How to Connect Deskjet Plus 4155 Printer to Wi-Fi?

Copy, fax, print, and scan using Deskjet Plus 4155 printer. It consists of a 1.5m long USB cable, ink cartridges, and other essential items. The Deskjet Plus 4155 supports printing from mobile devices. However, for this, you need HP Smart App, Mophria, and Apple AirPrint. The DJ Plus 4155 has an input capacity of handling 60 sheets. It has black and tri-color ink cartridges and supports wireless connectivity.

Connect DJ Plus 4155 to your device Wi-Fi easily and quickly. For this, you need a secure Wi-Fi network on your computer. Along with this, you have to install the DJ Plus 4155 driver on your computer. Now, do you know how to set up a wireless network in your DJ Plus 4155 printer? No? Here are the methods for it. In this blog, we are showcasing three modes for Deskjet Plus 4155 wireless setup.

Depending on your convenience and requirement, you can prefer any one method. No matter which connectivity method you choose, follow the steps given here.


Use Wireless Setup Wizard to Set up Wi-Fi in DJ Plus 4155

You can add your Wi-Fi network to the DJ Plus printer by installing HP Smart App. The guide for Deskjet Plus 4155 In this method, you will get to know how to set up Wi-Fi in DJ Plus 4155 using Wireless Setup Method. Here are the steps for it.

  • Open the new DJ Plus 4155 printer pack.
  • Take the HP 4155 accessories from the package.
  • Then, take out your HP printer from it.
  • Tear off the unwanted covering from the printer.
  • Connect DJ Plus 4155 with the power outlet using a USB cord.
  • Power up the outlet; your DJ printer will turn on.
  • Tap on the wireless icon in the printer.
  • Now, choose the option- setup and access Restore Network Settings.
  • Continue to the wireless setup wizard shown under the DJ Plus 4155 wireless settings.
  • A list of different Wi-Fi networks will show up on the printer panel.
  • Select your computer Wi-Fi network.
  • If your computer network name is not in the DJ Plus 5252, Enter New Network Name.
  • Provide the Wi-Fi name and passcode to proceed.
  • Finally, the Deskjet Plus 4155 and computer will make a connection wirelessly.


Connect HP DJ Plus 4155 Printer and device with HP Smart App:

You can add your Wi-Fi network to the DJ Plus printer by installing HP Smart App. The guide for Deskjet Plus 4155 wireless setup with HP Smart App are:

  • Initially, make sure that the mobile phone has an active internet.
  • Go to the browser of your mobile phone.
  • Type HP Smart App on the address bar and search.
  • Once you get the HP Smart App, save it on your phone.
  • After that, double-click the downloaded file two times.
  • Install the HP Smart App with the installation steps.
  • Then, access the installed Smart App.
  • Enable the Bluetooth option.
  • Then, set the location.
  • Select the Add Printer option displayed on the home screen.
  • Then, choose DJ Plus 4155 from the printer list.
  • Complete Deskjet Plus 4155 wireless setup.
  • Print a sample file to confirm DJ Plus 4155 Wi-Fi setup.


WPS PIN Method for Deskjet Plus 4155 Wi-Fi setup

Setting up a Wi-Fi network in DJ Plus 4155 is easily possible if you have an eight-digit WPS PIN. It is the third method for Deskjet Plus 4155 wireless setup.

The set of procedure for setting Wi-Fi network in DJ Plus 4155 using a PIN is:

  • To begin with, the process, activate your DJ Plus 4155 printer.
  • Go to DJ Plus 4155 settings from the touch panel.
  • Move on to Connection and select the Wi-Fi protected setup.
  • The wireless setup process starts.
  • Now, an 8-digit PIN will come up on the printer screen.
  • Write down the PIN on a paper.
  • After that, go to your preferred device.
  • Provide the 8-digit PIN that you saw on the printer screen.
  • Move on with the wireless setup as per the procedure on the wizard.
  • Lastly, the DJ Plus printer and computer will connect.


I hope now you are clear with the methods for Deskjet Plus 4155 wireless setup. Following any of the methods can help you set up Wi-Fi quickly. Additionally, if you need any technical support, get in touch with us.