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Envy 5661 USB Connect Setup

envy 5661 usb connect

The computer and printer will have devoted ports for connecting the USB cable. When connected the USB, it installs the driver according to the OS. The Envy 5661 USB connect setup steps are in the Envy 5661 manual.

Envy 5661 Featured USB Setup

The basic connection type for the printer is usually the Envy5661 USB Connect setup. The features that you get differ from the computer connected.

Printing documents via USB setup

  • While installing the Envy 5661 software itself, you should have completed USB setup.
  • Initially, open the desired document from the app or from any location.
  • Then, check the alignment of the pages or the document.
  • Next, look for the Print option and click on it.

Copying documents via USB setup

  • Find out the Copy option that is on the control panel.
  • Edit the document and now click on the Copy option to copy the document.

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Initial settings for Envy5661 USB Connect Setup

Envy 5661 USB Printer setup (Windows)

  • Look over the following requirements for the Envy 5661 setup
  • For Envy 5661 setup mac also, you need to get the same requirements.
  • Firstly, buy or make use of the USB cable with 9 feet in length.
  • Then, remove any obstacle or cover on the cable.
  • Next, keep the printer close to the router and computer.
  • Once completed with the USB method, go to Envy 5661 printer driver download.

usb connect

Envy 5661 USB Printer setup (Mac)

  • For Mac also, we need the 9 feet USB cable.
  • Check the USB cable fully from one end to the other.
  • If you spot any damage, use a different cable.

UsB Connect

Local Port

Network Port

USB Port

Envy 5661 Printer Software

  • The printer driver and firmware is the heart of the device.
  • printers offers different kinds of drivers for OS such as Windows, LINUX, and Mac OS.
  • Now, you have to learn your computer OS and select the Envy 5661 driver.
  • The kind of drivers that suit printer is available in the Envy 5661 software.
  • The full feature drivers and basic driver can correlate with the Envy 5661.
  • Refer below section to find the explanation for each driver.

Full Feature Drivers

  • As the name indicates that it is a complete pack of software.
  • It will furnish new features on the printer for outstanding performance.
  • You can get more information on Envy 5661 manual.

Basic Drivers

  • Basic driver supports all the basic attribute of Envy 5661 printer setup.
  • The additional printing and scanning software is also available with the latest updates.

Printer firmware updates

  • Printer firmware updates are available on the updates page.
  • Now, you can directly download the printer firmware update from the reliable source.

Driver Download for Envy 5661 USB Connect Printer Setup

  • Accomplish the Envy 5661 driver download on Windows or Mac device.
  • For Windows device, you should sort Envy 5661 driver for windows.
  • And for Mac, spot the Envy 5661 driver for mac.
  • The common method for downloading driver is using the verified site.
  • CD method for driver download
  • Initially, unlatch the computer’s CD drive.
  • Now, wipe clean it with the soft cloth.
  • And then, insert the CD into the slot. Next, gently close the CD drive.
  • Once you load the CD, the computer will run the wizard automatically.
  • Then, move the driver files on the CD to the computer.
  • Lastly, guide through the setup of the Envy 5661 printer driver.
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