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Epson XP 440 Printer

Epson XP 440 Driver Download

The XP 440 is a space-saving printer with practical features. Now, enjoy borderless photos and PC-free printing with the built-in card slot. You can print with cloud printing services such as AirPrint, Mopria, and cloud print. Print pictures from social media, including FB and Insta, with the Creative Print App. Moreover, get full features through the Epson XP 440 driver download.

Epson XP 440 First Time Printer Install

Once you bought the printer, you need to put a little effort to complete the basic setup. Now, follow the instructions for the successful printer setup.

Basic safety steps:

  • Step1: Use safe tools or hands while clearing the tapes and stickers on the printer box.
  • Step2: Make use of the printer accessories included in your package for the initial setup.

Epson XP 440 initial setup:

  • Step1: Initially, unpack the printer from its box by peeling off the protective tapes.
  • Step2: Then, select a smooth surface place for your Epson XP 440 printer.
  • Step3: Now, take out the Epson XP 440 printer and the power cable.
  • Step4: Next, to a direct power supply and the printer, connect your power cable.
  • Step5: Once again, check the power connection and turn on the XP 440 printer.
  • Step6:Now, choose a bunch of US letters or any compatible media to install in the tray.
  • Step7:After that, open the ink cartridge door and insert them into the correct slots.

Epson XP 440 Driver Setup

For your XP 440 wireless printer, you can download the Epson XP 440 driver. Now, ask our experts to select the compatible drivers for your XP 440 printer. From the list of available drivers and software, choose that fits your XP 440 printer.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

Print any documents that you want after downloading the proper driver sets. However, finding and downloading the driver is a little tricky. We made it simple with the steps below.

Note: Ensure that your Windows 10 OS is compatible. Also, connected to the proper network connection.

  • Step1: Initially, browse through the website and go through the complete driver list.
  • Step2: Now, scroll down to install the Connect Printer Setup Utility.
  • Step3: While downloading the drivers, accept the displayed prompts (Terms & Conditions).
  • Step4: Then, look for the Install option and click on it.
  • Step5: On the next screen, find out the XP 440 printer and choose it.
  • Step6: After that, choose the Printer Registration option and click Ok.
  • Step7: To register your printer, click on “Register my printer to Connect.”
  • Step8: Finally, enter the details and end the Epson XP 440 driver download.

Driver Installation for Mac

For downloading any Epson XP 440 software, you have to verify the OS version. On verifying the OS, you can proceed to the easy Epson XP 440 software download. The easiest way is getting the drivers through the Epson XP 440 connect printer setup.

  • Step1:Firstly, configure your Mac device to a stable wireless network connection.
  • Step2: Then, visit the setup page through the browser.
  • Step3: Here, look for the Utility to download to the MAC.
  • Step4: Next, click on Continue and read and understand the displayed software license agreement.
  • Step5: Now, click down the Accept option and choose the Install button.
  • Step6: Once installed, wait for the product selection screen.
  • Step7: Here, you can see the list of wireless devices along with your printer’s name.
  • Step8: Now, choose the Epson XP 440 and click on Ok.
  • Step9: Lastly, register the printer to the Connect service.

Epson XP 440 Wireless Setup

Using the control buttons for setting up printer wireless is the most preferred method. We say it because you can opt for different features when connected wirelessly. It supports printing from any cloud device from anywhere. You need not stay with the printer when you want to print something. Just connect and use virtual printing such as Apple AirprintMopriaCloud Print & more.

  1. Here are the step-by-step procedures for the Epson XP 440 driver download.
  2. Initially, complete the Epson XP 440 printer setup and then proceed.
  3. Then, keep the network-ready before you begin the wireless setup.
  4. Now, connect the computer to the wireless network and be ready.
  5. Next, check if you have got the installation CD, which has a basic Epson XP 440 driver.
  6. Now, download the drivers from the CD to the computer or move to the support
  1. From the support page, download the recent XP 440 printer software.
  2. The installer runs on the screen showing the screen the network setup.
  3. Here, select wireless and find out the SSID and Wi-Fi password.
  4. Then, on the printer control panel, navigate to the Wi-Fi option.
  5. After that, select the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and proceed with the onscreen steps.