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Canon Pixma TS8220

Canon TS8220 Driver

The Pixma TS8220 is a streamlined printer with a sleek design. This high-end printer has robust features such as various connectivity modes, fast prints, and more. Using this printing, you can print your presentation documents, family photos & more in a jiffy. For more accessible printer features, complete the canon TS8220 driver download. For instant help, we have dedicated printer experts!!

Canon TS8220 First Time Printer Install

Start the PIXMA TS8220 printer setup process and enable the basic as well as an add-on feature for the printer. Generally, the complete process simple and exciting to follow. Below are the detailed instructions for a quick new printer setup.

Pixma MX892 printer setup:

  • Firstly, please take out your new Canon TS8220 printer and place it on the solid surface.
  • Then, remover stickers and the plastic cover over the printer panel.
  • Now, move to the scanner and paper unit and clear the extra wrappers.
  • Usually, you get a compatible power cord with your Pixma TS8220 printer.
  • Now, plug in the power cable to the printer and the wall socket.
  • Once connected to the ends correctly, turn on the printer.
  • Wait for the power light to glow and then insert the ink cartridges.
  • For inserting, choose the valid color slots and snap them.
  • Finally, install the compatibles papers in the media tray.

Canon TS8220 Driver Download

To get the additional printing and connectivity features, download the Device Setup Utility or series software package. The complete software includes print and scan features for the Pixma TS8220 printer. If you need steps to choose or download the necessary Canon TS8220 driver, approach us immediately.

Canon TS8220 Driver Installation for Win 10

The utility is responsible for the connection between the computer and the printer. It assigns basic settings such as Printer IP address, network frame type, and more.

Canon TS8220 Driver Installation for Mac

Get add-on features along with the basic features by downloading the complete printer driver. At first, delete any outdated printer driver from the computer. Then, please search for the recent TS8220 driver and download them on your computer.

Network Device Setup Utility:

The utility is responsible for the connection between the computer and the printer. It assigns basic settings such as Printer IP address, network frame type, and more.

Series Software Package:

For the full functionality of the printer, download and install all the drivers included under the package.

Network Device Setup Utility Version 1.3.0:

The software application deals with computer interaction with the printer. It also chooses the right IP address and the network framework.

Scan Utility Lite version 3.1.0:

The software application allows you to scan the supporting documents and photos via AirPrint. Open the Scan Utility and select the items that you want to scan.

Pixma TS8220 software download:

  • Initially, visit the right driver download page where you can get the Pixma TS8220 printer driver.
  • Now, the monitor lists the full driver and software package for the selected printer.
  • Then, select either Pixma TS8220 series full driver or MP software from the list.
  • Finally, install the Canon TS8220 driver once you download it to the computer.

Pixma TS8220 printer driver download:

  • Firstly, go to the driver setup page where all the software and driver are listed.
  • Next, type both the “Pixma TS8220 printer model” and the OS version.
  • After that, the page displays the complete drivers that your printer may require.
  • Now, click on the Download option and see if the installation wizard pops up.
  • Once the wizard appears, install the setup file on your computer.

Canon TS8220 Wireless Setup

To get a wireless connection for the Pixma TS8220 printer, you can use the Access Mode Method. For this method, you don’t need any external network. It enables network-free connection and printing. At first, install the driver file on your computer and follow the access mode steps below.

  • Initially, proceed with the setup file installation.
  • When you get the connect mode screen, choose the “Other Setup” option.
  • On selecting that option, you get the wizards to enable the Access point mode.
  • For enabling this mode, move to the Canon touch panel and navigate through the options
  • Here, find the Access point mode option under the available LAN settings.
  • Now, select the AP mode and get the wizard that displays the network details.
  • Next, make a note of the network name and the password.
  • Now, go to your computer and select the Wifi connectivity option.
  • Then, select your Canon TS8220 printer in the network list.
  • After choosing your printer name, the wizard prompts for the password.
  • After that, type the password to get the secure network connection.
  • At last, choose any document from the connected computer to test the wireless printing feature.