How to Connect HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Printer to the MAC System?

Connecting your HP Deskjet Plus 4155 to your Mac computer is an easy process. For this, you will require AirPrint. It is an in-built feature for Mac devices. With this feature, you can print easily from Mac mobile devices and computers. Now, to connect your printer to the Mac quickly, follow the procedure given below:

Steps to Connect your DJ Plus 4155 Printer to Mac Device

  • Power up the printer.
  • Move on to the LED touchscreen of your printer.
  • Choose Setup and continue to the Wireless menu.
  • Tap “Wireless Setup Wizard” and proceed with the wizard steps.
  • Multiple wireless network names will appear on the screen.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi name and complete the process.

Now, what if your printer is not showing up on your Mac device. Here are the steps to add your printer to your Mac computer:

  • Move on to your Mac computer.
  • Choose the Apple menu.
  • Then, click the option- System Preferences.
  • Choose the “Printers & Scanners” option.
  • You will see several printer names.
  • Click on the minus symbol to remove the printer.
  • Then, select the plus symbol and choose “Add Printer or Scanner”.
  • Select your printer name and proceed to the Print Using menu.
  • Confirm Secure AirPrint or AirPrint.
  • Choose the option- Add.
  • Open a file on your device and go to the “File” option.
  • Click on it and the print option will appear.
  • Now, click on it and print the file.

Final Words

So, now you all got an idea on how to connect the HP Deskjet Plus 4155 to Mac. Though we explained the procedure for connecting devices, you may have a doubt while doing it. No worries. Feel free to contact us anytime during the setup process. We always try our level best to help you with all the printer issues.