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Envy 4520 Setup and Install

envy 4520

Envy 4520 setup printer is a multifunction printer that thrills with its multitasking ability. This printer has also Energy Star ratings which save you power. According to the Envy 4520 review, it packs print, scan, and copy functions into a small package. It prints great photos and is easy to use.

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Envy4520 Setup Steps

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Envy 4520 First Time Printer setup

It is essential and easy to carry out an envy 4520 printer setup. Refer the envy 4520 user manual, before you proceed with the first time printer setup

Unpacking the Device for envy4520 setup

    1. In the first place, check if the printer package is properly delivered to you.
    2. Now, pull out the envy printer from the enclosed box.
    3. Next, peel off the seals, and packaging materials from envy 4520.
    4. Then, lift the ink cartridge door, and remove all the tapes.
    5. Also, examine the paper tray for packaging materials.

Envy 4520 Ink Cartridge Installation Setup

    1. The envy printer accommodates two envy 4520 ink cartridges.
    2. Initially, pull up the ink cartridge access door and wait till the carriage stops the weird noise.
    3. Now, take out the new ink cartridge and insert it into the cartridge slot.
    4. Lower the cartridge access door, after you complete the envy 4520 cartridge setup.

Power Cord Connection for envy4520 setup

    1. Secondly, you need to supply power to your envy printer.
    2. Initially, take the power cord and check if there is any damage.
    3. If the power cord is in proper condition, then link one end of the cord to the rear port of the printer.
    4. Eventually, connect the other end to the power socket.

Load Enough Sheets of Paper

    1. Different media type such as Photo Papers, etc. are well supported with envy printer.
    2. Initially, select the paper type that you want to load into the paper tray.
    3. In the first place, drag out the paper tray and place the paper into the tray.
    4. You should align the papers properly to avoid paper jams and errors.

Envy 4520 Setup Printer Features

Make your print task easy by utilizing various features of envy 4520 setup. Perform print, scan, copy and fax instantly with envy 4520 setup.


Get crisp print output with a simple envy 4520 setup. Use the envy 4520 manual for printer setup reference.


With copy functions, you can generate multiple copies of the original document.


Envy printer enables original documents in hard copy to be stored as soft copies.


Fax makes your transmission secure between one end and another end.

Envy4520 Setup Connectivity modes

You can connect the envy 4520 setup in many ways. You can use either USB, Wired or wireless network connection. Here, we have listed the steps for easy setup and network configuration.

Envy4520 USB Setup

    1. Get the following requirements, before you start the USB setup process
    2. Power on and keep the envy printer in a ready state.
    3. Next, you need a USB cable of 3 meters.
    4. Examine, whether there is any USB cable connected to the printer.
    5. Discard the USB cable connection, if the USB cable is connected.
    6. Tip: Connect the USB cable, only when the software prompts for connection.
    1. Now, install the envy printer driver on your computer.
    2. Eventually, go to the official site and search for the corresponding driver page.
    3. Consequently from the envy 4520 driver list, select the best driver.
    4. Note: You can also change the operating system by clicking on the change option.
    5. Utilize all the printer features by downloading the full feature software.
    6. After download, install the driver.
    7. Select the USB, when the software prompts for connection during installation.

usb connect

Wired Network for Envy 4520 Setup

    1. In the first place, obtain the network router with Ethernet ports.
    2. Note: Never use a standard telephone cable instead of an Ethernet cable.
    3. Secondly, connect your computer to the router.
    4. Thirdly, establish an Ethernet cable connection for your printer.
    5. Confirm the network connection and then proceed with the driver download.
    6. Now, open the browser and move to a manufacturer site.
    7. Then, find the driver page for Envy 4520 driver download.
    8. Here, the browser will automatically recognize your operating system.
    9. Tap on change, if you wish to change the operating system.
    10. Simultaneously, find the right driver and tap on the download option.
    11. Tip: Try to download the full software package for an envy printer.
    12. Follow the screen instruction to complete the driver installation.

Wireless Network for Envy4520 Setup

    1. Collect the network details, before you begin the envy 4520 wireless setup.
    2. Initially, make sure the router and computer are switched on.
    3. If not in the ready state, power on the devices.
    4. Now turn towards the printer control panel and tap the wireless icon.
    5. Next, initialize the Wireless Setup Wizard. Move forward with the Envy 4520 printer instruction.
    6. Note: Make sure that the computer and printer are on the same wireless network.
    7. Eventually, visit the manufacturer site to download the compact driver.
    8. Here, enter the printer model number in the search field to find the corresponding page.
    9. Then, choose the best driver for envy 4520 Printer.
    10. Finally, select the wireless option as the preferred connection type, during installation.
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