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Envy 5661 troubleshooting

Ensure the working of the printer with the Envy 5661  troubleshooting. You may need to disable certain settings in order to work properly. The Envy 5661 user manual is a reference guide for any kind of issues. The issues faced by the user are in the Envy 5661 review.

  • Connectivity Issue
  • Configuration Error
  • Envy 5661 troubleshooting
  • Paper jam and Slow Print Problem

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Device Status

Print Queue

Device Conflicts

Printer Offline

Envy5661 Network Connection Settings

  • Generally, when connection settings are improper, you get the issue with the network.
  • Next, change the LAN/Wi-Fi Settings with the printer preference.
  • Now, go to the printer settings for open network and internet settings.
  • Keep pressing the Window and X key to open the power user option.
  • Then, click the Control Panel to get the Network and Internets option.
  • Simultaneously, hit the Internet Options and find the Internet Properties.
  • In the end, click on Connections option and choose LAN settings.
  • On the Settings windows, choose the required settings.

Envy5661 Printer Network Connection Fails

  • The first step you need to after the connection failure is available below.
  • To begin with, learn about the network range for your router.

printer fail

  • If the Envy 5661 and computer are far away from the router, keep them closer.
  • Next, try to reconnect with the devices over the same available network.
  • Then, it will automatically bring up the network connection.
  • It may not reconnect to the devices if the connection is still poor.
  • Now, check the settings for the network and change the settings according to the need.

Note: Ensure the network connection is stable and secure.

Uninstall Drivers and Software

For leaving no driver on the computer, you need to follow the steps elaborated here.

  • Firstly, check if any error messages or prompts appear on the screen.
  • According to that, we need to choose the manual or automatic method.
  • It is advisable to use the Envy 5661 manual method to ensure the removal.
  • To begin with, look over the Programs and Features option.
  • The above option will display the Devices and Printers option.
  • When you find any error message clearing the driver, ignore it.
  • After choosing Remove device, right-click on it.
  • Thus, it clears the driver file without leaving any trace.

Envy5661 Printer Software Reinstall

  • You could possibly use this method for installing the driver on the computer.
  • Check for the Auto-reinstall mode before you initiate the Envy 5661 install.
  • The easy method to get Envy 5661 printer driver for windows and Envy 5661 printer driver for mac.
  • Reboot the device and open any browser on the Windows or Mac device.
  • Now, reach the free product direct link and look over the available drivers.
  • Next, specify the product model and OS version for the reference.
  • And then, wait for the page to load with Envy 5661 printer driver.
  • Click on Download and accept the terms and conditions if appeared.
  • Most probably, the next step is installing the driver with the Auto-installer.
  • Thus, you have ended the Envy 5661 Printer driver download.
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