet Plus 4155 driver.
  • Download the DJ plus driver and double-click it.
  • The installation process will run.
  • Carry on with the process until the wizard asks to decide the connectivity method.
  • Choose the USB method and proceed.
  • If the wizard prompt to add a printer, then select your DJ printer name.
  • Then, click – Use or Print Using.
  • Continue and wait for the wizard to pop up your printer name.
  • Once the printer name pops up, click it.
  • Choose Add and complete Deskjet Plus 4155 driver setup.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Wireless Setup

Deskjet Plus 4155 supports both wired and wireless connections. For a wired connection, you need an undamaged USB cable. For the wireless network setup, you need a secure internet connection. The device should be in connection with the Wi-Fi network.

Are you interested in setting up your preferred Wi-Fi network in DJ Plus 4155? If yes, then it is not a big deal. We can help you with it.

Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Get the new DJ Plus 4155 printer.
  • Open the package and take the DJ Plus accessories out.
  • Now, take the DJ printer out from the box.
  • Take a USB cord; connect it with the wall outlet and DJ Plus printer.
  • Power up the printer and move on to its wireless icon.
  • Choose setup and then tap Restore Network Settings.
  • Now, click- Yes, and choose the wireless setup wizard under wireless settings.
  • You will see a wide array of Wi-Fi network that is available nearby.
  • Tap on your network name.
  • If your desired network name is not in the printer, choose – Enter New Network Name.
  • Enter the name and passkey of the Wi-Fi network to continue.
  • Now, the DJ Plus 4155 and your device will connect wirelessly.

HP Smart App

The Deskjet Plus 4155 setup guide for wireless setup using HP Smart App are:

  • Firstly, ensure the smartphone has secure internet.
  • Open your smartphone browser, find HP Smart App.
  • After that, save the raw file of the HP Smart App on your smartphone.
  • Now, click the raw file twice and install it using the wizard steps.
  • Open the installed Smart App and enable the option – Bluetooth.
  • Then, enable the location on your Smart App.
  • Move on to the home screen. Click “Add Printer.”
  • Choose your Deskjet Plus printer name from the list shown in the printer panel.
  • Finish Deskjet Plus 4155 wireless setup.
  • Print a file to confirm Deskjet Plus 4155 wireless setup.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Troubleshooting

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 not working

Check and confirm the connection between the device and the DJ printer is proper.

Then, ensure that the cable or network you use is secure. If everything is perfect, restart your HP Deskjet Plus 4155. After that, try printing with the printer.

For further assistance, reach out to us.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 not printing

If your DJ printer is having a printing problem, use the below steps and try resolving it.

  • Firstly, ensure that your DJ Plus 4155 printer is active.
  • Check the printer paper tray and make sure that it has papers.
  • Now, check the printer settings and make sure that the settings are proper.
  • Try to print a file. Still, if your printer is not printing, contact us.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 not Responding

It might be due to issues in the driver, software, hardware failures, etc.

Thus, check whether the printer driver and software installation are proper. Then, ensure that there are no hardware failures.

 For additional guidance, feel free to reach us.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Printer Offline

  • Open your device and click the Start button.
  • Go to the control panel and access – Devices and Printers”.
  • You will see – Printer, right-click on it and choose – What’s Printing.
  • Then select – Use Printer Online gave under the Printer option.

If your DJ Plus 4155 printer is still not online, then come to us.