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Envy Photo 7155 Printer Setup

Take care of your printing works with the Envy photo 7155 setup printer. While enjoying high-quality, it can print, scan, and copy. To enjoy improved quality, it has automatic duplexing. It is also ready for Printer Instant Ink Program. The printing speed up to 9 ppm in color and 14 ppm in black.

envy photo 7155

Envy Photo 7155 Easy Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Envy Photo 7155 First Time Printer setup

The Envy 7155 printer setup is easy for users to follow. Once completed, you have the power to start the printing.

Unpacking the device from box

        • Firstly, unpack your Envy 7155 printer package and remove the tapes and plasters. Now, the printer will have the protective layers in between.
        • Remove one by one and now keep it in the sturdy surface. Ensure that you have received power cord for connection.
        • Finally, locate a wall outlet and land the printer near it.

Ink Cartridge Installation

        • Extra care and patience are necessary for the ink cartridge installation.
        • Isolate the Envy 7155 ink cartridge from the package by removing the cover. Envy 7155 ink is the best for printers.
        • Again, peel the tab on the cartridge. Now, your ink cartridge is ready to insert in the slots.
        • To ensure the Envy 7155 cartridge setup, snap it well inside the slots.

Power Cord Connection

        • Now, get the power cable connected to the printer. Then, link the other end to the power outlet.
        • Moreover, the selected wall outlet should deliver fluctuation free electricity. Always, use the cable that you got from the parcel.
        • To ensure the working, now check the power light of the printer.

Load enough sheets of paper

        • Select any kind of compatible papers. Assemble the pages according to their edges.
        • Check the printer manual to choose paper types. Once selected, prepare the paper tray.
        • Extend the paper tray and inspect it once. Now, load the paper in the tray.
        • The papers should rest on the edges perfectly. For more information, refer Envy 7155 review.

Envy Photo 7155 Printer features

The common feature of Envy 7155 printer is printing, copying, and scanning. The only thing to get the best result is downloading the right Envy 7155 driver.


Refer to Envy photo 7155 setup user manual for finding the print support features. Also, it prints the documents in the way you want.


Copying is simple and easy with the Envy Photo 7155 printer software installation. Envy Photo 7155 is capable of copying documents.


Scanning is so simple with the Envy 7155 software. The only need is the Printer Envy 7155 driver.


You can fax after completing Envy 7155 setup mac and Envy 7155 setup windows.

Envy Photo 7155 Connectivity modes

Go through the EnvyPhoto 7155 manual to find the right connectivity modes. EnvyPhoto 7155 All-in-One Printer can support USB, wired, and wireless connection methods.

USB Printer Setup

The USB method of connection is simple and easy to connect the devices. It unleashes the hidden features of the printer via Envy Photo 7155 setup. Refer to the below instruction for Envy Photo 7155 USB setups.

Step 1: Printer setup requirement

        • Initially, check if the computer has old drivers or not. If it has any drivers then you should delete the driver.
        • Restart the printer and computer before connecting to the USB cable.
        • Then, choose a cable with a length of less than 3 meters.
        • Now, spot the USB port on the computer.
        • Note: Do not connect through a USB hub or docking station. So, you can get enough power supply.
        • Add the device using Devices and Printers option.

envy7155 setup

Step 2: Connection setup and software installation

        • Firstly, head to the manufacturer site and enter your printer model.
        • Now, from the driver list, choose the best print driver.
        • If Start Setup driver is available for envy photo 7155 printer, download it.
        • At last, run the downloaded driver on your computer.
Wired Network Setup

Step 1: Preparing for network connection and driver installations

        • Firstly, choose a functioning network router and Ethernet cable.
        • Now, connect the computer to the router. In the first place, get the Ethernet cable.
        • The most important thing is you should not use a telephone cable.
        • Then, check the cable for connecting the driver.

Step 2: Establish a network connection for the printer

        • Initially, choose the connection between the printer and router. Now, turn on the printer and computer.
        • Then, select an Ethernet cable and remove the plug cover.
        • At last, connect the Ethernet cable to the printer and router.

Step 3: Installing the software

        • For installing Envy photo 7155 printer driver for Mac, go to our site.
        • With the help of Envy photo 7155 printer instruction, select the right drivers.
        • To begin with, click on Download option. Once downloaded, extract the drivers.
        • If there is any issue while downloading the driver, go through the Envy photo 7155 printer troubleshooting column.
Wireless Setup

Envy Photo 7155 wireless setup involves three steps to complete. Envy photo 7155 manual can help with the Envy Photo 7155 printer driver for windows. Envy photo 7155 connect to wifi and get Envy photo 7155 printer driver for windows. Now, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Preparation for the connection

        • Firstly, gather the requirements such as network name, password, and computer with the wireless network.
        • Next, with the above requirements, move to the network connection.
        • At last, keep the printer and computer in the working condition.

Step 2: Connecting to the wireless network.

        • Now, select the Wireless icon on the printer control panel.
        • Then, choose the Settings from the available options.
        • Next, select the Wireless Setup Wizard.
        • At last, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Envy photo 7155 install.

Step 3: Get and install the printer software

Prerequisites for Envy Photo 7155 Printer

When you buy a brand new Envy photo 7155 printer, you will get the following accessories.

    • ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Printer
    • Printer 64 Setup Black Instant Ink Ready Cartridges
    • Printer 64 Setup Tri-color Instant Ink Ready Cartridges
    • Ink Caution Flyer, Getting started guide, Power Cord, Setup card
    • 5 months free of Instant Ink Flyer and Media Pack
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