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Envy 7640 Wireless Setup

envy 7640 wireless setup

Bring up the better performance of the printer through the Envy 7640 wireless setup. Pick the network that can serve the wireless connectivity for the machine.

Envy 7640 Wireless Features Compatibility

Every fast and secure wireless connection makes the printer work better. The Envy 7640 setup will maximize the experience with the supporting features. The advanced features will make your life much easier for printing documents.


Transfer the document to the printer using the ePrint mail address. Then, it will construct the printing job once it receives the file.


When you have the document stored on any Apple device, then use the AirPrint service for printing. The steps for Envy 7640 airprint setup is in the Envy 7640 user manual.


To begin with, make the printer ready with the Envy 7640 eprint setup. Then, register with the new Google account and initiate printing.

Mopria Print

Enable the printing from the Android device with the Envy Mopria print. It is a solution for scan and print functionality.

Envy7640 Wireless Setup for Windows

Envy7640 wireless setup for windows

Print from a vast range of platforms by enabling wireless mobility facilities. Transfer the recommended Envy 7640 software from the verified site to begin. The wireless Envy 7640 All-in-One printer can scan and print any wireless connectivity.

  • Initially, go to the option that displays Printer Software.
  • Now, locate the Tools option on the next click.
  • Then, find out the Device Setup & Software option.
  • Next, you need to connect the device using the Connect a New Device option.

wireless setup for windows

  • At last, choose the Envy 7640 printer for connection establishment.

Envy 7640 Wireless Setup for Mac

Wireless setup for Mac

Envy 7640 wireless setup for Mac

Proceed with the common procedure for the Envy 7640 setup mac. Before you connect to the wireless connection, verify the status of the router. For availing the full feature, import the necessary Envy 7640 printer driver.

  • Initially, gather network name and password for the selected network.
  • Then, choose the Wireless icon that you find on the printer control panel.
  • After hitting the option, choose the Setup from the displayed options.
  • Once the network displays on the screen, choose it by clicking.

In the last phase, type the password to get connected.

Envy 7640 Easy Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Envy 7640 USB Wireless Setup

Gear up for the USB wireless Setup using the Envy  7640 printer instruction. The wireless printer setup will bring out the built-in Wifi and ePrint services. The Wireless setup allows you to print from any tablet or smartphone.

USB wireless setup for getting Envy 7640 printer drivers for windows

  • As a first step, unlock the Printer Setup & Software utility.
  • The above option is necessary for choosing the connection type.
  • Otherwise, you can download the Envy 7640 printer app for windows.
  • Now, select the USB to wireless option for the connectivity.

USB wireless setup for getting Envy  7640 printer driver for mac

  • Firstly, try to launch the Utility tool to start up the Wireless Setup tool.
  • And then, find the Applications option and choose printer Utility.
  • At last, hit the Wireless Setup for enabling wireless features.    

Envy 7640 Wireless Network Issues

Initially, try out some Envy 7640 printer troubleshooting before reconnecting to the network. Next, choose your preferred local area network for printing. Firstly, we need to isolate the problem of the device. Whether the problem is with the printer, computer or the router. According, start the network troubleshooting.

Basic steps for solving network issues

  • If you use cables for connection, check the condition to make it work.
  • Or else, plug out all the cables and set it free for a few seconds.
  • Then, connect the cables to some other port.
  • When you use the router for the wireless connection, then bring the router near the devices.
  • You should try changing the IP address to the static IP address. After changing to the new IP address, connect to the network.
  • Check the network speed of your network and then connect it.
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