How to Connect Your HP Deskjet 2724 Printer to Wireless Internet?

Want to set up your device Wi-Fi in your Deskjet Printer? Yes? Then, this blog can help you. The blog explains three methods for HP Deskjet 2724 wireless setup. It includes:
1. Wireless Setup Wizard
2. during Driver Setup
3. HP Smart App
You can choose any of the below-explained methods as per your needs.
Now, take a detailed look at the wireless setup methods.

Wireless Setup Wizard

The general steps to set up Wi-Fi via wireless setup wizard are:

  • Firstly, switch ON the HP printer.
  • Tap on the option- Setup on the printer touch panel.
  • Then, tap on the wireless setup wizard to proceed.
  • Several names of SSIDs will appear on the printer panel.
  • Choose your SSID and complete the HP Deskjet 2724 wireless setup.
  • Then, load suitable sheets into the tray.
  • Open a document and click on the option- File.
  • Now, you will see the print option, click on it.
  • Print the file to confirm the setup is accurate.

You can set up a wireless network in your HP printer without much effort. For this, you will require a Wi-Fi network, a device, and an updated version driver. The steps for the Wi-Fi setup during driver installation are:

  • Initially, ON your HP Deskjet 2724 printer.
  • Access your computer and open its browser.
  • Search for compatible driver version.
  • Once you find it, download the driver on the computer.
  • After that, start the installation and proceed with the wizard steps.
  • Now, choose the wireless mode to connect your DJ printer and computer.
  • Finish the HP Deskjet 2724 wireless setup process and take a sample print.


HP Smart APP

To set up the wireless network on your HP Deskjet 2724, you need a stable Wi-Fi network. If you have a good network connection, follow the instructions given below:

  • Firstly, take your mobile device. Then, make sure that it has an active internet connection.
  • Now, search for the HP Smart App. When you find the app, download it on your device.
  • Then, go to the folder where you saved the HP Smart App raw file. Now, to install HP Smart App, open the file.
  • To install, use the steps on the setup window.
    After HP Smart App installation, you need to open it.
  • Then, activate the Bluetooth and adjust the location.
  • Now, your HP Smart App is all set for functioning.
  • Then, move on to the option – “Add Printer” and click on it.
  • Choose your printer name from the list that appears on the screen.
  • After that, use the on-screen steps and complete the HP Deskjet 2724 wireless setup.
  • Now, load sheets in the printer tray and print a document.

Final Thoughts

So, now we believe that you all are clear with the wireless setup methods. However, there are possibilities that you might come across some doubts. No matter how simple or complex your doubt is, contact us. Our skilled team can guide you.