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Envy 7640 Setup and Install

envy 7640 setup

Create endless photo memories with the Envy 7640 All-in-One printer. The printer has got your back with its eye-popping features. The general users have unveiled their experience through the Envy 7640 review. To communicate with the printer, the computer should have the Envy 7640 setup software.

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Envy 7640 Setup Steps

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Envy 7640 First Time Printer setup

Use the detailed technical steps for the Envy 7640 first time printer setup.

Unpacking the Device for envy7640 setup

  • Initially, clear up the surrounding tapes and plasters on the box’s surface.
  • Then, bring out the printer after clearing up the packaging materials.
  • Hold the printer with extra care, and then place it on a study base.
  • Now, remove any protective sheets stuck between the parts.
  • Lastly, check the printer parts and printer device before moving to the next step.

Envy 7640 Ink Cartridge Installation Setup

  • Now, remove the overlapping label on the Envy 7640 ink cartridge.
  • Then, take off the pull tab on the Envy cartridge.
  • Next, insert the ink cartridge in the free slot.
  • At last, the position of the nozzle should face the printer.

Power Cord Connection for envy 7640 setup

  • Next, start the Envy 7640 setup by connecting the power cord.
  • Then, connect one end of the electric cable to the printer and electric outlet.
  • After that, check the stable electric connection of the wall outlet.
  • In the end, hit the power button.

Load Enough Sheets of Paper

  • To begin with, choose the paper formats that are available in the printer manual.
  • Next, expand the paper tray to position it for inserting the papers.
  • Then, arrange the selected papers in portrait format.
  • And then, install the papers and close the tray afterward.

Envy 7640 Setup Printer Features

The Envy 7640 printer is a revolutionary printer for home and office users. The printer will work accordingly to the expectation using the Envy 7640 driver.


Obtain any Envy 7640 printer app for windows and create printouts of the saved document.


The Copy feature cuts off cost and increases productivity to access any information.


Make the digital formats of the paper documents with the help of scanning software or app.


Easily send and receive the official documents or any files through the Fax feature.

Envy 7640 Setup Connectivity modes

Without any hassle, adjust the envy printer connectivity with a wired or wireless connection. Then, the connectivity setup starts with the Envy 7640 install.

Envy7640 USB Setup

usb connect

Step 1: Envy7640 Printer Setup Requirement

  • Initially, supply steady power to power up the printer and computer.
  • In the first place, obtain a cable of length 3 meters approximately.
  • Now, the cable should be free from any damage on either end.
  • Then, navigate to the Browser to move to the printer driver page.
  • Afterward, select the Envy 7640 driver for the printer.
  • Next, you can find many driver setup files displayed on the page.

Step 2: Connection Setup and Software Installation

  • In a while, you will get the screen with two different options.
  • During the installation of Envy 7640 printer driver for windows, connect the USB.
  • For Mac USB setup, you should get the USB cable of the same length.
  • On the page, download the Envy 7640 printer driver for mac.
Wired Network for Envy 7640 Setup

Avail the network accessibility simply through the wired connection. Carefully, look over this section to get more tips on an easy wired connection. To lead an error-free Envy 7640 install, follow the Envy 7640 printer instruction. Then, commence with the printer wired network setup.

  • Choose any Ethernet or USB cable for network connection.
  • There is a specified length for choosing the connection cable.
  • To begin with, plug out any cables from the device after powering on.
  • Now, check the ports for dust or any blockage. If you find such foreign materials, wipe clean it.
  • Then, choose the active router and turn on. Avail the cable to connect from the printer to the router.
  • For continued supply, you should prefer a direct connection.
  • You can make use of the switch or hub if you can’t get the direct connection.
  • During the Envy 7640 printer software installation, make the connection.
Wireless Network for Envy 7640 Setup

The wireless network acts as an interface for connecting the printer and computer. Through the safe Envy 7640 wireless setup, you can get the connection up to a certain range. Then, find the network range offered by the router that you select. The wireless setup applies both for Windows and Mac. While connecting to the network, it can print over Wi-Fi Direct.

Step 1

  • Firstly, avail the name and password for the network that you have selected.
  • Afterward, activate the machines such as a printer, computer, and router.
  • Next, confirm that the router can supply sufficient connection for the computer.

Step 2

  • Now, reach to the control panel for the Envy 7640 setup.
  • The targeted Wireless icon is on the printer control panel.
  • So, hit the Wireless icon for reaching out the Wireless Setup Wizard tab.
  • In the last move, choose the network name and enter the password in the prompt.

Prerequisites for Envy 7640 Setup

As per the manufacturing guideline, your parcel will have the following contents.

ENVY 7640 All-in-One Printer

  • Black Ink Cartridge, and Tri-color Ink Cartridge
  • Black Ink Cartridge, and 62XL Tri-color Ink Cartridge
  • User guide and ink flyer
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