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Epson WF 7620 Printer

Epson WF 7620 Driver Setup

Epson WF 7620 is the best option that offers fast & wide-format printing. The touchscreen of the printer is simple to navigate and control through the available options. Print from any device via wireless or Wi-Fi Direct connection after the completion of  Epson WF 7620 driver download. Never compromise on the quality when you have this printer handy.

Epson WF 7620 Setup Instructions

Whether it is Epson WF 7620 or any other  printer, the first-time setup takes a much prominent place. Now, unveil the magic of your printer with the upcoming setup instructions.

Unpack the Epson WF 7620 Printer:

  • To unpack the printer, remove the labels and plasters on the product carton.
  • Then, take your Epson WF 7620 product to fix it on a firm and smooth base.
  • Now, keep the device accessories ready for further setup.

Power connection:

  • Now, from the available accessories, select your Epson WF 7620 power cord.
  • Then, choose the specified power outlet and plug the cord.
  • Next, connect the other tip to the printer back and click the power button.

Ink cartridge installation:

  • Now, open the ink package to unveil the fresh cartridges.
  • Then, use the extended tab to remove the adhesive from the electrical contacts.
  • Finally, install them one after the other in the specified slots.

Paper installation:

  • Refer to the provided user guide to know standard paper formats supported by the Epson WF 7620.
  • Then, choose undamaged papers and install those papers in your input tray.
  • Finally, check the position of the paper guide & close it.

Epson WF 7620 Driver Download

Your WF 7620 is just a machine without the drivers and software. The first step after the printer setup is WF 7620 driver download. Avail the Epson WF 7620 driver and complete the driver setup correctly.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

Select the drivers for your Epson WF 7620 printer to begin the printing. According to your laptop OS version, select your WF 7620 driver. To find it easily, go through the tech steps. Now, finish the effortless Epson WF 7620 software download.

CD driver download:

  1. In case you have the installation CD that was sent with your device. You can make use of the following steps.
  2. Firstly, select the CD to uncover it and check if the computer has a CD drive.
  3. Now, wipe clean the tray and fix the CD properly.
  4. Next, pull back the tray to its normal position.
  5. Automatically, the CD installs the basic driver to the computer.
  6. If it is downloading automatically, go to My Computer and run it manually.
  7. While downloading the drivers, choose the USB option and connect it to the right port.
  8. At last, complete the CD driver installation with the displayed steps.

Driver Installation for Mac

If you have the recent Mac version device, check if Epson supports your OS version. Then, download the corresponding WF 7620 driver. Once the downloaded gets finished, it imports new features on the printer. For your Epson WF 7620 printer driver download, stick to our easy steps below.

Driver download through CD:

  1. To proceed with the Epson WF 7620 driver download, get the manufacturer driver CD. The Mac device should have a CD drive for this method.
  2. Then, ensure that there is a necessary memory to import the software.
  3. Once checked, install your disc in the desired tray.
  4. Now, the installer screen appears on the screen for automatic download.
  5. Here, go through the options list and hit the Install option.
  6. Then, allow your built-in installer program to run the necessary files.
  7. Now, choose the driver path and save it in the correct location.
  8. Finally, agree to the displayed terms to complete it.

Epson WF 7620 Wireless Setup

How to set up the WF 7620 on my wireless network? It is the most common question that anyone may have. Before knowing the answer to it, get an idea of how wireless benefits your printer. In general, the wireless mode unleashes the best print and other features. The wireless connection is beneficial when it comes to mobile printing. Using the wireless connection, you can connect to iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and more. The only requirement is to get the  Epson WF 7620 software. To connect  WF 7620 wireless printer, go through our tech instructions.

 Epson WF 7620 wireless setup:

  • Firstly, click on the Home button on the WF 7620 printer control panel.
  • Then, choose the Wireless icon on the next screen.
  • Next, select the Wi-Fi Setup, which is the first option.
  • Now, go through the available options to choose the Wi-Fi Direct Setup.
  • After that, click on the Change Password option & choose the Yes option.
  • Note: When you change or assign a new password for the network, the device loses its connection with the network.
  • Next, the keypad displays on the screen to enter the password.
  • Once you have selected the SSID, type the password.
  • Note: Here, choose only the wireless network used by the computer.