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Envy 7158 Wireless Setup

envy 7158 wireless setup

Wireless setup is the easiest way of taking printouts from anywhere. This technology is very operative and helps in saving time. Using envy 7158 wireless setup, you can transfer files so that it can be easily printed from anywhere in no time.

Envy Photo 7158 Wireless Features Compatibility

Envy7158 printer has vital features that typically surrounded with creativity. The wireless capability depends on Envy photo 7158 user manual and Envy photo 7158 printer software installation. Complete the Envy photo 7158 install, as mentioned in the install guide. Avail the wireless service and start to print files.


ePrint is a technique to print files through the internet connection. Envy 7158 eprint setup uses the email option to print files.


AirPrint service is extraordinarily designed for an Apple device. The envy photo 7158 AirPrint setup is simple with Envy photo 7158 printer instruction.


Cloud Print allows printing from anywhere over the web. It does not require any separate software or driver to perform a print job.

Mopria Print

Mopria Print service is designed for Android smartphone users. Install the Mopria application on your mobile device to avail of the service.

Envy 7158 Wireless Setup for Windows

Step 1: Preparing for wireless connection

  • Collect the wireless requirement, before setting envy 7158 wireless setup.
  • Firstly, obtain a network name and password.
  • Make sure to discard any USB or Ethernet cables from an envy printer.

Step 2: Connecting to Wireless Network

  • In the first place, turn on the Envy photo 7158 printer.
  • Next, tap the wireless icon on the printer control panel.
  • Then, navigate to envy 7158 wireless setup and to configure the connection.
  • Now, the envy printer will be perfectly connected to the wireless network.

Step 3: Installing the Envy Printer Software

  • First, download the envy driver from the manufacturer site.
  • Then, install the printer software with an envy photo 7158 user manual


wireless setup for windows

Envy 7158 Wireless Setup for Mac

Wireless setup for Mac

Step 1: Prepare for wireless connection

  • Basically, gather the wireless network requirement.
  • Next, ensure that the computer is perfectly connected to the wireless network.
  • Eventually, maintain the router and computer ready for connection.

Step 2: Connect to Wireless Network

  • Firstly, press the power button to turn on the envy 7158 printer.
  • Then, tap on the settings menu to configure the setup.
  • Consequently, select the network section and choose the wireless wizard.
  • At last, choose the network for connecting the printer with a wireless network.

Step 3: Install the Envy Printer Software

  • In the first place, install the envy photo 7158 software from the manufacturer site.
  • Now, follow the screen instructions for the Envy photo 7158 software installation.

Envy 7158 Easy Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Envy 7158 USB Wireless Setup

  • Printers without a touch display will use USB Wireless Setup during installation.
  • You need to connect your USB cable between your envy printer and computer.
  • Note: Connect and disconnect the USB cable only when a notification pops up on the screen.
  • Now download the Envy photo 7158 driver from the manufacturer site.
  • Eventually, the screen instructions will guide you through printer installation.
  • Once you complete the driver installation, move to the settings menu of an envy photo printer.
  • Then, choose the network connection type to configure the settings.
  • In certain cases, the printer software may automatically find the wireless settings.
  • If not recognized, then configure your wireless setup by entering your wireless name.
  • Consequently, proceed with the instructions for a successful installation of envy7158 wireless setup.
  • Note: Connect the computer and envy printer to the same wireless network.

Envy 7158 Wireless Network Issues

Are you stuck with envy photo 7158 printer network issues? Then follow the below section to fix it instantly. Here, we have illustrated the possible steps to fix network issues.

  • In the first place, validate the network stability of your wireless network.
  • Proceed further, if the network strength is stable and reliable.
  • Now separately connect the Envy photo 7158 All-in-One Printer and computer to the network.
  • After establishing the network connection, check the connection status.
  • Then, uninstall the envy 7158 driver from your computer.
  • Next download the latest Envy7158 driver download from the secure source.
  • Eventually, refresh the connection by restarting the devices.
  • Also, install the Printer diagnostic tool to automatically troubleshoot the issues.
  • Simultaneously, run the diagnostic tool to fix the issues instantly.
  • Proceed with the steps on the screen and fix the issue.
  • Note: Place the devices within the optimum range for easy access.
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