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HP Envy 7855 USB Connection Setup

envy 7855 usb connect

On the positive side, the HP Envy photo 7855 printer supports easy USB connection. Firstly, locate any used or new cable for connecting your device. Next, make necessary settings for the HP envy 7855 USB connect. Envy photo 7855 manual has everything that you need to know about the USB connection. In short, the USB connection supports printing, scanning, and faxing. To end that, the USB connection is a supporting method for all printer functions. For the same reason, Printer recommends the USB method for connecting.

HP Envy 7855 Featured USB Setup

For the most part, check out the USB ports and compatible OS version. Once you have confirmed the AS and ports, use the following instructions.

Steps to print using HP Envy 7855 USB setup

  • By following any one of the USB methods, connect the devices.
  • With the USB connection, select the document from the device.
  • Then, under the drop-down list, choose the Print option.
  • Later, select the printer with appropriate settings and complete the work.

Step to copy using HP Envy 7855 USB setup

  • Keep the document ready for copying at first.
  • Next, select the number of copies that we need and tap the Copy option.

HP Envy 7855 Easy Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Initial settings for HP Envy 7855 USB Printer Setup

Preparing Envy 7855 for USB printer setup (Windows 10)

  • Keep an eye on the following requirements when you start the USB setup.
  • To begin with, select the cable that can link the Envy photo 7855 and computer.
  • Then, examine the connecting tips of the cable and make it ready.
  • If there is a cap or cover on the tips, remove it gently.
  • Note: Use only the USB cable for USB connection. Do not use other than the USB cable.

Preparing HP Envy 7855 for USB printer setup (Mac)

  • The most important thing for the USB connection is fine USB cable.
  • Now, choose the cable for your Envy photo 7855 printer. Then, 9 feet cable can work with the envy 7855 USB connect setup.

usb connect

UsB Connect

Local Port

Network Port

USB Port

HP Envy 7855 Printer Software

The printer feature states the complete driver functionality with the computer. As shown above, the Windows, Linus, and Mac OS work with HP Envy 7855. Downloading the drivers should follow up with the printer model and OS. The common drivers for the HP Envy 7855 printer are Easy Start and basic driver.

Easy Start Drivers

  • According to printer, the Easy Start driver file is the automatic setup file.
  • Once you initiate the download, it will complete the procedure as you need.
  • Under the driver section, choose the Easy-start driver file.

Full feature driver

  • For maximum productivity, obviously, the device requires the printer full feature driver.
  • The installation starts from the initial setup to the connection configuration.

Driver Download for USB Setup in Envy 7855 Printer

When you take driver download for any device, you will have many procedures. As shown above, HP Envy 7855 driver download follows both URL and CD method. So you can try any one method with the Envy 7855 printer instruction.

CD/DVD method for HP Envy 7855 Printer driver download

  • In the first place, select the CD from the parcel.
  • Note: Usually, you will get the drivers by the time.
  • Then, remove its cover and open the CD tray.
  • Next, fix the CD on the tray carefully and pull inside.
  • And wait until you get the installer on the screen.
  • While you get, just follow the on-screen instruction.

CD/DVD method for HP Envy 7855 Printer driver download

  • Get the model number and then go to the driver page.
  • At last, download the Printer HP Envy 7855 driver.
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