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If there is a envy photo 7155 troubleshooting with printing or scanning, then this section will help you. The Envy 7155 printer is easy to troubleshoot with Envy 7155 manual steps. Now, you need to carry out Envy 7155 printer troubleshooting patiently. So, the printer will work error-free. If you need any help with the printer, dial our toll-free number.

  • Connectivity Issue
  • Configuration Error
  • Installation Error
  • Paper jam and Slow Print Problem

hp envy photo 7155 network problem fix

Envy Photo 7155 Basic Troubleshooting

Device Status

Print Queue

Device Conflicts

Printer Offline

Envy Photo 7155 Network Connection Settings

Network Connection

Step1: Initially, check the compatibility between the computer and the network.
Step2: Next, move to the browser and enter the reliable software page.
Step3: Then, pick the Envy Photo 7155 software by clicking on it.
Step4: Now, turn on the printer. Afterward, follow the Envy 7155 user manual instructions.

Network Connection

Step5: Later, go to the Network section. Once reached, select either Ethernet or Wireless connection.
Step6: Accordingly, choose the connection type and proceed further.
Step7: Simultaneously, allow the printer to get a connection. If there is a poor network connection, then you need to wait for a stable connection.
Step8: An only stable connection can help the printer to connect to the network.

Envy5055 Printer Network Connection Fails

Envy 7155 Network Fail

The most important requirement for a printer is a steady network connection. Because it will help for Envy 7155 wireless setup.

envy7155 network problem fix

  • If there is an issue with the network, run a speed test. When the network flow is good, then you should check the printer.
  • Initially, switch off the router by entering the power button. And also, disconnect the power cable.
  • Next, set the computer to the inactive mode for removing the static power.
  • Now, discard the connected USB and Ethernet cables. At the same time, turn off the computer.
  • And then, close the running programs on the computer. In this case, you need to turn on the devices.
  • Once powered on, confirm it with the glowing lights. At last, run the Wireless Wizard to get the network connection.
Envy Photo 7155 Easy Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

USB Setup

Wireless Setup

Mobile Printing


Uninstall Drivers and Software

  • Initially, switch off the Envy Photo 7155 printer. Next, detach the cables that connect the devices.
  • Now, choose the Start option from the computer. Then, select All Programs and Devices and printer folder.
  • Afterward, select Uninstall and then choose Basic Device Software. Consequently, tap Next option after the removal of the driver.
  • At last, reboot the device to get back the default settings.
  • If the issue still persists, then refer Envy 7155 user manual. The new Envy 7155 software can help in resolving this issue.
  • Or else, call our technical expert through the toll-free number.

Envy Photo 7155 Printer Software Reinstall

  • Initially, delete the driver files that are available in the device.
  • Then, find the manufacturer site of the printer. Once you reach the site, enter the printer model number.
  • You can find many drivers for your printer. Next, select the driver on the site.
  • Note: The latest driver only can make your printer work.
  • After you chose the driver, click on Download option accordingly.
  • Now, the driver will begin to download on the computer.
  • Later, we should install the Envy 7155 driver. The Envy 7155 software is necessary for your printer.
  • Subsequently, run the driver through the wizard and find the drive location.
  • As a result, your computer will get drivers. Thus, you have completed Envy Photo 7155 printer software installation.

Disable Firewall Printer Firmware

  • Basically, the Print and Scan Doctor is the software for Envy 7155 printer. Envy 7155 printer instruction will help to solve the Envy 7155 issue.
  • Initially, download the Quick Helps Print and Scan Doctor on the computer. Then, install the software and run it.
  • When you run the software, it will show some prompts. Complete the settings accordingly.
  • Most importantly, check the Network option. Next, choose the troubleshooting firewalls option.
  • Eventually, you can find that option under the Network menu. You should now click on the disable option.
  • Similarly, you should do it for all the firewalls that resist the connection.
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