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HP Envy 5052 Troubleshooting

Are you facing issues with print, scan, or copy in your HP envy 5052 All-in-One printer? Dont be disappointed, we are here to tackle it.In this HP envy 5052 troubleshooting guide, we’ve discussed the steps for fixing the issues. You can also contact our tech team for better assistance and guidance.

  • Connectivity Issue
  • Configuration Error
  • HP Envy 5052 Troubleshooting
  • Paper jam and Slow Print Problem

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Device Conflicts

Printer Offline

HP Envy 5052 Network Connection Settings

setp1:Firstly, make sure that your computer and printer are compatible with each other.
step2:Now, click on your browser to find the envy printer software.
step3:Once you find the software, tap the download option for HP envy 5052 software download.

step4:Consequently, click on the envy software to explore the file.

Step5: Next, check whether the printer is active for installation. Eventually, start the installation on your computer.
Step6: When the software prompts for connection, select the connection type.
Step7: Then, proceed with HP envy 5052 user manual instructions for the complete installation.

HP Envy 5052 Printer Network Connection Fails

    1. Initially, find the HP envy 5052 wireless setup problem.
    2. Now, check if the computer is perfectly connected with the network.
    3. Then, connect the HP envy 5052 with the network.

printer fail

    1. Note: Ensure the computer and printer are perfectly connected to the same network.
    2. Eventually, examine the wireless network connection status.
    3. If the network connection is poor, click Start and pick the Control Panel.
    4. Move to the network connection menu and select the Diagnose and repair option.
    5. Still you face the problem, then proceed with the below steps.
    6. At this time, choose Manage network connections.
    7. Again, verify the status of the wireless network and re-establish the connection.
    8. You can also contact our toll-free number to fix it instantly.

Note: Ensure the network connection is stable and secure.

Uninstall HP Envy 5052 Drivers and Software

    1. If the devices are connected with the USB cable, discard the cable connection.
    2. Next, move towards the control panel on your computer.
    3. Eventually, find the HP envy 5052 printer icon in the list.
    4. Then right-click on the printer icon and select the uninstall option.
    5. If a User Account Control message displays, the pick the Yes button.
    6. Go with the HP envy 5052 printer instructions to uninstall the existing printer software.
    7. At last, refresh the connections by restarting the computer and envy printer.
    8. Note: Make sure to delete all the printer software files from your computer.

HP Envy 5052 Printer Software Reinstall

    1. Before installation, discard all the existing print drivers from your system.
    2. Initially, keep the envy printer in an active state.
    3. Now, connect the printer and computer to an active network.
    4. Next, move to the manufacturer site for finding the right printer software.
    5. Then, type the printer number and click on the search.
    6. Eventually, the browser will display the available set of HP envy 5052 driver.
    7. At this point, the browser will automatically detect the Operating system.
    8. If want to change the operating system, then select the preferred version.
    9. Consequently, pick and select download option for downloading the envy 5052 driver.
    10. Simultaneously, follow the HP Envy 5052 printer instruction for a successful installation.
    11. After the installation is complete, print with an HP envy 5052 printer.

Disable Firewall Envy5052 Printer Firmware

  • The firewall software block threats from outside your network. It may also cause the following issues while installing or using the envy printer.
  • The envy printer driver is not found during installation
  • Suddenly, the print job gets interrupted
  • Difficult to install the printer driver
  • So to fix the above issues, temporarily disable the Firewall settings:
  • In the first place, download and install the print and scan doctor.
  • Then, move to the Network option in the print and scan doctor.
  • Eventually, double click on the troubleshooting firewall option.
  • Now, click on the firewall which is an active state, and disable it.
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