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Epson ET 4760 Setup

Epson ET 4760 Printer Setup & Driver Download

With Epson ET 4760 printer, you can enjoy Cartridge-free printing. It has supersized ink tanks that are easy to fill. You will get two years of ink along with a replacement ink set.

The Epson ET 4760 consists of a paper tray with a capacity of handling 250-sheet and 30-sheet ADF. Moreover, the size of its color touchscreen is 2.4’’. It supports voice-activated printing.

The printer is compatible with wireless as well as wired connectivity. The ISO print speed for black prints is 15 ISO ppm†, and the color is 8.0 ISO ppm†.

Epson ET 4760 Printer Setup

Epson Eco Tank printer setup is an easy process. However, you should do the printer setup process with the utmost care. Before taking the printer from the box, take its accessories. Keep the accessories in a safe place.

For setting up the printer, use the cartridges and papers that are manufacturer-approved. Moreover, download and install the upgraded printer driver suitable for your OS. The simple steps for Epson ET 4760 printer setup are:

  • Get a new Epson Eco Tank printer.
  • Then, take the new printer from the cartoon.
  • Uncover the Epson printer and remove all the tapes.
  • Move on to the ink tank and insert the ink bottle into the appropriate slots.
  • Connect the printer and power source with the USB cable.
  • Activate the power source; your Epson printer will switch on.
  • Then, choose your desired language and continue.
  • Access the feeder guard. Then, slant the paper a little backward.
  • After that, open the paper tray of your Epson paper.
  • Place a stack of compatible papers in the tray.
  • Close the printer paper tray.
  • Now, ON the preferred computer.
  • Download the compatible driver and install it on the device.
  • While installing, either choose wireless or USB mode to connect the devices.
  • Complete the Epson ET 4760 setup and print a sample file.

Epson ET 4760 Driver Download

Download the latest version of Epson XP 4100 driver for your OS. When you download, ensure that the driver is suitable for your device OS. You can get the compatible driver for Mac, as well as Windows OS. Now, check out the steps for driver download and set up on both Windows and Mac.

Epson ET 4760 Driver Download - Windows

The general instructions for Epson ET 4760 Driver download & setup are:

  • Initially, power up the device.
  • Download the standard Epson ET 4760 driver.
  • Click “Start” and move on to the printer control panel.
  • Then, choose – Hardware and Sound”.
  • Now, select – Devices and Printers.
  • Click on the given option – Add a Printer and choose – Add a Local Printer.
  • Choose – use an existing port and then click – Choose your port.
  • Now, select the port based on your printer model.
  • Continue and select your printer driver file from the device.
  • Open the saved file to initiate the Epson driver setup.
  • Continue with the on-screen setup steps and finish the process.
  • Now, you can use your Epson Eco Tank printer.

Epson ET 4760 driver Download - MAC

The steps for setting up Epson ET 4760 driver on Mac are:

  • Initially, turn on your Mac operating system.
  • Then, move on to the Mac browser.
  • After that, search for Epson ET 4760 driver compatible with your OS.
  • Once you find the driver, save the raw file on the Mac device.
  • Now, wait till the driver file downloads.
  • After that, open the saved raw file of the driver.
  • The driver installation begins.
  • Proceed with the on-screen setup instructions.
  • Complete the driver installing process.
  • Load papers in the tray.
  • Now, go to your Mac and open any file.
  • Choose the print option from the menu and print.

Epson ET 4760 Wireless Setup

Connecting the Epson ET-4760 printer to your Wi-Fi network is a hassle-free process. By using the latest Epson Eco Tank software and driver, you can set up a Wi-Fi network. The simple steps for Epson ET 4760 Wireless Setup are:

  • To begin with, the wireless setup process, turn on the computer.
  • Check and confirm the internet is secure and stable.
  • Then, download the Epson ET 4760 driver on the device.
  • After that, start the driver installation by opening the driver file.
  • When the wizard prompts, choose the method to connect devices.
  • Now, enter the password when the setup window asks.
  • Finish the Epson ET 4760 wireless setup.

Note – If in case you are facing any problem, then contact our tech support team.

Epson ET 4760 Troubleshooting

Epson ET 4760 not Printing Properly

If your printer is not printing, then access your device. Move on to Printers & Scanners and choose your printer. Then, click on the minus icon and remove your Epson printer ET 4760 from the device.

Now, add your printer again by clicking on the plus icon.

After that, uninstall and reinstall the Epson Eco Tank printer driver suitable for your OS. Then, check the print-head nozzles and ensure that no dust is there.

Finally, check whether the printer is functioning. Still, the Epson ET 4760 printer is not printing, then reach out to experts.

Epson ET 4760 Failed to Connect Wirelessly

  • Power off the printer and then switch on it.
  • Ensure that your access point is ON.
  • Now, place the printer close to your router.
  • Make sure that your printer is not near electromagnetic devices.
  • After that, ensure that your access point or router supports the WPS push button method.
  • Then, check and confirm that the network security key you entered is correct.
  • Finally, try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

Still, if the printer is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network, then reach us.

Epson ET 4760 Paper Jam

Firstly, move on to the printer tray and open it. Then, ensure that the papers in the tray are not in excess amount.

After that, ensure that the paper input is meeting all the printer specifications. Align and set the suitable paper in the tray.

Finally, try printing with ET 4760. Still, if the paper jam error problem occurs, then contact our technical team.