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Envy7158 USB Connect Setup and Install

envy 7158 usb connect

Firstly, turn on the envy photo 7158 All-in-One Printer and keep it ready for envy 7158 usb connect. Choose a cable wisely to establish the safe USB connection. Next, verify your network connection twice for your computer and printer. Make your network secure by using the password.Eventually, move to the driver page for Envy photo 7158 Printer driver download. Connect the USB cable, when the software prompts for connection. Then, link the USB cable between the printer and computer. Consequently, you will get the notification for envy 7158 usb connect setup.

Envy7158 USB Connect Featured Setup

With an envy photo 7158 printer, you can accomplish various printing features. In the below section we will see how to print the document using USB printer setup:

Envy7158 USB Connect Steps in general:

  • Initially, complete the envy photo 7158 setup. Then proceed with the below steps to print the document:
  • In the first place, open the document on your computer for printing.
  • Next, move to the print settings for setting the print specifications.
  • Here, you can change the size, color and layout according to your requirements.
  • Also, you make change the appearance settings, if necessary.
  • Next, save the print settings and select the preview option.
  • After previewing the document, save the changes.
  • At last, tap on the print option for printing the document using envy 7158 usb connect.

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Envy7158 USB Connect Initial Setup

Initial envy7158 printer settings for Windows and Mac:

  • In the first place, obtain a USB cable of approximately 3 meters.
  • Next, download and install a compatible envy 7158 driver for your Windows computer.
  • Then proceed with the envy photo 7158 setup windows for completing the USB setup.
  • Now, during the installation, the software will prompt for connection.
  • Eventually, connect the USB cable, when the prompt appears on the screen.
  • Next, install the driver by following the envy 7158 manual.
  • Eventually, choose the connection type as USB and then connect the USB cable.

usb connect

Note: Always connect the USB cable only when you get the prompt.

UsB Connect

Local Port

Network Port

USB Port

Envy7158 USB Connect Printer Software

The available software for envy7158 printer is clearly illustrated below:

Full Feature Drivers

  • You can easily download and install the latest envy photo driver.
  • This also helps in connecting the printer to the network.

Basic Drivers

  • This includes drivers and firmware updates for printer and operating system versions.
  • Printer scan software is an added advantage.

Printer firmware updates

  • Printer firmware updates are available on the updates .
  • Now, you can directly download the printer firmware from the reliable source.

Envy 7158 USB Connect Driver Download

  • Before you being, get the USB setup requirement. This is nothing but a USB cable.
  • You need to install envy 7158 printer driver for windows. And for Mac, you need to install envy 7158 printer driver for mac.
  • Initially, complete the envy photo 7158 install.
  • For driver installation, visit the manufacturer site and type the printer model.
  • Here, the browser will display the corresponding driver. Select the driver and tap the download button.
  • Envy photo 7158 driver download can also be done through Easy start app.
  • Once you download the driver, start the envy photo 7158 driver installation on your computer.
  • Now select the connection type as USB, when the software insist you for envy 7158 usb connect.
  • Eventually, follow the envy 7158 user manual to complete the USB setup.
  • At last, carry out the sample print with the envy printer.
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