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Epson XP 446 Printer

Epson XP 446 Driver Setup

The Epson XP 446 is an easy-to-use printer with time-saving features. Complete the setup quickly with the LCD. The best part of the printer is the wireless connectivity features. Connect to devices to enjoy remote printing. It is easy to print from any Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices when connected to a stable network. In case if you use Windows 10 or MAC, get the supporting features via the Epson XP 446 driver download.

Epson XP 446 First Time Printer Install

Stick to the easy steps given here for completing your Epson XP 446 printer setup. It includes steps for unboxing, power connection, paper, and ink installation.

Unboxing & printer power connection:

  • Step1: Initially, remove the plastic tape that covers the Epson XP 446 printer box.
  • Step2: Next, open the carton and gently pull out your new device.
  • Step3: Then, place your Epson XP 446 on the sturdy base where the wall socket is nearby.
  • Step4: Now, unpack your power cable and connect it to your device port and power source.
  • Step5: Finally, switch on the printer and wait until it is silent.

Paper and Ink Cartridge installation:

  • Step1: Now, unlock the printer paper tray and place US letter sheets.
  • Step2: Then, pull the tray inside and unpack the ink cartridges.
  • Step3: After that, refer to the cartridge slots to fix the new Epson XP 446 ink.

Compatible Mac & Windows 10 version:

  • Window 7, 10, 8, Vista, XP & 8.1 – 32-bit & 64-bit processor
  • Mac OS 10.5 and newer Mac versions

Epson XP 446 Driver Download

To run your Epson XP 446 wireless printer, get the compatible printer drivers. Based on the OS version and features, get your Epson XP 446 driver. When you download the right drivers, the printer carries out the assigned task error-free. For further information, get in touch with our printer team.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

Here are the two common ways to download the compatible drivers for Windows 10 OS. Follow our steps to get the Epson XP 446 driver. The first method is CD, and the other is downloading through the direct link.

From installation CD:

You may get the driver CD from the printer manufacturer. Check for it in the package to download Epson XP 446 driver from it.

  • Step1: Initially, expand the CD tray on your Mac to insert driver CD.
  • Step2: Now, the wizard prompts to run the driver from the CD.
  • Step3: After that, click on Run and go in flow with the monitor instructions.

From the direct link:

  • Step1: Firstly, search Epson XP 446 software on the driver setup page.
  • Step2: Now, the page loads the available Epson XP 446 software.
  • Step3: After that, learn the features offered by the XP 446 software from the list and choose it.
  • Step4: Finally, allow the installer to connect and finish off the Epson XP 446 driver download.

Driver Installation for Mac

For Mac, you can complete the Epson XP 446 software download either through the direct link or Connect. Epson XP 446 connect allows you to get the drivers for remote printing. If you download from the website, you have to choose the drives manually. The choice is ultimately yours.

  • Step1: Initially, get the network connection for the Mac.
  • Step2: Then, with the help of any browser, visit the Epson XP 446 connect page.
  • Step3: After that, key in the printer model to choose the OS version.
  • Step4: Now, you get the driver list for printing and scanning & other features.
  • Step5: After that, choose the Utility or Software and press the Download option.
  • Step6: Now, access the downloaded software file from the recently downloaded folder.
  • Step7: Sometimes, it may show the installer screen automatically. If you get the installer screen, install the Epson XP 446 wireless printer.

Epson XP 446 Wireless Setup

Want to connect your Epson XP 446 printer to your home or office network? Then, here is the guide that helps you to achieve the Epson XP 446 wireless Setup. There are specific requirements for the wireless setup, including SSID and network password. If you don’t have the network details, get them from the Network Service Provider. Note: Use the network credentials that you have used for the wireless computer connection.

Through the control panel:

The control panel allows you to choose or modify the wireless settings according to the need. To kick start the wireless setup, download the Epson XP 446 driver. While you download, you get the connection screen for the printer setup. Once you get it, proceed with the steps below.

  1. Initially, select the Wi-Fi Setup option from the Home Screen.
  2. Then, from the list of the available options, click on the Wizard option.
  1. Now, select the Down or Up buttons to choose the desired network.
  2. Next, the keypad screen appears to type the network password.
  3. Now, confirm the password, and then click on Ok.
  4. After that, see if the wireless bar displays to indicate the network activation.
  5. Finally, print a network report and check the wireless settings.