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Epson ET 2650 Printer

Epson ET 2650 Driver Configure

The ET 2650 is a compact yet versatile printer with superior features. The mega ink tanks are to offer endless printing up to approximately 4000 pages. The cost-efficient replacement ink bottles save up to 50 percent on ink. Now, identify and complete the Epson ET 2650 driver download to relish the top-notch features.

Epson ET 2650 First Time Printer Setup

Bought the Epson ET 2650 printer and want instructions to set it up? Then, refer to the easy instructions that guide you on the right path. The necessary steps – Unpacking printer, filling each ink tank, power supply, and paper insertion.

  • Step1: Firstly, select a firm base to unpack the printer.
  • Step2: For printer unpacking, clear the wrappers and stickers and keep them aside.
  • Step3: Then, grab out the power cord, printer user guide, and the color ink bottles from the package.
  • Step4:Next, check the inner parts such as the scanner, the paper tray to remove extra packaging stuff.
  • Step5:Now, keep the scanner lid open to access the in-built ink tanks.
  • Step6:At first, clear the lid of the ink tank and pour the ink from the bottle to fill it.
  • Step7:Next, seal the tank and your bottle after pouring the ink.
  • Step8:Complete the same process for the remaining bottles. Lift down the scanner lid and finish the paper installation.

Epson ET 2650 Driver Download

The OS version plays a major role in the Epson ET 2650 connect printer setup. Now, learn its version as well as your printing need before your driver download.

Driver Installation for Win

It is not a tedious task to identify the perfect Epson ET 2650 software after the setup. To get the drivers quickly, you need to determine the exact OS versions. Then, follow these basic instructions.

  1. Initially, confirm the OS of your Windows 10 device to select the ET 2650 printer driver.
  2. Then, use the support link to move to the ET driver page.
  3. Now, wait for the webpage to detect the OS. If it is detecting the OS, then choose it manually.
  4. Next, pick the Epson ET 2650 printer software to extract on Windows 10.
  5. You can view the notification once it is downloaded successfully.
  6. Then, open the ET 2650 driver file and double-click on it.
  7. Now, choose the Run option and follow the prompts shown.
  8. In the middle of installing the Epson ET 2650 driver, you may see the connection screen.
  9. Choose the valid connection type and do as per the onscreen prompts.

Driver Installation for Mac

The driver comes with the benefit of the printer in both features and performance. When you have selected the exact printer drivers, you can enjoy maximum benefits out of the printer.

  1. To begin with, find the version of the Mac and select the driver download page.
  2. Now, type or select the model number of the printer with name and click Enter.
  3. Then, the page chooses the Mac OS version and lists the suitable Epson ET 2650 driver.
  4. Next, from the whole list of printer drivers and software, select the appropriate one.
  5. Here, make sure that you are choosing the full drivers that include all printer features.
  6. After that, continue to the Epson ET 2650 driver download.
  7. Once the full driver is downloaded, please select the driver file to install it.
  8. Finally, the installation screen guides you through the successful driver setup.

Epson EcoTank 2650 Wireless Setup

Through the printer control panel, it is easy to finish the Epson ET 2650 wireless setup. You can either set up or change the settings for your wireless network. Now, follow the instructions below to begin the wireless setup.

  1. Initially, begin the Epson ET 2650 software download, which imports the utilities and other drivers.
  2. Now, the screen displays the option for the USB and wireless setup.
  3. Here, add your printer to the network with the shown “Wireless.”
  4. Then, from the Setup choices, check and select the first time setup option.
  5. For the first time, choose the Wireless Connect option for automatic connection.
  6. To select the wireless settings manually, you have to click on No.
  1. After that, choose Next and connect using the control panel buttons.
  2. The network screens appear for a few seconds with the details.
  3. The detail includes the office network SSID and valid password.
  4. Once you get it, move to your Epson ET 2650 printer control panel.
  5. Now, go through the available icon present and choose the home icon.
  6. Next, choose the wifi setup and click on Ok.
  7. On the displayed screen, scroll through the options to select the wifi.
  8. At last, click on your network name and type the selected network password.