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Envy7158 Setup and Install

envy 7158 setup

According to Envy photo 7158 review, it delivers beautiful photos and crisp text. The automatic two-sided printing option saves your paper and time. Border-less printing adds to the uniqueness of envy 7158 setup. Compact size and stylish look decorates your home or office environment.

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Envy7158 Setup - Easy Steps

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Envy 7158 Setup | First Time setup

Envy photo 7158 printer setup has simple steps that can be easily done on a single hand. This involves unpacking printer. Then, loading papers and installing ink cartridges, just by referring Envy7158 user manual.

Unpacking the Device for envy7158 setup

    1. In the first place, drag out the envy 7158 printer from the printer box.
    2. Next, discard the seals, and packaging substances from the printer.
    3. Now, open the ink cartridge access door, and remove all the tapes.
    4. Eventually, examine the paper tray for packaging substances.

Envy 7158 Ink Cartridge Installation Setup

    1. The envy photo 7158 printer accommodates two envy photo 7158 ink cartridges.
    2. Initially, open the ink cartridge door and wait till the carriage weird noise stops.
    3. Next, pull out the ink cartridge from the pack and insert it into the cartridge slot.
    4. Eventually, close the cartridge access door, after completing the envy photo 7158 cartridge setup.

Power Cord Connection for hp envy 7158 setup

    1. At this time, open the power cord pack and remove the cables.
    2. Now, insert one end of the cord to the envy photo 7158 printer and other to the power outlet.
    3. After some time, turn on your envy photo printer by pressing the power button.
    4. At last, set printer preferences such as region, date and time, etc.

Load Enough Sheets of Paper

    1. You can load media types such as Plain Paper, etc. into the paper tray.
    2. Firstly, decide your choice of paper for loading into the paper tray.
    3. Secondly, drag out the paper tray. Then place a load of papers into the tray.
    4. At last, align the papers, and close the paper tray.

Envy7158 Setup Printer Features

Envy printer satisfies all your print, scan, copy and fax functions. Just assign the document and select the functionality to perform.


Complete the initial printer setup process to assign the print job to the Envy photo 7158 printer.


With copy setup, you can produce multiple copies of document or photos from Envy photo 7158 printer.


Place the document on one corner of the scanner bed to scan files instantly with high quality.


You can easily fax with Envy photo 7158 printer after setting up the fax functions by following envy7158 network problem fix.

Envy7158 Setup Connectivity modes

Connect the envy photo 7158 with the wired, or wireless connection using the Envy 7158 user manual. Either of the connection methods is easy to accomplish within a quick span of time.

Envy7158 Setup USB Setup

usb connect

Step 1: Printer Setup requirement

  • At first, verify if the computer has any drivers or not. If old drivers are present, try to uninstall it.
  • After checking with drivers, establish envy 7158 usb connect, restart the printer and computer.
  • Next, choose a USB cable of minimum length.
  • Now, check the USB port on the computer as well as from your printer.
  • Ensure to Add envy7158 printer using Devices and Printers option.

Step 2: Connection Setup and Software Installation

  • Firstly, Visit the manufacturer site and enter your printer model for envy 7158 setup.
  • there you can see the list of Envy photo 7158 driver.
  • From that list, choose the desired driver for envy 7158 setup.
  • Then run the envy 7158 driver to complete the setup on your computer.
  • Follow the instructions further if it prompts you to do so.

Wired Network for Envy7158 Setup

Step 1: Preparing for Network Connection and Software Installations

  • Initially, obtain a network router with suitable Ethernet ports.
  • Now, connect the computer to the router.
  • Note: Use only Ethernet cable for network connection.

Step 2: Establishing a Network Connection

  • Next, plug the Ethernet cable to Ethernet port on an envy printer.
  • Eventually, the other end to the router for network connection
  • After establishing the connection, visit the browser for envy 7158 driver download.

Step 3: Install the Envy Photo 7158 Software

  • The browser will automatically recognize your operating system.
  • You can change the operating system by clicking the Change option.
  • Then, find the driver option for tapping on the download option.
  • Tip: Always download the full-featured software for the Envy photo printer.
  • Complete the envy photo 7158 printer software installation with help of Envy7158 printer connect.

Wireless and USB Setup for Envy7158 Setup

Envy photo 7158 wireless setup involves three essential steps to complete. Now, follow the below simple steps to complete the setup:

Step 1: USB Setup for Envy7158 Printer

  • Get the following requirements, before you initialize the USB setup:
  • Then, try to install the Printer Envy photo 7158 driver.
  • Next in the available 7158 drivers list, choose the best driver.
  • Eventually, download the full envy photo 7158 software package to use the features.
  • Subsequently double click on the driver file to install the envy 7158 printer.
  • While installing the driver, select the USB cable connection method.

Step 2: Wireless Setup for Envy7158 Printer

  • Gather the network details, before you start with an envy 7158 wireless setup.
  • Now ensure whether the router and computer are properly turned on.
  • Eventually, press the power button to turn on the envy 7158 printer.
  • Then, turn towards your printer control panel and click on the wireless icon.
  • Finally, install the envy photo 7158 driver. And select the wireless connection during installation.

Prerequisites for Envy 7158 Setup

The printer box comes along with its printer components. Check whether all the components are perfect for good functioning of a printer. After checking the components, refer the manual to make a better decision for placing a printer device. :

1.Black Cartridge
2.Tri-color Cartridge
3.Ink Caution Flyer
4.Power Cord

5.USB Cable
6.Setup card
7.Getting started guide
8.Media Pack

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