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Envy Photo 7155 USB Connect

To begin with, keep the printer ready for Envy Photo 7155 USB connect. When you choose the USB method, buy a USB cable. While connecting the device to the network, use the password. Now, move to the driver download page and choose the connection type as USB. But you should connect the USB cable only when prompted. You will get the prompt only when you install the driver. Until then do not connect the cable to the device.

Envy Photo 7155 Featured USB Setup

Basically, Envy 7155 printer can print the documents when connected using a USB cable. Here are the steps for printing from the Envy 7155.

    Print Document using USB

  • Get the printer connected via USB setup and also download the Envy 7155 software.
  • Using the Envy 7155 printer instruction, avail the Printer Envy Photo 7155 driver.
  • Now, open the document from the desired app. Then, edit the settings accordingly.
  • Next, hit the File option and click Print.
  • When you see general print settings, edit it. After editing, click on the preferred settings.
  • Afterward, edit the settings such as Printer Properties, Properties, or Preferences.
  • At last, select the settings from Document Properties or Printing Preferences.
  • Finally, click on Ok to complete the editing and choose the Print option.

Initial settings for Envy Photo 7155 USB Printer Setup

  • The initial settings for the Envy Photo 7155 printer are as follows.
  • Firstly, the user should get the USB cable of the length of 9 feet.
  • Then, install the Envy 7155 printer driver for windows.
  • You can make the connection type selection only during the driver installation.
  • Once you get the cable, follow the instructions.
  • Now, go to the direct link and enter your printer model.
  • According to the printer model, get Envy 7155 printer driver for mac.
  • And then, download the driver that suits your printing function.
  • Wait until the driver gets downloaded on the computer. At last, you should find the location of the downloaded driver.
  • Finally, install the drivers and save it to start printing.

envy7155 usb connect

Local Port

Network Port

USB Port

Envy Photo 7155 Printer Software

The printer software makes the device work in the way you want ceaselessly.
Firstly, you should know the features of the printer. Accordingly, the user should download the driver.
The following are the recommended drivers for Envy 7155 printer.

Full feature drivers

  • The full feature drivers are a convenient package that includes the latest drivers.
  • It allows you to connect to the local wireless network. Also, it includes printer Scan software through the setup.

Basic drivers and printer software

  • The basic drivers support the printer basic activity. With the latest updates, you can get additional printing and scanning software.

Printer firmware updates

  • The direct updates are available in the printer firmware updates page. Now, directly download from the reliable source.

Driver Download for USB Setup in Envy Photo 7155 Printer

  • Initially, obtain the latest supported features through USB setup. It is necessary to install Envy 7155 driver for windows.
  • And also, it is import to install Envy Photo 7155 driver for mac. Now, it is time to complete the USB connection by completing the Envy 7155 install.
  • To begin with, enter the printer model for downloading the driver for Envy 7155.
  • Printer Easy Start download is available for Printer Envy 7155. While downloading the driver, choose the connection type as USB.
  • Or else, go to the next steps to download the drivers. Next, go to the Software and Driver Downloads and confirm the OS.
  • When the page displays the Printer option, click on it. Then, type the printer model and click on Submit.
  • At last, download the displayed driver and choose the connection type as USB.
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