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HP Deskjet 2724 Printer Setup & Driver Download

The new multifunction HP DJ 2724 printer is the best solution for all printing needs. It comes with two ink cartridges- one is Tri-color, and another is black color.

With HP DJ 2724, copying up to nine pages is possible. The copy resolution of HP Deskjet 2724 is 300x300dpi. It has a memory of 86 Mega Bytes and is compatible with mobile devices. For this, you will require the Apple HP Smart app, AirPrint ™, or Mopria™-certified.

The printer has efficiency in managing sixty sheets in the input tray. It is compatible with various papers such as Brochure, Plain, and Photo paper. The print speed of DJ 2724 is 7.5 ppm for B/W and for color prints, the print speed is 5.5 ppm.


HP Deskjet 2724 Setup Procedure


If you are doing HP Deskjet 2724 printer setup for the first time, you have to follow a set of steps. The setup process includes a set of procedures listed below. It starts from unboxing the Deskjet printer to inserting cartridges and loading papers. Thus, use the set of procedure mentioned below and finish the setup without much effort.

  • Take the Deskjet 2724 package and keep the printer in a secure place.
  • Now, open the package of DJ 2724 and take your DJ printer out.
  • Then, keep your Deskjet 2724 on a plain surface close to the power port.
  • Take the USB cable from the package and tear off the protective material.
  • Remove all the protective materials from your HP DJ 2724.
  • Connect the cord into the USB port of your HP printer and electric port.
  • Now, ON the electric port; your DJ 2724 printer will turn ON.
  • Take suitable plain papers and feed the DJ 2724 paper tray.
  • Then, take the DJ 2724 cartridges you got with the new printer.
  • Now, install those cartridges into the cartridge slots.
  • Lastly, try to print with HP DJ 2724 to verify HP Deskjet 2724 printer setup.

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HP Deskjet 2724 Driver Download & Install

Before using the printer, install the compatible driver on your preferred device. For driver setup, you have two options- the first is standard, and the second is an updated version.

If you install the updated driver properly, you can easily use all the latest DJ 2724 print features. If you prefer the standard DJ 2724 driver version, you can print only with the standard features.

No matter your device is Windows or Mac OS, driver download and installation is important.

HP Deskjet 2724 Driver Install for Windows 10

    • Switch ON your windows device.
    • Go to the device properties.
    • You will come to know the version of your operating system.
    • Now, open your browser and search HP Deskjet 2724 driver.
    • Make sure that the driver supports your device OS.
    • After that, download the DJ 2724 driver on your Windows OS.
    • Click on the .exe file (downloaded) and begin the HP Deskjet 2724 driver setup.
    • Carry on with the instructions displayed on the monitor.
    • The connectivity methods will appear on your setup window.
    • Here, choose your preferred mode of connectivity.
    • Complete the setup process of HP Deskjet 2724 driver.

HP Deskjet 2724 Driver Install for Mac

  • Initially, power up the Apple device.
  • Verify the USB cord you got with the DJ 2724 accessories has 3m length.
  • Check if your Mac device is in connection with any USB cable.
  • If any USB connection, disconnect it.
  • Then, find Deskjet 2724 driver and software or HP Easy Start.
  • Now, go to the software. Select the option- download.
  • After Deskjet 2724 driver download, open it to start installation.
  • Select the wired or wireless connectivity method as per your desire.
  • Proceed with the driver installation process.
  • If your installation window prompts to add your DJ printer, then do as per the on-screen steps.
  • Now, select Deskjet 2724 from the list and then, click – Print Using or Use.
  • Choose DJ 2724 and add to complete HP Deskjet 2724 driver setup.

HP Deskjet 2724 Printer Wireless Setup

Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Keep the Deskjet printer close to the power outlet.
  • Connect the wall outlet and device securely.
  • Turn on the outlet, your Deskjet printer will power up.
  • Once the DJ printer lights up, move on to its touch panel.
  • Select the icon- Setup; continue to its Wireless menu.
  • Now, touch the wireless setup wizard and move on with the setup instructions.
  • Finish HP Deskjet 2724 wireless setup.
  • Access your device and Move on to any folder. Open document that you want to print.
  • Now, you have to select the given option “print”. Choose HP Deskjet 2724 for printing.
  • If HP Deskjet 2724 name is not on the device, move on to your device menu.
  • You will see the option – Printer & Scanners displayed under System Preferences.
  • Find HP Deskjet 2724 on the printer list. When you find your DJ printer name, click on it.

HP Smart App Wireless Setup

  • Go to your Mobile and ensure the internet connection is proper.
  • Access its browser.
  • Search for the HP Smart App.
  • Once you get it, download the app on your mobile.
  • After that, start installing the app as per the on-screen instructions.
  • Wait till the app installs on your device.
  • Then, open the Smart App.
  • If asked, then enable the location and Bluetooth.
  • Access the home screen, choose Add Printer.
  • Select your printer from the given list of printers.
  • Complete the setup process with the on-screen steps.

HP Deskjet 2724 Printer - FAQ

Access your Deskjet printer’s control panel. After that, tap on the wireless icon given in the panel. Choose the icon- Setup to access Restore Network Defaults and continue. After that, go to the wireless settings and choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Now, your DJ printer will show up on the Wi-Fi networks. Click on your Wi-Fi name and complete it.

Firstly, ensure that your Deskjet printer is ON. After that, check the paper and toner of your HP printer. Ensure that there is no error message shown on the printer. Set up your wireless network in your printer using the on-screen instructions.

Go to the printer home screen and choose the setup menu. Touch the Network option and click on the Restore Network Defaults. Continue and wait for some time until the printer default settings are set. After that, access the control panel of your device. Go to Device and Printers and you will see the icon of the HP printer. Right-click on it and access the properties. Click on the password, type the new passkey, and click on the Save button.

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