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Epson WF-2800 driver

Epson Workforce Wf-2850 Printer

The Epson Wf- 2850 printer is a small-in-one printer that is easy to use. The printer has a touch screen control panel. The user can enjoy printing and scanning from any device with a wireless connection. The Epson Wf- 2850 printer also has an inbuilt memory card slot that helps the user print the photos from the LCD control panel.

Epson Wf-2850 First-time printer setup

Follow the below directions for the Epson Wf-2850 first time printer setup.

  • Take the printer from the box and Pull out all the packaging materials.
  • Analyze it thoroughly for any damages and Cross-check all the accessories.
  • Position the Epson wf-2850 printer on a flat surface and link it to a wall socket using the power cord.
  • Turn ON the printer by tapping the power button.
  • Lift the paper cassette and place a stack of A4 sheets.
  • Unwrap the ink cartridges seal and load it into the slots.
  • Complete the Epson Wf-2850 printer setup.
  • Connect the Epson printer and the PC to a wireless network.
  • Select any document to take a test print.

Epson Wf-2850 Driver Download

The Epson Wf-2850 driver and utility combo software will be available on Epson’s official website. This combo package consists of the printer driver, scanner driver, and Epson scan Utility. This combo will deliver the easy photo Scan, event manager, print CD, ready ink agent, and software updater.

Epson Wf-2850 driver download for Windows.

  • Switch ON the printer, computer and the router.
  • Connect the Epson wf-2850 printer and the PC to a wireless network.
  • Open browser in windows and Go to Epson’s official website.
  • Search for the Epson Wf- 2850 driver and download it.
  • Withdraw and complete the Epson wf-2850 driver installation for Windows.
  • Restart the device, open the settings icon and Press printers and scanners.
  • Choose your Epson WorkForce  Printer and select the add button.
  • Now choose any document in the windows to take sample print.

Epson Wf-2850 driver download for MAC.

  • Link the Epson wf-2850 printer and the MAC to a wireless network.
  • Open the browser in the MAC and visit the official website of Epson.
  • Click the Epson printer support and select the suitable driver file.
  • Use the on page instructions.
  • Complete the Epson wf-2850 driver download and install on MAC.
  • After Epson Printer driver installation, restart the MAC and Click the Apple icon.
  • Select applications >printers and scanners option> choose Epson Wf- 2850 printer > Press the Add button
  • The driver will automatically add the Epson printer.
  • Now choose any document to take sample print and complete Epson wf-2850 driver setup.

Epson Wf-2850 Wireless Setup.

The Epson Wf-2850 printer has excellent connectivity aspects. The user can set it up with a wireless router or link it to the printer using Wi-Fi Direct. It doesn’t support Bluetooth printing but does work with Airprint.

How to connect Epson Wf-2850 to Wi-Fi?

  • Turn ON the Epson wf-2850 printer and complete the basic setup.
  • Turn ON the computer and the modem.
  • Link the Epson printer and the PC to the same network.
  • Go to the browser, Enter theepson.com.
  • Download and install the Epson iprint from the browser.
  • Access the Epson iprint and Click the plus icon
  • Search for the Epson printer and add it.
  • Now print or scan any document from the computer.
  • The connection for the Epson Wf-2850 wifi setup is successful.

How to connect Epson Wf-2850 Printer to Router?

  • Switch on the Epson wf-2850 printer, router and the PC.
  • Ensure the internet connection is stable.
  • Access the buttons on the printer to use the control panel.
  • Click the Home button > Wi-Fi setup > Wi-Fi recommended option> ok.
  • Press the Wi-Fi Setup wizard option and press ok.
  • Choose the required Wi-Fi network, enter the password then click OK.
  • Complete the Epson Wf-2850 Wireless setup.
  • Link the PS to the same network and conduct a demo print.

Epson Wf-2850 Troubleshooting.

If the Epson product is not printing, check for the uniqueness of the product on the printer web page to attain valuable Epson wf-2850 troubleshooting information. Some printing problems like incorrect colors, wireless connection, grainy prints, or fading prints may occur due to various reasons.

Epson Wf-2850 printer offline issues

  • Disconnect all the cables attached to the Epson Wf-2850 printer and reboot the printer and the PC.
  • Turn ON the router with a good internet connection.
  • Link the printer and the PC with the wireless content.
  • Update the computer OS to the latest version.
  • Make sure that the epson wf-2850 printer driver is the latest version.
  • Make the printer as default and open the control panel.
  • Check the ink cartridge slots for any blocked nozzles.
  • Complete the full Epson Workforce 2850 wireless setup and run a test print to complete it.

Epson Wf-2850 Printer is not printing issues.

  • Check if the cartridges are in good condition.
  • Check if the print head has any blocks.
  • If the cartridges are empty, replace them with the new ones.
  • Remove OLD printing sheets from the input tray.
  • Place brand new high-quality paper input tray.
  • Check the Epson printer driver could have any issues.
  • Uninstall the Epson printer driver and reinstall the latest version
  • Reboot the computer, click the start button and press settings > printers and scanners
  • Add the Epson printer and take a test print.
  • Still, if you have Epson wf-2850 printer is not printing issue, then call our technical team.