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Epson WF 2540 Printer

Epson WF 2540 Driver Download

The WF 2540 printer is a space-saving printer for any home office. It offers affordable prints with high-quality ink cartridges. For supporting both USB and Wireless, complete the Epson WF 2540 driver download. Enjoy the easy printing with the 30-page ADF.

Epson WF 2540 First Time Printer Setup

Unpacking the WF 2540:

  • Step1: Initially, take off the plasters and other packaging stuff from the printer box.
  • Step2: Now, take the printer from its box along with the power cord and ink cartridge.
  • Step3: Then, check the interior parts to remove any extra wrappers.

Power cord connection:

  • Step1: Now, select the power cord that you got with the Epson WF 2540.
  • Step2: Then, choose the printer’s power port to attach it and power on the printer.

Ink cartridge installation:

  • Step1: Firstly, remove the extra wrappers on your cartridge.
  • Step2: Then, open the ink carriage to install the cartridges in the right slots.

Paper installation:

  • Step1: Initially, choose plain sheets and open the tray.
  • Step2: Then, stack your sheets and calibrate the paper guides accordingly.
  • Step3: Finally, pull back the tray to its original position.

Epson WF 2540 Driver Download

Share files across the network and devices with the completion of the driver download. We offer ultimate WF 2540 printer support for set up as well as driver download. For any queries on Epson WF 2540 driver download, reach out to us.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

Get the Windows driver for the WF 2540 via the original driver CD. If a CD is not available to you, head to the product page.

From CD/DVD:

  • Firstly, find the CD in the parcel and remove it from the package.
  • Then, search for the CD slot and place the disc in the proper slot.
  • Now, the wizard screen shows up, indicating that the computer is ready.
  • Next, click on the AutoRun or Install option and extract the WF 2540 software.

From the direct link:

  • Initially, go to the product driver page to download the Epson WF 2540 driver.
  • Now, place the cursor on the search box to type your WF 2540 model.
  • Then, click on the down arrow to choose your OS from the list.
  • Next, you get the complete Epson WF 2540 driver as a result.
  • Lastly, complete your 2540 download process with the WF 2540 printer driver.

Driver Installation for Mac

The supported Mac drivers are readily available to download. The only condition is that you have the OS and product model number. Below are the steps for the driver setup.

From the CD:

  • Initially, grab out the CD that came with the WF 2540 printer.
  • Then, extend the media tray on the computer and insert the CD.
  • Now, the computer executes or transfers your driver from the CD.
  • Note: The drivers on the CD are only for the necessary printing.

From the direct link:

  • Initially, refer to the user guide and know the printer model number.
  • Then, get the OS version of your selected Mac device.
  • Now, enter both on the webpage and wait for the drivers.
  • The page displays the compatible Epson WF 2540 driver.
  • From the list of available drivers, choose the best WF 2540 printer, driver.
  • At last, download and install them with the displayed instructions.

Epson WF 2540 Wireless Setup

Before you start the Epson WF 2540 wireless setup, get the following details. First, check if you have the wireless network with you. Then, find the name of the network to connect to the device. Also, ensure that the Wifi has a password. If you have the above three details, then you can start the wireless setup.

  1. Note: If you don’t have your wifi name and password, contact the service provider and get it.
  2. Initially, ensure that your printer and router are close to each other.
  3. Then, ensure that your Epson WF 2540 is set up with papers and ink cartridges.
  4. Now, turn on the Epson WF 2540 and the windows 10 computer, which is connected to the desired network.
  5. Next, proceed to the Epson WF 2540 software download using the CD.
  1. Now, install the disc in the slot to move the driver folders to the computer.
  2. While it installs the WF 2540 printer software, the connection setup window pops up.
  3. Here, you have to pick the Wireless and select the Printer Buttons option.
  4. With the above step, the wireless setup on the computer is over.
  5. Now, access the buttons on the printer to choose the Wifi.
  6. Finally, select the wireless setup wizard and type the network information.