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Epson ET 2720 Wireless Printer

Epson et 2720 driver

The ET 2720 – convenient wireless printer with excellent features. This all-in-one device has oversized ink tanks to print for a long time. The printer pack includes the ink bottles to fill up the ink tanks. The bottles are equivalent to 80 cartridges, which means you can replace ink less often. For exclusive printer features, you have to finish the quick Epson ET 2720 driver download. Let’s start it now.

Epson ET 2720 First Time Printer Setup

Searching for the Epson ET 2720 printer setup assistance? Then, get the technical instructions here to move forward.

  • Step1: Initially, unwrap the printer from its package. For that, peel off the protective plasters on the outer surface.
  • Step2: Then, take the Epson ET 2720 printer out of the package gently to keep on the selected table.
  • Step3: Now, grab the printer accessories from the box for the initial setup.
  • Step4: Next, clear the thin plastic layer on the printer panel and open the scanner cover.
  • Step5: Then, take off the cover on the ink tank and prepare the ink bottles to pour the ink into the tank.
  • Step6: Now, use the procedure to fill the ink in all ink tanks.
  • Step7: Cover the ink tank after you fill up with the ink. After that, secure the scanner lid to its normal position.
  • Step8: Then, snap it securely and now switch on the device.
  • Step9: Now, open your Epson ET 2720 paper tray to stack papers.

Epson ET 2720 Driver Download

To print conveniently from a variety of devices, download the suitable printer drivers. Obtain unique features for your ET 2720 printer by selecting the most suitable software.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

To fulfill all your printing and scanning needs, your device demands the full-featured drivers. In other words, full drivers are the driver combo package. It included almost all the scanning and printing drivers. Need help to download the Epson ET 2720 printer driver? Then, go through the section below.

    1. Initially, confirm the availability of your Epson ET 2720 printer software CD.
    2. Now, use the CD to download drivers. Otherwise, browse through the product software page.
    3. Then, select the Epson ET 2720 driver with the available Download option.
    4. Doing so starts the ET 2720 driver download. Please sit back and relax until it gets downloaded.
    5. Once downloaded, open the built-in installer to install the available printer drivers.
    6. Within a minute or two, the installer extracts the driver’s file.
    7. Finally, complete the installation by choosing the printer connection type.

Driver Installation for Mac

Do you have a Mac device with you? Then, spend a few minutes here to download the proper drivers. Follow the instructions as instructed in the next section. For downloading any driver, you can follow the below methods.

    1. Firstly, look for the OS updates for your Mac desktop. If you find any update message, complete it, and then proceed further.
    2. Now, assess the network connection for the printer to complete the download.
    3. Initially, open the driver page using the instructions above.
    4. Then, type the printer model along with the MAC OS.
    5. Now, the page shows overall printer drivers available with the Epson.
    6. Next, go through the product driver package. Now, choose the driver that features maximum benefits.
    7. Once selected, initiate the Epson ET 2720 software download with the Download choice.
    8. Now, wait for the installer screen to install the desired drivers.

EcoTank 2720 Wireless Setup

Prepare the network by setting up a new name and password for the wifi. Do it before you connect the Epson ET 2720 printer to the available network. Also, make sure that you have installed ink and enough papers before you proceed. After verifying everything, follow the technical steps below.

    1. Note: Do not connect your Epson ET 2720 to the computer or laptop unless prompted by the software.
    2. Initially, verify the internet speed on the desktop to avail the Epson ET 2720 driver.
    3. Now, use any available browser to move to the printer software page.
    4. Here, select the OS version with the drop-down menu.
    5. Note: If your OS is not on the menu list, your OS is no longer supported by the Epson.
    6. On seeing the device list, carry on to select the ET 2720 software.
    1. Now, finish the installation and move the cursor to select the Epson ET 2720 wireless Setup.
    2. Then, choose First time setup Auto Connect Use Control Panel.
    3. Next, write down the shown credential for your wifi.
    4. After writing down, choose Next and proceed to the printer’s panel.
    5. From the panel, click on the wireless icon and get the network printer setup screen.
    6. Here, pick your wifi using the arrow buttons and enter a password through the keypad.
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