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Epson WF 7520 Printer

Epson WF 7520 Driver Install

WF 7520 wireless printer is a complete solution for the fastest print speeds. As you complete the  Epson WF 7520 driver download, your printer is always ready to print. The basic features include auto dual-sided printing, copying & scanning. With the two paper trays, you can enjoy stress-free printing.

Epson WF 7520 First Time Printer Setup

The Epson WF 7520 printer setup requires the given easy initial steps. The setup starts with the unpacking, stable power supply, suitable paper installation & ink cartridge fixing. Now, go through the steps given for the Epson WF 7520 printer setup.

Unboxing the Epson WF 7520 Printer:

  • Step1: Initially, clear the sealing stuff, which includes tapes as well as the plasters.
  • Step2: Now, take your Epson WF 7520 from the unpacked box and rest it on a clean surface.
  • Step3: Next, verify the accessories that accompanied your printer.

Power connection:

  • Step1: Now, untangle your WF 7520 cable to connect it with the power socket.
  • Step2: Next, connect the cable’s other end to the back of the printer.
  • Step3: Then, turn on and verify the given power connection.

Ink & paper installation:

  • Step1: Firstly, check for four ink cartridges and unlock the access door.
  • Step2: Now, you can view the slots meant for the ink cartridge.
  • Step3: Then, install your four cartridges in the exact slots.
  • Step4: Next, move to the paper unit and install papers.
  • Step5: Note: Before closing the tray, make sure that the papers are arranged well.

Epson WF 7520 Driver Download

Yield the best prints of your document in less time by downloading the multi-featured drivers for the WF 7520 printer. The features by each driver vary by the OS that you connect. Now, choose the most reliable OS for innovative printing.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

Enabling the Connect for the Epson WF7520 printer is now accessible when you adhere to our instructions. In general, the Epson Connect feature offers instant printing along with the scanning feature. Now, go through the steps as instructed below.

  1. Initially, reach the Start Here webpage from the computer.
  2. To reach it, you have to access the main page from Windows.
  3. After that, click on your product and choose the Manuals option.
  4. Under the Manuals option, click on the Start Here option.
  5. On the page, search for the Workforce Connect Set Up Software.
  6. Once found, click on it to download. Then, the related end-user license appears.
  7. After that, please read the agreement and accept them and press the Next option.
  8. Next, look for the Install option and click it to select the product.
  9. Then, proceed to register the Epson WF 7520 driver and click Agree.
  10. At last, click on the Close option and activate the remote printing if necessary.

Driver Installation for Mac

The Connect setup can proceed only after the wireless connection for the Epson WF 7520. If the wireless setup is not completed, do it from the Start Here page. Then, start the product Workforce Connect as we instruct in the upcoming section.

  1. Firstly, visit the min page of the manufacturer.
  2. Then, select the device model number and now choose the Manuals and Warranty option.
  3. Next, place your cursor on the Start Here option and proceed further.
  4. Now, under the option list, select the Connect Printer Setup Utility.
  5. After that, click on, continue to agree on the terms and policies of the software.
  6. As a next step, choose the Install option to click on Close.
  7. Here, look for your printer name and choose it.
  8. Once the utility is downloaded, click on Printer Registration that registers your WF 7520.
  9. At last, scroll down the options to accept the software agreement.

Epson WF 7520 Wireless Setup

The Epson WF 7620 wireless setup begins with three significant steps. First, check whether you have the network within the range. If available, jot down your network name for future use. Next, find the key phrase for the office network. By getting all this information, you are set for the  Epson WF 7520 wireless Setup.
Note: To configure any device with the network, select only the password-protected wireless. Use the same network details for the flawless device wireless setup.

  • Step1: Initially, setup the Epson WF 7620 printer and complete the paper and ink insertion.
  • Step2: Then, from the computer, go to the Start Here page.
  • Step3: Here, you can locate the search box for entering the device number & computer version.
  • Step4: Next, the Start Here page displays the compatible driver set available.
  • Step5: Make sure that the displayed drivers for your printer and the computer.
  • Step6: Then, please install it using the installer and choose the Wireless option on the computer.
  • Step7: Now, move to the panel for selecting the available Wireless icon.
  • Step8: Next, wait to get the wireless option screen and choose the Wi-Fi Setup.
  • Step9: At last, choose your network name from the screen to type your network password.