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Deskjet 2634 Troubleshooting

Issues with Deskjet 2634 are common. Get rid of the printer errors with the following instructions. The Deskjet 2634 manual provides step by step instructions to fix the printer issues. These instructions will assist you in fixing the issues promptly. Deskjet 2634 Troubleshooting steps are clearly illustrated for your reference.


Device Status

Print Queue

Device Conflicts

Printer Offline

HP Deskjet 2634 Network Connection Settings

Step1: Initially, go through the compatibility check between the printer and network.
Step2: Now, examine the network stability of the chosen network. Refresh the router settings, when you find fluctuation in the signal strength.
Step3: Eventually, restarting the router and Deskjet 2634 Printer will improve the network flow.
Step4: Next, you can uninstall the previous driver from the computer.
Step5: Then, double click on the browser to find the printer software package.

Step6: After finding the compatible driver for the Deskjet printer, click on the Download option.
Step7: The network section will open when you install the driver.
Step8: Consequently, select the connection type as Ethernet or wireless method.
Step7: Lastly, complete the setup with Deskjet 2634 printer instruction.

HP Deskjet 2634 Printer Network Connection Fails

  • Poor network connection might be the cause of network connection error.
  • Initially, connect it with the network before installing the driver.
  • Then, turn off the router to leave it undisturbed for two minutes.
  • Now, stop all the running programs and switch off the computer.
  • Note: Don’t forget to save the files before closing them.
  • Next, discard the connected USB and Ethernet cables.
  • Once you complete the above steps, connect the Deskjet printer to the router.
  • After some time, turn on the computer and Deskjet 2634 All-in-One Printer.
  • Consequently, check whether the Deskjet printer is getting a proper network supply.
  • If still, the problem exists, then reinstall the Printer Deskjet 2634 driver.

HP Deskjet 2634 Disable Firewall Printer Firmware

  • You can disable the firewall when it blocks the HP Deskjet 2634 printer installation.
  • Earlier, you need to download and install the Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Now, run the Scan Doctor to get the Network section.
  • Click on the Network option, after getting the screen instructions.
  • Once you click on it select the Troubleshooting Firewalls. It is found as the second option in the list.
  • Then, find the firewall software which is in the enabled state.
  • Eventually, select on it to get the Disable option.
  • Proceed with the above steps until you disable all the active firewalls.
  • Finally, try to install software on the computer, once you disable the firewall.

HP Deskjet 2634 Uninstall Software

    1. Firstly, turn off the HP Deskjet 2634 printer.
    2. Then, remove the cables that are connected between the HP Deskjet printer and the computer.
    3. Next, tap the Start button of the Deskjet 2634 printer to turn on the printer.
    4. Now, explore the All Program option.
    5. Here, you can find the Printer folder. Then, select the folder that has the printer’s name.
    6. Consequently, tap on Uninstall option. Choose the Basic Device Software from the list.
    7. Eventually, wait until Deskjet 2634 driver get completely removed.
    8. Finally, restart the device for returning to the default settings.

HP Deskjet 2634 Software Reinstall

    1. Before you begin, remove all the files from HP Deskjet 2634 driver download.
    2. Now, go to the manufacturer site, and enter the printer model in the search field.
    3. Here, the browser will display the list of available drivers on the screen.
    4. Next, select the HP Deskjet 2634 driver and tap on the Download option.
    5. Note: Always select the appropriate full feature driver from the browser.
    6. Wait till the complete driver gets downloaded on the system.
    7. Then, initialize the driver setup file for installing the Deskjet 2634 software.
    8. Proceed with the HP Deskjet 2634 user manual steps for easy installation.
    9. At last, carry out the test print for ensuring the driver installation.
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