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Epson ET 2550 Printer

Epson ET 2550 Driver Installation

The Epson ET 2550 is a wireless-enabled printer with supersized ink tanks. The ink is enough for printing up to 4000 pages. The standard printer features are in-built wireless and USB support for the printer. After connecting to the network, proceed to Epson ET 2550 driver download. Moreover, make use of the built-in card slot for PC-free printing.

Epson ET 2550 First Time Printer Setup

The first-time printer setup is simple and fun for any beginner. The simple process compresses the following steps – Unpack, fill the ink tank, connect the power cord, and install papers. Now, start your Epson ET 2550 setup at ease.

  1. At first, remove the packaging stuff on the box.
  2. Then, grab out your Epson ET 2550 wireless printer carefully to settle down on the table.
  3. Next, remove the ink bottles, printer manual, and power cord from the printer box.
  4. Now, find and clear the packaging stuff that stuck inside the scanner area and control panel.
  1. After that, open the scanner cover to view the ink slots.
  2. Now, remove the lids and fill each ink tank with the corresponding ink bottles.
  3. Close the ink tanks after you fill the ink.
  4. After that, connect your Epson ET 2550 power cord between the printer and the socket.
  5. Now, turn on the printer and adjust the ink settings if needed.
  6. Lastly, choose a bunch of neat US letter papers and insert them in the tray.

Epson ET 2550 Driver Download

Excellent printer performance starts with the wireless printer drivers that you choose. If you are not aware of the drivers, you can get the printer driver’s assistance from us. We can find and download the perfect drivers for your Epson ET 2550.

Driver Installation for Windows 10

The printer setup gets completed only after downloading the compatible Epson ET 2550 printer software. For selecting the apt printer drivers, we can assist you with the instructions below. First, get the driver lists that are suitable for the printer. Then, go on with the Epson ET 2550 software download.

  1. Initially, ensure your OS is up-to-date to start the driver download.
  2. Now, open the Epson ET 2550 driver page to get the complete driver list.
  3. Then, under the driver list, choose the drivers and utilities combo or drivers.
  4. Before you press the Download option, know the supported features.
  5. After that, move forward to download the drivers and install them properly.
  6. Now, click on the driver file to install on your Windows 10 device.
  7. Here, follow the instructions shown on your computer screen.

Note: Epson ET 2550 printer driver for windows 10 are also readily available to download.

Driver Installation for Mac

If you have a Mac device, then follow the instructions here for the right drivers. Before getting the printer drivers, keep the OS up-to-date. So that you can avail the best Epson ET 2550 software. Use the below suitable instructions for selecting and extracting the Epson ET 2550 printer driver.

  1. At first, power on your Epson ET 2550 printer and check if the papers and ink tanks are installed.
  2. Then, choose and turn on the Mac device.
  3. Next, select your Epson ET 2550 printer setup page and type the printer model and Mac OS version.
  4. Now, the page shows up the exact Epson ET 2550 printer software.
  5. Under the list, highlight the Epson ET 2550 driver download.
  6. After that, use the adjacent Download option to select and complete the procedure.
  7. Then, install your driver setup file, which completes the ET 2550 printer driver download.
  8. At last, you can view the set of download and install instructions to follow.

Epson EcoTank 2550 Wireless Setup

When you opt for Wi-Fi connection, choose either Wi-Fi direct mode or wireless wizards mode. If you use Wi-Fi Direct, it offers a direct connection without the help of a router or access point. Here are instructions for Wi-Fi Direct connection between the printer and the router.

  • Step1: Initially, ensure that the Epson ET 2550 printer is turned on and also confirm the first-time printer setup.
  • Step2: Now, refer to the control panel buttons to choose the Home icon.
  • Step3: Next, wait until you get the list of options.
  • Step4: Here, choose the Epson ET 2550 wireless setup option using the arrow icons.
  • Step5: Then, click on, OK, and now you can see the setup screen with six different options.
  • Step6: Now, use the arrow buttons to choose the Direct setup option.
  • Step7: Under the Direct Setup option, select the Connection Setup and click on OK.
  • Step8: Here, you can modify the Wi-Fi password if necessary.
  • Step9: If you want to use the existing password, type the network key on the screen.
  • Step10: Note: Keep in mind that your network password is case sensitive.
  • Step11: Click on OK or Done once you have entered the right network password.
  • Step12: Now, on your computer, select your network name and type the displayed password.