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Deskjet 2634 Setup and Install

deskjet 2634 setup

Use Deskjet 2634 setup printer to complete the desired print job. The basic attribute of the printer includes print, scan, and copy. But you need to install the corresponding Deskjet 2634 driver. You can also refer to the Deskjet 2634 manual to know more about the printing features. Deskjet 2634 printer app for windows is also available for easy access.

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Deskjet 2634 Easy Setup

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup

USB Setup

Mobile Printing


Deskjet 2634 First Time Printer setup

First time Deskjet 2634 setup is really interesting when you do it by yourself. Complete the Deskjet 2634 install with simple manual steps.

Unpacking the device from the box

    1. Initially, open the printer package by discarding the protective tapes.
    2. Next, verify the printer components and keep them ready for use.
    3. Now, place the Deskjet 2634 on top of a rigid surface.
    4. Make sure to keep the printer near the wall outlet.
    5. Also, discard the tapes and stickers from the paper tray.

Ink Cartridge Installation Setup

    1. Firstly, check the HP Deskjet 2634 ink before you begin.
    2. Then take out the Deskjet 2634 ink cartridges from the package.
    3. Next, proceed with the HP Deskjet 2634 cartridge setup.
    4. Now, lift the ink carriage door and clean its surface.
    5. Finally, place the ink cartridges into the slots and lock the ink carriage door.

Power Cord Connection for deskjet 2634 setup

    1. In the first place, keep the power cord ready for power connection.
    2. Next, insert one end of the power cord to the printer and another end to the wall outlet.
    3. Ensure the power socket is free from damage, before connecting it.
    4. Then, turn on the Deskjet printer and set the printer preferences.

Load Enough Sheets of Paper

    1. Deskjet 2634 printer supports various paper types.
    2. Now, refer the printer manual for finding the compatible papers.
    3. Firstly, align the papers in order. Now, open the paper tray.
    4. Then inspect the tray and place the paper.
    5. Slide the papers gently, such that it reaches the edges.

Deskjet 2634 Setup Printer Features

The Deskjet2634 setup printer is an amazing printer that can print, copy, and scan. Eventually, download the Printer Deskjet 2634 driver.


The print function is the basic attribute of the Deskjet printer. Complete the print function for successful operation.


Color copy capability is well accomplished with the Deskjet printer setup.


The scan is the process to store the hard copy of the document for future reference.

Deskjet2634 Setup Connectivity modes

Printer connectivity is necessary to continue with printing works. The various connection method is wired and wireless setup. Follow our instructions for easy and simple Deskjet 2634 printer setup.

Deskjet2634 USB Setup

The USB setup is the simple and easy connection setup for Deskjet 2634 printer. It brings out the hidden features of Deskjet 2634.

Step 1: Preparing for Printer setup

    1. In the first place, remove away the outdated drivers from the computer. Follow the below instructions after removing the drivers.
    2. Firstly, reboot the device for refreshing the connection setup.
    3. Next, confirm the USB requirement such as 3 meters cable.
    4. Now, find the USB port on the printer device. Then, verify the router network supply.
    5. Lastly, add the HP Deskjet printer to the Devices and Printers option.

Step 2: Printer Connection setup and driver installation

    1. Firstly, move to the manufacturer site and enter the printer model number.
    2. Now, the browser will show the list of drivers for the Deskjet 2634 printer.
    3. Then, scroll through the driver list and pick the latest driver.
    4. After selecting the driver, tap the Download option.
    5. Finally, explore the Downloaded driver file using the installer.

Wired Network for Deskjet2634 Setup

Step 1: Prepare for network connection and driver installations

  • In the first place, obtain the Ethernet cable and router for the connection.
  • To start with, purchase the Ethernet cable of sufficient length.
  • Note: Don’t use telephone cable, instead of Ethernet cable.
  • Finally, examine the cable for connecting the device.

Step 2: Establishing a network connection for Deskjet printer

  • Initially, establish a network connection between the devices.
  • Now, power on the Deskjet 2634 printer and computer.
  • Next, discard the plug cover form the cable.
  • At last, connect the Ethernet cable from the router to Deskjet 2634 printer.

Step 3: Installing the software

  • Complete the above steps to install the Deskjet 2634 printer driver for Mac and Windows.
  • Follow the Deskjet 2634 printer instruction for perfect functioning.
  • Start the Deskjet 2634 printer software installation after landing on the driver setup page.

Wireless Network for Deskjet2634 Setup

In the first place, complete the wireless setup to install the Deskjet drivers. After the printer connection setup, you can proceed with the driver download. Achieve easy Deskjet 2634 printer driver download with Deskjet2634 setup wireless
Step 1: Prepare for the connection

  • Firstly, confirm the requirements for the wireless setup.
  • This requires the network name, password, and computer.
  • Eventually, examine network flow from the router.
  • The wireless setup is successful only with a proper internet connection.

Step 2: Connect to the wireless network

    • Secondly, select the Wireless icon available on the control panel.
    • Then, tap the Settings menu from the list.
    • Now, select the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
    • Lastly, proceed with the instructions to complete the setup

Step 3: Download and install the printer software

  • Open the internet explorer for reaching the manufacturer site.
  • Here, pick the appropriate driver for the Deskjet printer model and install it.

Prerequisites for Deskjet 2634 Setup

    • The package includes the components that are in the

Deskjet 2634 user manual

    Cross-check the components with the checklist and confirm it.

  • Setup Black Ink Cartridge & USB cable
  • Setup Tri-color Ink Cartridge & Setup poster

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