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Epson ET 2700 Printers

Epson ET 2700 Wireless Setup

The ET 2700 wireless printer delivers cartridge-free printing with individual ink tanks. The ink bottles included in the package save up to 80 percent on ink. Then, enable the wireless printing by completing the Epson ET 2700 driver download.

Epson ET 2700 First Time Printer Setup

For accurate and easy initial setup, follow the tech instructions. As usual, the first-time printer setup includes unpacking the product, ink filling, power supply connection, and paper loading.

  1. At first, remove the wrappers on the product box and lift the printer.
  2. Then, place it on a smooth and sturdy surface.
  3. Next, unpack the accessories of your printer and set them aside.
  4. Now, ensure that you have received the correct ink bottles and power cord.
  1. After that, open the scanner lid and choose the ink slots to remove their caps.
  2. Next, fill your large ink tanks using the ink offered in the bottle.
  3. To fill, keep the bottle on the tank inverted and let it pour.
  4. After that, seal the ink tank and bottle once the ink filling is finished.
  5. Next, fill the other color tanks as same as the above. Then, switch on your Epson ET 2700 printer.
  6. Now, open the paper tray to fill the compatible set of papers.

Epson ET 2700 Driver Download

Find the suitable printer drivers here with the simple method that we offer. If you face difficulty in following our steps, you can directly reach us through call or chat. We are available throughout the day to lend the Epson ET 2700 printer support.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

Driver download via the original driver CD:

  1. To start with, check the parcel for the CD, which is provided with the printer.
  2. Now, unwrap the disc carefully and it insert inside the computer’s CD slot.
  3. Once inserted, you can see the AutoPlay option, which executes the CD driver file automatically.
  4. You can also run the driver file manually with the help of the installer.
  5. Follow the instruction by the wizard that finishes the ET 2700 driver download.

Driver download via the direct link:

  1. Initially, from the computer, choose the exact printer model.
  2. Next, select the OS version according to your Mac device.
  3. As a result, you get the drivers supported by the ET 2700 printer.
  4. Each supported Epson ET 2700 driver offers different features for the printer.
  5. Now, select the ET 2700 printer driver to complete the Epson ET 2700 software download.
  6. Finally, choose the connection method as Wireless or USB while importing the driver.

Driver Installation for Mac

Driver download via the original driver CD:

  1. Initially, select the installation CD to get the basic ET 2700 printer software.
  2. Now, turn on the Mac device and pull the CD tray.
  3. Then, remove the installation CD from the package and check it for scratches.
  4. Next, load the CD in the tray and install the drivers.
  5. Note: Sometimes, the computer installs the driver automatically.

Driver download via the direct link:

  1. Firstly, go to the direct link from the computer.
  2. Then, choose the compatible Epson ET 2700 printer driver from the list.
  3. Now, select either necessary printer software or combo software package.
  4. Download the driver according to the instructions shown on the screen.
  5. Next, your monitor pops up with the installation wizard.
  6. Now, select the printer’s connection according to the printer setup screen.
  7. If you select a wireless connection, the network screen appears to proceed with the wireless setup.

Epson EcoTank 2700 Wireless Setup

Use the step-by-step procedure to choose the right wifi setup for your ET 2700 printer. Now, connect your Mac or Windows 10 computer to the selected wifi. Then, make use of the same network to complete the Epson ET 2700 wireless Setup.

  1. At first, you need to get the drivers for the ET 2700 printer.
  2. For that, enter into your Epson ET 2700 software page and search for suitable drivers.
  3. You can see a lot of printer drivers, which are compatible.
  4. Now, on the list, choose the one that satisfies all the printing activity.
  5. We recommend you download the “Driver Combo Package.”
  6. While downloading the drivers, you get the setup windows 10.
  1. Here, choose the Wireless à wifi Connect à Control Panel.
  2. On choosing the control panel, the network details are displayed.
  3. From the screen, jot down the vital SSID and password.
  4. Now, go back to the ET 2700 control panel to choose the wifi option.
  5. Then, select the Wireless Setup, and then the Wizard Setup option.
  6. After that, the panel prompts to type the network details.
  7. Once you get it, choose the existing wifi and key in the corresponding password.