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Epson XP 400 Printer

Epson XP 400 Printer Setup

The Epson XP 400 printer is the one-stop solution to print, scan, and copy. It has wireless features that perfectly fit any small workspace. The XP 400 Connect is a special service for mobile and wireless printing. Now, enjoy the hands-free printing with the memory card slots. For more user-friendly features, set up the printer and then complete the Epson XP 400 driver download.

Epson XP 400 First Time Printer Setup​

  • To begin with, remove the packing materials on the box.
  • Place the printer and its accessories on the flat surface near to electric socket.
  • Take the power cord and connect between the printer and the wall outlet.
  • Remove the coverings from ink catridges in insert into appropriate slots.
  • Open the paper tray and place the sufficient sheets in it.
  • Download the appropriate Epson XP 400 driver.
  • Connect the printer to the device network (Wired/wireless).
  • Print a sample photo or document to confirm Epson XP 400 Setup.

Epson XP 400 Driver Download

Finding the right drivers may be a challenging task. By knowing the OS version and printer model, it is simple to get the appropriate drivers. Reach us to save time in searching for the latest Epson XP 400 driver. Below are the steps to complete Epson XP 400 driver download process for both Windows and MAC.

Epson XP 400 Driver Install - Windows 10

  • The XP 400 printer demands the recent drivers to print, copy, and scan. To assist with Epson XP 400 software download, here are the quick steps. Before proceeding, get either driver CD or go to the site.
  • Note: Ensure that your XP 400 is not in connection with any computer.

CD driver download:

  • Initially, switch your Epson XP 400 printer and desktop on.
  • Then, get the driver CD and load it to the computer.
  • Now, the disc is recognized by your desktop and it runs the driver file.
  • If you don’t have the software disc, refer to the below instructions.

Download Epson XP 400 driver from the website:

  • To begin with, browse through the direct link to find the XP 400 printer driver.
  • Now, select the Epson XP 400 printer software and click the Download.
  • Finally, install the setup.exe file and accept the displayed terms.
  • Note: We also offer help for downloading Epson XP 400 printer driver for windows 10.

Epson XP 400 Driver Install - MAC

  • Be it any version of the Mac device, it is mandatory to get the compatible driver. For that, complete the Epson XP 400 connect printer setup. Once connected, the printer is ready with the latest driver.
Install Driver from CD:
  • Initially, verify that if you have got any disc inside the package.
  • Now, unwrap your CD and select it to upload into the computer slot.
  • Then, AutoPlay to run the XP 400 software.
  • Finally, proceed with the on-screen steps and ensure that the printer has the right driver.
The downloading driver from the website:
  • Now, go to the official website and select the printer driver that suits your printer.
  • After that, download the drivers based on the Windows OS version.
  • Next, follow the instructions to finish the Epson XP 400 driver download.

Epson XP 400 Wireless Setup

Nowadays, everyone prefers a wireless connection for any device because of the comfort it gives. We recommend the user to connect wirelessly by following the below instructions:

  • Turn on your Epson XP 400 printer and the computer with Windows OS or MAC OS X.
  • Click on the wireless icon of your Epson printer.
  • Go to network settings on your PC (Windows or MAC).
  • Select Wi-Fi Setup and tap on the Wi-Fi setup wizard to continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Epson XP-440 printer to the Wi-Fi.