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HP Deskjet 2655 Driver Download

deskjet 2655 driver download

Experience the bliss of your HP Deskjet 2655 driver by setting it yourself. The hardware setup takes only a few minutes of your precious time. Follow the HP Deskjet 2655 driver manual for complete hardware and software instructions. Get our expert suggestions for quick hardware and software setup.

Deskjet 2655 Easy Start

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


HP Deskjet 2655 Wireless Setup for Driver Download

Initially, you need the following for the HP Deskjet 2655 wireless setup:

  • Wireless router
  • Wireless network name and the corresponding password
  • Operating system connected with Wireless network
  • In the first place, switch to HP Deskjet 2655 All-in-One Printer control panel.
  • Now, tap on the settings menu and then select the wireless setup wizard.
  • Here, the control panel screen will display the available network list.
  • Next, pick your network name and enter the wireless password.
  • Eventually, configure the wireless setup by following the screen instructions.
  • Once the network connection is complete, you will get a successful notification.
  • Then, download the latest Deskjet 2655 driver from the manufacturer site.

Deskjet 2655 Driver Supported Operating System

System Requirement for Windows

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 – 32-bit and 64-bit processor

System Requirement for Mac

  • (Yosemite) Mac OS X v10.10
  • (El Capitan) Mac OS v10.11
  • (Sierra) Mac OS v10.12

driver download

HP Deskjet 2655 Driver Setup for Windows 10 and Mac

HP Deskjet 2655 software setup for windows 10

    1. Firstly, visit the driver setup page on the manufacturer site.
    2. Now, search for HP Deskjet 2655 driver for windows on the driver page.
    3. Once the HP Deskjet 2655 driver is found, tap on the download icon.
    4. Then, explore the installation wizard for Printer HP Deskjet 2655 software installation.

HP Deskjet 2655 software setup for Mac

  • In the first place, connect Mac and HP Deskjet printer with an active network.
  • Next, navigate to the browser and find HP Deskjet 2655 driver for mac.
  • Eventually, pick the suitable latest driver. Then, hit on download for Deskjet 2655 driver download.
  • Now, trigger the installation wizard to install the HP Deskjet printer driver.

HP Deskjet 2655 Driver Software Issues

Driver software takes a vital role in printer functions. But the driver software issue may interrupt the print jobs. Don’t worry this can be easily fixed with proper assistance.

Driver Not Found During Install

If your driver is not found during installation, then proceed with the below steps:

    1. Basically, install the diagnostic tool to diagnose the printer network.
    2. The diagnostic tool installed on your computer will fix the printer issues.
    3. The printer driver issue exists, then try to reinstall the Deskjet 2655 driver.
    4. Now, open the control panel folder on your computer.
    5. Next, find HP Deskjet 2655 printer and select the uninstall program.
    6. Then, perform HP Deskjet 2655 driver download. And then install it with Deskjet 2655 printer instruction.

Unable To Upgrade Existing Features

Follow the below steps for upgrading the printer features instantly:

    1. In the first place, uninstall the existing Deskjet 2655 driver download from your computer.
    2. This can be easily done by switching to the control panel of your computer.
    3. Now, search and find uninstall a program option.
    4. Then, tap on the Deskjet icon, and hit on the uninstall option.
    5. Note: Ensure that you delete all the previous HP Deskjet 2655 driver files from the computer.
    6. Switch to the manufacturer site and select the latest Printer HP Deskjet 2655 driver.
    7. Consequently, install the Deskjet driver by following the HP Deskjet 2655 user manual.
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